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[Switch] Moving Out - $37.50 @ Nintendo eShop


Game came out today, jbhifi selling retail box for $69.95 was surprised when e-store was this cheap! Usually they are around the same price!

Also available on PS4 $30.95

And Xbox $33.95

Apparently part of the game pass on Xbox! So free if you already have that !

$28.76 on steam for the PC folk!

Enjoy moving out!
Same publisher's who brought you overcooked, SMG Studio's who are based in Melbourne & Sydney

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  • +9

    Made in Melbourne!

    • +2

      Oh nice, havent tried it yet, if it's good hope it get's as popular as it's Melb made brother Untitled Goose

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    The digital version is cheaper than physical on PS4 and Xbox One as well.

    Same developers who brought you overcooked

    Eh, what? Do you mean same publisher?

    • Ah yes I'll update!

      • +4

        Just because it is the same publisher doesn't mean the game would be good. I've played the demo, didn't really enjoy it.

        • +3

          My family loved the demo. Great little co-op.

        • -2

          same, found it chaotic and quite annoying.

          • +1

            @peanut48: And overcooked is not haha?

            • -2

              @sauce2k: I haven’t played Overcooked, was talking about this game.

        • +1

          It’s more fun in coop

    • +1

      Oops, misread the comment. Disregard my error!

  • +2

    nice price. just cancelled my amazon order. thank you!

  • +3

    On the back of Animal Crossing… How do I resist?!

  • +1

    btw mylocal Bigw got stock animalcrossing, seen this morning

    • Where are you located?

  • +2

    Woah awesome! I actually noticed this game a few days ago, looks heaps of fun. Didn't know it was Aussie made.

  • +4

    Only $30.95 on PlayStation Store.

  • +3

    I've had this in my watch list. Its been this price since release which was much earlier on digital than physical. For games that are released on both you kind of have to watch prices for both digital and physical versions. If you want a good tool for digital prices check out and you can get alerts for sales.

    • But the game only came out today will be a while till we see a drop

      • hmm I'm pretty certain it was available digitally for the past 2 weeks. I double checked because I walked into JB hifi and saw it "Coming Soon". I could be mistaken and it was preorder for the past 2 weeks, but its definitely been available to buy/ preorder for 2 weeks at $37.50.

        • Yeah its been availbale since March 16. So it was just preorder…. I'm guessing.

    • Release was today. Source: waited til midnight to play it.

      • Do you recommend getting it? How does it compare to overcooked?

        • I have only played like an hour of Overcooked but thought it was ridiculously tough (to be fair I was playing with veterans). Moving Out is really charming and easy to pick up and play. I bought it to play with my housemates so if you have a house like that I'd say go ahead. There are 30 levels and we did 3 or 4 in about an hour last night, failed a few.

  • +1

    Thanks. My family have been playing the demo and really enjoy it. I think I'll get this before Overcooked since I think it'll be a bit less stressful.

  • +1

    I tried the demo, it felt a bit clunky. Sort of like totally reliable delivery service which was free to play a few weeks ago on Epic - a bit frustrating to control.

  • +1

    It is normal for independent games to have more expensive physical copies. This is the normal retail price for the digital version and is not sale. Would not call this a 'bargain' but enjoy

    • Thanks for the feedback

    • Yeah definitely not a bargain as its the normal price.
      Think of the retail edition as more of a collectors edition.

  • 70?! that's a full price for AAA title..

    • Yes hence get digital copy and save !

  • +2

    So glad to throw my money at this one, Melbourne made, indie dev., couch co-op. Awesome. Can't count the hours the Mrs and I have put into Overcooked 1 & 2 and all DLC.

    • +1

      Feels good ! Couldn't agree more

    • +1

      Overcooked will cause divorce

    • I thought Team17 was based in the UK. They've been around since the Amiga days. Do they have a Melbourne office?

      • +2

        Team17 are UK. They are the publishers. SMG are the developers and are from Melbourne.

        • thx! Team17 were awesome back in the day. A remake of alienbreed would be great!

  • +1

    "Overcooked, but for moving furniture"

    For anybody curious, Moving Out on MetaCritic is currently scoring 79. (1x 70 review, all others 80)

  • +3

    Question. Will this game make me divorce my wife and murder my 5yo like overcooked did?

    • +2

      You must have found a new wife pretty quickly…

      • +1

        …and a new 5yo.

        • pretty feasible if he murdered the first > 9 months ago…

          • +1

            @wombat81: Takes 5 years and 9 months to make a 5yo, last I checked…

  • +4

    This game is free on Xbox gamepass. It didn't show up in gamepass on my console, but let me download it from the microsoft link in the OP after I signed in.

    • Thanks I referenced Free if you already have a game pass ! How much are they anyway

    • +2

      Wow, Gamepass is a slowly becoming a reason to get more hyped about series x.

  • +1
    • Thank you I've added it too 😊

  • I feel like buying 10 of it right now even though I don’t own a switch, did someone say he can’t afford it for ps4 cause he can’t afford a second controller. Lol sarcasm, wonder who that is, tell you what ask me nicely and I’ll buy you a brand new ps4 controller and get you digital delux version ps4 for free. That’s the way I roll, and I’ll get you switch version as well cause I’m a generous guy. You know.

    • Lol that was me! I far prefer to play on PS4 but my housemate has a Switch, it doesn't run anywhere near as well on there :( I got the Switch version last night just so I can play with my housemates but played the demo on PS4 which ran better

      • As in frame rate smoother on the PS4?

        • It probably sounds stupid but I felt like the Switch version has really slow response times. I was testing it last night just pressing the stick and seeing how long until my character reacted, it felt like a whole second.

  • +1

    PS4 version seems to include a free DLC (The Employees of the Month Pack).
    Whereas Nintendo version needs to pay additional $4.50 for 'The Employees of the Month Pack'.
    Is this correct ?

  • Full price for digital copy of an indie game shouldn't ever be a deal in my opinion. They rarely ever increase the price and they will never run out of stock.

    Looking at the price history of a couple of their games on the eShop, we're likely to see a 20% discount in around 2-2.5 months, which lines up with the Steam Summer sale period.

    Death Squared, published by SMG Studios, released on 12 JUL 2017, 20% discount 29 SEP (2 months, 17 days after release)

    Overcooked 2, published by Team17, released on 7 AUG 2018, 20% discount 14 OCT (2 months 7 days after release)

  • Gf and I love the overcooked games, but this one didn't feel as good. We played the demo and weren't impressed. So much was fighting with the controls to get an item through a door, than got caught by one pixel on the corner.

    • Wonder what real life moving is like 🙈

  • +1

    oh Made in Melbourne? That I will support for sure! Thanks Op.

  • +2

    It’s really good so far my kids love slapping each other on it

    • Don't forget to + the deal! 🤫

  • -1

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  • $50.90 posed for Aus retail version on beathebomb, as others said comes with a free DLC

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