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Apple AirPods Pro $368 + $13 Delivery ($0 C&C QLD/NSW) @ Umart (Officeworks Price Beat $349.60)


Main deal link goes to Umart.

Officeworks sells it for $399, so it should beat the price by 5% for Milton QLD customers. Add $13 delivery for other locations.

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  • These or sony

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      These if you have Apple and willing to spend the extra 100%. Works so seamless and the form factor is miles better.

    • Tried both, fit on Sony’s is a bit harder to get right and the pros still fit better overall

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      I consider each of them in seperate classes:

      Galaxy buds plus - good at everything except comfort and sound quality (borderline passable)

      Airpods Pro - good at everything except sound quality (passable), great comfort.

      Sony WF - great sound and ANC to the APPs, not that comfy, massive case, star trek look. Pretty sure Sonys are built to last longer than Apples (battery) though.

      Sennheiser MTW2 - superior sound. everything else good not great.

      Got my Airpods Pro last week, loving them. Trying to sell my galaxy buds.

      APP = WH1000XM3 = good combo

      edit: IMO.

      • I've found my Sony so bulky and uncomfortable to wear in bed, using Android. Considering alternatives.thanks for the insight.

        • For Android, I don't think AirPods series is a good choice. AirPods don't work as well on Android. On some Android phones, you run into volume issue (too soft).

          It's a totally different story if you are in Apple's ecosystem.

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            @netsurfer: I have Samsung Galaxy S9 and I use Apple Airpods pro without any issues. Very happy with them. I was interested in Sony too but after reading how bulky they are and also the mic isn't the best for calls, I went with Apple Airpods pro. I have to use a third party app to check battery status though.

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              @ozioziozi: The thing is that you miss out on its seamless connection feature across Apple devices and the integration (easy to check battery level). On iOS 13, there is also the sound sharing feature. It's a different level of experience, that's why Apple is selling them like hotcakes (to people in Apple ecosystem).

              Also, the problem with Android is that you cannot just vouch for a product based on using it on one Android phone. Yes, S9 works fine, but some LG phones work okay whereas some have issues. Also, firmware upgrades… not sure how you can do it on Android (but for now, not upgrading the the latest firmware seems to be a plus).

          • @netsurfer: AirPod is just a Bluetooth headset for Android without digital assistant.

            If you just want a Bluetooth headset for music and call, it works well. But if you want digital assistant or control volume or change songs, then you will have to use your phone.

            For comfort, nothing beats AirPod today.

            • @goraygo: I thought you could still change volume, pause play, change songs by tapping or pressing the Airpods (with an android phone)?

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                @Danzer: I can change songs using clicks on android but can't seem to change volume as you have to ask siri to adjust volume, which I can't do on android.

        • Yeah I can’t use my Sony WF in bed, it’s impossible to turn your head. Hehe

          I also use airpod pros when lying down.

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        Gotta include the Jabra 75t in this conversation too.

        • You are right. I haven't tried these unfortunately so can't speak for them. Cheers

        • Got 65t, sound is ok, not great. Fit is horrible, it hurts my ears.

          The biggest whinge is, when I walk pass those shop security posts, they get interference to a point connection always drop a couple of seconds.

          I wouldn’t dare to spend more money on Jabra at the moment.

    • try the Master and Dynamic WM07 for aesthetics, ANC and sound quality

    • Jabra Elite75. Try that, you will forget all others.

    • Apple.

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      I have the apple ecosystem and the integration is amazing. Call quality is good, and for me they are really comfortable for running 1.5 hours + so thats a huge win

    • I’ve got both. If you have an iPhone get these, anything else, get Sony’s.

    • The Sonys cost me $199.

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    Umart price similar to Costco with free delivery IF you have membership https://www.costco.com.au/TVs-Electronics-Technology/Audio/H...

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  • What's the cheapest out there? considering every friend I give a pair to has lost them. I am not eager to waste more money.

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      Will be cheaper to buy new friends it seems.

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    Batteries will die out in a couple of years.

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      Yes, batteries die out in a couple of years.

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        I mean yeah it's something to consider when paying nearly $400 for earphones that can become obsolete fairly soon. It was only after a year or two after the airpods that people were complaining about batteries degrading and there's no way to use them with wires. If you use them for fairly long periods of time and you don't want to have to constantly recharge these, unless you're willing to upgrade everytime, wired may be more viable and cheaper in the long run. I know a lot of people who use airpods didn't really consider this before their purchase.

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          The same argument can be made for phones or any other consumable device?

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            @AH: yeah you're right but it's a lot more easier to get a phone battery replaced than these. You can also use a phone whilst plugged in or using a powerbank. I feel like once the battery of these degrades, unless you only use them for half an hour at a time, they become useless. You can't used them whilst charging and you can't get the battery replaced easily, if at all. Besides, unlike mobile phonese, there are alternatives i.e wired ones.

            I just thought it's very easy to overlook and maybe something you should consider before spending nearly $400. They're not bad by any means, probably the best wireless headphones on the market but don't expect 5 years out of these unless you use them sparringly which headphones are often not.

            • @bkhm: Yea, I doubt most people will expect five years out of these. Just like smartwatches, bluetooth speakers or any other small rechargeable device, they're expected to only be used for a few years before getting replaced.

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                @AH: Sure but they expect at least 2-3 right for something so expensive which some people aren't getting. Yes I agree, it's not just these headphones but you can pay $129 to get your smart watch battery replaced. Bluetooth speakers can be used whilst still plugged in, they often don't cost as much and generally not something people rely on or use on a day to day basis.

                I don't think 5 years should be unreasonable either but only time will tell. Like I said, I know a lot of people really don't consider the fact that once they commit to using these, it's something they still might have to replace quite often. An iPhone SE is $750 and I bet it would last 5 years. You'd probably go through two pairs of headphones which is just as much as the phone itself. I wasn't bashing on apple, it's just where technology is right now and for me, the prospect of $300-$400 for earphones every few years whilst dealing with how long my headphones will last and probably have to carry a set of wired ones anyways, just isn't worth it. If I had that kind of cash though, then yeah these are great.

    • Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  • Thanks OP, just pricematched at officeworks.

    • Did they price match it with delivery?

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        I price matched it at Pitt St. Store, Sydney using the price $368. No delivery cost added since umart offers free C&C in NSW.

        • Alright thanks

  • Didn't Apple mess up the ANC with one of the firmware updates?

      • Thanks! that's the link I read, couldn't find it to post it

        • RTing compared 2B588 vs 2C54. Apple pulled 2C54. However, it is unclear they didn't provide the waveform for SB584 (which supposedly has even better ANC).

          • @netsurfer: I'm considering purchasing these as a gift. I'm a bit dumb and I can't tell from the article whether the problem still exists or not.

            i.e., is it currently on a firmware where the noise cancellation is still crap? Or is it honestly not something I should be too concerned about because the Airpods Pro will still be better than the normal Airpods?

            I have never used Airpods so I don't really have experience with them.

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              @BatmanBeer: From the first article, 2B584 has the best ANC, and Apple has since been trading better sound accuracy for lesser ANC in newer firmwares. Honestly, how much the ANC is reduced is a question only someone who has tried all 3 firmwares can answer. However, looking at the waveform for 2C54, it does have an ANC issue on the mid bass region so that is not good. It also zapped out a fair chuck of high mids. No wonder Apple pulled the firmware update.

              If the person you are buying the gift for is in Apple ecosystem, Airpods Pro is the best choice at the moment (even with reduced ANC - it's still better than no ANC). The only catch is some OZBers managed to score Airpods 2 @ $99. Don't get Airpods Pro (or the cheaper Airpods 2) for an Android user - unless that user has tried AirPods/Pro on his/her phone before and had no issue.

              • @netsurfer: Thanks for the information. They are in the eco system, so it might be a good choice to jump on this purchase.

  • Arent these 350 at Costco?

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    If it get under $350 let us know !!

    I’ll buy it then , just not rushing to pay over that,
    Pretty sure soon might find one and use with cash back or something
    Well see

    • It's $349.60 with the 5% price match from Officeworks as per the title of this bargain. That's less than $350.00 by the way.

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    Just got it price matched at Officeworks, thanks OP

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    Thanks got 2 at officeworks who did a price beat without delivery.

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    Thanks bought one.

    By the way, if you are wondering wether you should get it or not, just buy it.

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    I went to officeworks yesterday and the lady was rude and told me that there were none in Australia. Me thinks I wasn't the only one to inquire about it. Anyway,$368 is still better than RRP and I need them for a gift for someone soon. Cheers OP.

    • Wow really? I called their hotline yesterday night and the lady on the other end was very nice about it, she said they had plenty left in stock. Next time you should try calling the night crew, they are generally nicer and wouldn't give you a hard time

    • Yes. I called and they did the price match for me etc. and they said no stocks in Sydney. So had to be click and collect and sent from warehouse

      They lady on the phone was very nice

  • I picked up a pair from Officeworks yesterday as well and have an Android phone. Happy to answer any questions if anyone has any. I recommend getting the MaterialPods app if you're coming from Android!

  • I think Umart price went up. Costco is same though. Anyone had luck in WA?

    • Yeah deal was only for 2-3 days.