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Jabra Elite 65T Wireless Earbuds $169 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Titanium black, copper black and titanium beige for this price (and in stock) at the time of posting. Good luck!

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  • Read the reviews on Amazon.

    • I haven't even looked at them -
      Take my word, WORTH it.
      They're GOOD.
      They're better than many of the things offered out there.

    • They are concerning reviews… Ppl should look at them.

      1.0 out of 5 stars Fake Product
      Reviewed in Australia on 12 September 2019
      Colour: Titanium BlackStyle: Elite 65tVerified Purchase
      The item they sent me looked like the Elite 65T earbuds, but are definitely not correct, they are some knock off cheap remake that don't work correctly.

      Firstly, the box had a ton of spelling mistakes on it, and copy pasted the same blob of text 3 times in different spots.
      Second, the devices don't have the correct Bluetooth name when trying to connect, as well as don't connect together, so you can't listen or use both at the same time.
      Third, if you watch any unboxing video, you will see there is a black sticker in the charging case, there is no black sticker.

    • Read the reviews.

      On the surface, looks like a batch of fakes snuck into Amazon. Or - a switcheroo or 2.

      Both reviews are from 1 review posters.

      In the end, if you get a fake on Amazon, send them back for a full refund.

      • I had a fake from Amazon once of a different product (one of those cat roller things - works ok but clearly not what I ordered). Messaged customer support saying I was disappointed and they refunded me without even bothering with a return. YMMV but Amazon feel pretty safe to order from in my experience.

  • I have the 75T and they are awesome, heard good things about the 65T as well.

    • How are the 75T for taking calls outside? Wife needs a pair for primarily conference calls and commute.

      • Both the 65T and 75T are class leading for taking calls. That's the main reason I bought mine

      • I'd be curious too, although they have 4 mics, there still isn't much tech in it, like freebuds 3 etc.

      • They are really good in my opinion, I use it on my commute (train) and take calls now and then, mostly use it for media such as Spotify / Netflix. There is a feature called hear through which I turn on for announcements or when on the street and need to have a sense of what is going on around me at times. Battery lasts me all week because the case has like 20 hrs of charge and the buds themselves have at least 6.5 hrs (supposed to be 7 hrs).

        The only thing I recommend not doing is charging with a high capacity charger (like the Samsung fast chargers). The higher charge rates does not seem to work well with the case and it doesn't end up charging at times, just use a normal USB charger or laptop.

    • +3 votes

      I had 65t and upgraded to the 75t. Both are good but 75t are almost perfect. Smaller, better sound, especially in the low frequency.

  • Sorry, if this sounds dumb but how 75T works for calls and music with an iPhone. A friend told me that it worked better for him on Android than iPhone. Anyone heard/faced similar issues?

  • Does officeworks price match with Amazon

  • Good audio, but I did get a pair with a persistent issue with these - there's a static/hissing sound in one earbud which many report. Had to return em

  • Thanks for posting and thank you everyone for your helpful comments! Pulled the trigger :-)

  • This vs Huawei Freebuds3, which one is better?

  • This or the samsung galaxy buds + for 212$???