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50% off SEO & Google Analytics Course - Live & Interactive $200 (was $399) at Sydney Community College


50% OFF our Live & Interactive SEO & Google Analytics course for Beginners.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about building and updating your website so that it ranks higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The objective of which is simple – to get more people to your website – for free. In this introductory SEO course, you’ll learn what contributes to Search Engine ranking and what you can do to optimise your website for SEO purposes. You’ll also learn how to track and measure website visitation and how to turn this data into actionable insights using Google Analytics.

This condensed version of our 2 day comprehensive course will address the theory, concepts and tools that you can use to identify issues and opportunities by running an SEO audit.

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Sydney Community College
Sydney Community College

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  • Information that is at about one billion other places for free!

  • I hope that anytime people googling them, this downvoted post will be their first result.

  • Google offers this for free

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    I don't think it's a bad price.
    9 hours of live online training for $200.
    No idea of content but live class via zoom is ok, others saying it's free elsewhere, I am not sure where it's free with interactive live training.

  • You can read relevant blogs for latest trends (Backlinko, Moz, etc)
    You can also watch youtube videos for certain SEO processes.
    No SEO course will stay relevant for long. It's such a dynamic field due to Google's algorithms.
    Honestly, best way to learn is to just start a wordpress website or social media account and just start posting. Do it consistently for awhile and then compare your results over time to see what areas you can improve in or stay away from.

  • You can get certified via Google for free. Why pay for this? Google certificates are valid for year.

  • I can watch videos on YouTube how to fix my car, get rid of all mechanics, how dare they charge me.

    I can go to a library and read a book on how to be a do my taxes, get rid of accountants and how dare they charge me to be a CPA

    In fact get rid of all universities, they charge thousands of dollars to teach me what I can read in a book for free.

    Should all teachers work for free because some kid made a youtube video. You are paying someone a professional in an area to teach you something, and they are offering it at half price. What is everyone's problem.

    Good deal.