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[Android] Chrono Trigger $7.99, Dragon Quest (1-6+8) and Final Fantasy (1-8) Sale - Google Play Store


A Square Enix sale for Android devices.

The following games are on sale:


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  • Kinda hard to find plus I can't see any bundles.

  • i read that the android version isnt as good as the original versions. do some reading before purchasing people

    • I think thats just due to controls. It doesn't have the additions of the playstation or DS version but they were hardly game changers. If you have a controller then go for it.

      • It's not just the controls. Because it is designed for a phone, the interface (menus and text) is not great. Most are lazy ports and patches to fix issues are rare. Square Enix doesn't show much love to mobile ports.

        Not saying that all of them are trash, but as belongsinforums mentioned, some research can save a bunch of disappointments down the road.

    • I don't know about the Android version, but the iOS version of Chrono Trigger is basically perfect. It has cloud saving now, so you can play on your iPhone on the phone, then load the save on your Apple TV and play it with an xbox controller. If you have trouble with the cat bit, use the touch screen controls or don't use the sticks, I can't remember, just change your controls until it follows you.

    • FF6 controls are perfect on the Android and touchscreen is very intuitive

      Chrono Trigger is okay, I had a bit of trouble doing the tent minigame in the square

      Just want a Chrono 3rd sequel or even remake just like FF7.
      One day it may happen (not likely)

  • Thanks Lysander - had FF Tactics (WotL) on my wishlist for a while waiting for a price drop. Much appreciated.

    • There are War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius the gacha games which is similar according to the review, its free to play game and has good reviews.

      • Looks interesting, thanks. Will take a look

      • As a long term Exvius player I checked out wotv and would recommend against it.

        It's one of the new generation f2p games where they have a hardcut distinction between paid & free premium currency so even if you save it up you are limited in what you can spend it on.

        The unit/gear upgrade system is way too involved with lots of steps with rare materials needed so is also pay to progress.

        Just buy the offline final fantasy tactics game it will be better.

  • Maybe update to include iOS as well? I’ve just checked the App Store and it’s on sale as well.

  • I have a few of these games on android but could never be bothered enough to play them..

  • Probably no moguri mod for FF9 :(

  • Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. MUST play by tactical JRPG fans. Such a deep and mature story with great game play. Might be better on an actual console though due to need for physical controls for out of battle

    • Nice I didn't realise it was a tactical! And sqeenix tacRPGs are usually top tier

  • The ports of FF 4, 5, 6, and 9 are really good. The port of War of the Lions is probably the best version of the game. Valkyrie Profile is also fantastic.

    Of the DQs, I've only beaten V. It looks great and the controls are pretty good.

    Avoid: FF7, DQ8, and the first two FFs, as well as Dimensions 2. These are all terrible ports. The port of Chrono Trigger has been updated so the reviews are no longer correct; it's not as good as the DS version, but it's OK.

  • Ashamed to admit I've only played FF7/FF* out of this list. Loved FF7, FF8 was meh. Which are the better games out of these (I'm only after 1 or 2 games due to time constraints). I'm eyeing Valkyrie Profile or Chrono Trigger but open to suggestions

  • Still a crime FF8 hasn't had a remake. I don't care about source code and what not, make a new source code!

  • Also seem to be on sale on iOS.

  • What is the benefit of these over an emulator running the original games? Is there added functionality or content?

  • Highly recommended FF Tactics (WotL). I've posted that here almost 5 years ago and still play it occasionally.

  • As an FF8 fan, what the hell?

  • Don't games that are actually on sale have a strike out on the listed price?

    • Not these ones. They explain it on Reddit but I thought it is necessary to put here. If you are interested pm me and I send you the pricing table.

      • All good bro thanks! Just thought I'd ask as saw that discount. Maybe it'll be the new price moving forward! ;)

  • Chrono Trigger is a brilliant game. I've had many hours of entertainment playing them on multiple different platforms.

    • Same! It's one of my favourites of all time.

      I can't imagine trying to catch the rat on a phone tho :/

  • Just finished Dragon Quest last week and currently playing Dragon Quest II, so this sale came at the perfect timing so I can play Dragon Quest III next!

  • I guess it's not on sale, they just reduced the price forever. But it's a good price.

  • Is this the best way to play chrono trigger on phone? Or emulator?

    • The best way to play chrono trigger is with a genuine super Nintendo and a CRT TV. Emulator and phone are about the same I would pick phone if you are always on the go if thats not the case play in a emulator and save money.

      • I think the question was do I buy the game for my phone or do I install an emulator on my phone and play it that way?

        • emulator's onscreen controllers are just horrible on phone,
          If you want to play on the go, buy the game. or play it properly with a genuine super Nintendo (not mini) and a CRT TV

      • CT wasn't even released in pal territories wtf are you going on about

        • He's probably just an idiot who thinks any emulated games aren't proper.

          But yeah good luck finding an NTSC copy of this without spending $100+ dollars.

          As someone who owns hardcopies of lots of these games, emulators and save states are a godsend, particularly because this was one of those battery backed save state games that one the battery died you lost everything.

    • I would recommend the phone version over an emulator. The controls and graphics are now improved (after several updates).

      If you want to play it via emulator, I'd recommend Drastic (DS emulator).