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Kogan SmarterHome Smart Plug with Energy Meter & 5V 2.4a USB Ports (4 Pack) $39.99 + Delivery @Kogan


Flash deal for 24 hours - reduced price to $39.99 (normal RRP $59.99) + Delivery

Control your favourite household gadgets and monitor energy use with this innovative smart plug – even when you’re away!

Monitor energy consumption from anywhere
* 2 × 5V USB ports
* Set timers and on/off schedules for your devices
* Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa
* Control via the free SmarterHome™ app
* Built-in Wi-Fi

Don’t bin your old devices in a quest for a smarter home. The Kogan SmarterHome™ Smart Plug with Energy Meter & 5V 2.4A USB Ports works with your favourite household devices to help make your life easier, save time, conserve energy and give you added peace of mind.

Stay in control

Turn on your heating before you get home, switch off the lights and set the TV to turn off after 9pm. This smart plug allows you to remotely manage your favourite devices and schedule them to suit your lifestyle, even if you’re not at home!

Put a dent in energy bills

Set up schedules and timers using the SmarterHome™ app, turn off devices from wherever you are and easily check just how much power your favourite devices are using, helping to minimise your energy consumption and putting a dent in your energy bills.

Connected – anywhere, anytime

Plug into a wall socket, connect to your existing home Wi-Fi and enjoy greater control over all of your favourite smart devices, including Google Home and Amazon Alexa, using the free SmarterHome™ app.

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  • Great price. I just wish I had a use for this.

    • I use energy meter to determine washing machine / dishwasher cycle completion. I use home assistant though

      • I'm implementing this at the moment. What action do you follow up with? Announcement via Alexa/Google?

      • Are you using these devices or another product? And can you really fit two side by side on a double power outlet?

      • I use Google all over my home. The thing with energy monitoring is that usually the label on the appliance tells me enough about energy usage (along with a quick calculation). And it's not like the reading of energy usage would make me decide to get rid of the appliance, because usually its use is not optional anyway. Still though…. $10 each…..

        • The value of energy monitoring is that you can remotely detect when (and sometimes how) a device is running. I could detect whether the dryer is on high temp, low temp, when it's cooling down near the end of its cycle, and when it has finished. From that I automate the laundry exhaust fan and send a notification a minute or so before the dryer finishes.

      • Do you know if it has the ability to notify of power draw complete in the Kogan app, or through another app without Home Assistant?

  • Looks better on paper than the Mirabella in an earlier deal, having 2 USB ports 2.4A. Anyone had experience with either one?

  • Looks like it needs the Kogan app to 'fully function', whatever that means. Any alternatives that just work as is without bloatware at this price point?

    • They're Tuya-based, so you can use any Tuya app for it to work. Also means they can be flashed with Tasmota/ESPHome.

    • Almost every one of these devices is going to have what you call bloat wear, just as @trankillity said it's Tuya based, they make and brand the devices for the world. Takes about 3 minutes to wipe it and load up with tasmota and then you'll be here worried there isn't enough bloat, but trust us, there is all the functionality.

      • Hey max, i have a bunch of these and always thought flashing to tasmota would be a PITA. Do you have a link or website i can look at for the process for these ones specifically? thanks in advance!

        • What are the advantages of tasmota over the stock firmware?

          • @Putin: Local control, integration into other home automation systems, no spyware.

          • @Putin: I think of it kinda like Jailbreaking. You are free from any restrictions. With stock you’re restricted to whatever functionality the manufacturer decided to put on the firmware & into the app (or other Tuya based apps) & to my knowledge your requests in the app are typically sent over the internet, just to return to your house again to toggle your switch, & with Tasmota/ESPHome your data goes directly to/from the Switch (if you set it up that way) & the device can do whatever you program it to do. Want it to calculate its own kWh for the past week/month/year? Or want your wattage reading to be more stable by using a moving average? If you want it can be programmed directly on the switch so HomeAssistant just receives all the data & doesn’t need to do calculations of its own.
            Tasmota/ESPHome is definitely not for people that don’t want to set up something like Home Assistant or grafana.

            • @firedomain: Also as in general tuya-convert instructions, if you are intending to flash to tasmota/esphome it is best to never connect the device to official app, because if the app (eg Kogan) update the firmware on the device it may take away ability to do OTA flashing, and you'd have to crack the device open and flash the old fashion way.

              Flashed my first kogan plug over the weekend, pretty smooth and all set up in home assistant with no dodgy cloud service :)

  • The usb port would be good for attaching an Echo Dot 2nd gen.

  • Noob question.
    How does this do actions like turning lights or heating on/off? Wouldn't that need to hardwire into the light and gas heater switches?
    Or do they mean if you have a lamp / portable heater?

    • Correct seanbaussie. Device to be controlled needs a power cord. (And be rated up to 10A).
      You’ll also need 2.4Ghz / BGN wifi.

  • Can you fit two plugs next to each other in a standard Aussie double socket?

  • I'm not sure if these ones behave like the ones without the USB ports, but the big problem I have with them is that they don't remember whether they were on or off in the event of a power outage. If you have something you need kept on, you can't guarantee it will be. I e-mailed support and it sounded like this was unlikely to be addressed any time soon.

    • Thank you. Read your comment just before committing to buy.
      Great price, but it's a deal breaker for the application I was going to use some of them for.

    • Yes, these do default to OFF after being disconnected. I'm not sure if the kogan app has any online restore option or anything as i've never used it (i assume not).
      I flashed my plugs with ESPHome & set the replay to be ON by default, as i use them to monitor everything including the fridge.
      I wish the relay wiring was 'normally closed' (ON by default), as right now the plug uses ~1.4w to activate the relay & ~0.5w when the relay is off.

  • Not sure why you rounded $39.99 down to $39

  • Cool thanks OP, really want something to replace my HS100 on my TV system so it doesn't block other ports

  • Is this compatible with Homebridge?

    • Yes it is, but will work via tuya app and not kogan smart home app. I got some of these the other day with 2 power boards, I would say $10 per piece is cheap.
      I have experienced the power board is bit hot on one side of the board just under the USB ports, may be the chip is located there. Don't know if they 100% safe??

  • I'm conflicted. This looks good but I hate Kogan.

    • Me too. I buy off them only if it's something that I'm not likely to claim warranty on. Their "warranty process" is a nightmare and a lot of times in direct violation of Australian Laws.

  • Wow just realised this is a 4 pack, so great price.

    I've got a similar Kogan one but it's wide. I've found it very useful for monitoring cost of running appliances (e.g. dryer).

    Will jump on this.

  • I have purchased brilliant plug earlier using below deal.


    So can I purchase now additionally Kogan plug and use them together using single app? I mean using brilliant or Kogan app.

    Please share ur experiences.

  • Doe anyone know if the power meter records the power by

    hour by hour

    average day by day

    • i have these and use them with the Smart Life app by Tuya. the power consumption is listed as a total by day. e.g. on 4/April it used 0.4 kWh. it also gives you a monthly total and shows you the past few months totals

  • shipping at $14.95

  • Is this better or tp link ?

    • Im curious about this too. Or if people have both, how do they find usability of two different systems?

  • I have several tp link, and I wouldn't mind adding more sockets but I hate the fact I'd have to use different apps. If only there was one app to control them all?

  • Does anyone know if these have a physical on/off switch as well, like the Brilliant smart plugs have? Sometimes I don't have my phone with me or it's out of battery and it can sometimes just be easier to press the button.

    • yes physical switch on the bottom. a nice tactile response from the switch and they seem reliable for the past 4 months of my usage

  • I don't trust this brand somehow, their customer service is a nightmare, and it would be a hassle to return and refund.

    • I haven't had that experience with any kogan products. only issue i ever had was receiving a broken light in the post and they requested a picture as proof and then immediately sent out a new one, no questions asked. also postage is usually quite prompt

      • I can second that. I had one broken delivery and one warranty case in the last year. Yes you need to provide a video and/or pictures but that was all that was needed to sort it.

  • Why are these smart plugs always such unsightly bricks, the tech for this can easily fit into a smaller plug.

    • Not really no. Absolutely current tech might.. but then they'd be $129.99..

      And sometimes 'space' is simply poor engineering to deal with heat or other issues in packaging.

      Apple spend a lot of money on the engineering and packaging (and aesthetics) and charge accordingly. The converse is also true - the product is relatively cheap because it's an unsightly brick that noone spent a bunch of money on to better engineer..

  • Anyway to get these to work with homekit / apple system?

  • Anyone knows if this is certified for Australia usage? am thinking to go for this one or the Kmart genio ones.

  • Made the purchase, thanks, amazing value. The next cheapest with power monitoring would be the Xiaomi Zigbee plug which are around $19 each.

  • Anyone know what the peak power specs are? TPLink HS110 can handle 3.68KW, so it can handle heaters and other high inital power draw appliances. Some smart plugs that are rated 10A can't handle the inital surge.

  • purchased it, try Kogan first for 14 days free for free delivery, and then will cancel before 14 days or maybe continue
    . :)

  • Can you create timers on these using the app?

  • Is anyone getting an error message "Please try again later" when I click on the plug from the app.

    I'll use Alexa to control these but will need to use Kogan app to check power consumption.

    Anyone got the same problem?

  • Mine just arrived today.

    For $54 AUD or $14.67 for each smart plug + energy meter it is pretty good.

    Simple to connect just turn off for 10 seconds then turn back on and hold power button for 5 seconds to reset then confirm flashing light indicator visually and on the app it then asks you to log into your home wifi (it can only do 2.4ghz band and not the 5ghz band so make sure both are turned on or it won't connect) then click on and you are done you have added your device to the home network and Kogan Smarter Home app.

    The energy section is great it is in the lower right or far right button.

    It shows Current (mA), Power (W), Voltage (V), Total Power (KWh) and below a monthly report in a line graph of your Electrical quantity for May (KW.h) for me obviously right now there is nothing but can't wait to look back in a month and seasons time to see my pc usage as I have everything in my room running off one socket with my heater being the most power hungry item.

    I wanna put one on on the fridge and outside but I feel like my housemate won't like it as he is very possessive and sensitive of stuff that isn't his even if it is harmless or beneficial to the whole household.. just kind of stuck in his ways I suppose and very aggressively defensive lol.

    Owner/landlord is fine with it but the other guy likes to swing his power around.

    The Kogan smart plug + energy meter is half the price of the TP-LINK HS110 which I have maybe seen go down to $28/$29 before but yeah no idea how that item works or if it is similar or has more features than this kogan one plus this kogan one has 2 USB ports which is really nice.

    It may be a bit larger though comparing the two from pictures but honestly I think it is an ok design.

    One small gripe I guess is there needs to be an option to change the power button to something that might need a quick pin code or gesture option for some smart plugs as the thought of accidentally hitting power off to my entire bedroom power while trying to check the energy section scares the crap out of me and honestly makes me a bit nervous just thinking about it but yeah just one small gripe with the app otherwise everything seems really good.

    Maybe also an auto off switch if a threshold is met be it the Current, Power, Voltage or Total Power but I feel like this is a bit much now and extra coding too much for a small item like this cheap $10-$15 budget smart plug + energy meter but yeah haha it is always good to think about the next step and post it in case those in the know come across this comment.

    God speed brothers god speed all.. bye bye bye