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AmEx Offers Amazon Prime Get 20 / 10 Bonus Membership Rewards Points Per $1

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Save offer to eligible Card and receive 20 Bonus Membership Rewards Points for each $1 spent online or in-app on Amazon Prime membership by 31/07/2020, up to a maximum of 3,000 Bonus Points. Limited to 300,000 Cards. Exclusions apply.

Payments must be made in Australian Dollars, online at amazon.com.au/prime or in-app via the Amazon Prime Video app for iPhone or Android, by 31/07/2020 to be eligible for the offer.
If you accept a free trial period, your Card will be charged at the end of that trial period. You must ensure you sign up to Amazon Prime with sufficient time for your Card to be charged by 31/07/2020.
Only spend on the Card to which the offer is saved counts towards the Offer.
Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly with your Card to which the offer is saved, in-app or online via the above noted payment methods.
Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment or payment processor.
You must be enrolled in the relevant loyalty program and have an active loyalty account to receive the points.
Additional Cards are not eligible for this offer.
Bonus Points will only be accrued for each whole dollar spent.
Points are not redeemable for cash.
Points should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from offer end date.
Points will not be applied to your Card Account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
Points may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.
Full Offer Terms available here.

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  • +3

    Targeted, not in my AMEX offers.

  • Damn I’ve got too much Amazon credit

  • +2

    Mofos are only offering me 10

    • Calm down will ya?

  • Nice, got it for my American Express Explorer, just in time for my prime membership renewal in July. Pretty sure last year they offered a statement credit, but will take the membership points, better than nothing.

  • +1

    Got 10 bonus points per $ on my qantas ultimate

  • +3

    Saved the offer.

    Not really sure the 10 bonus Velocity points per dollars are worth the 1s and 0s they are written on though..

  • +2

    Darn, my membership renews in December. Is there a way to pay in advance for an additional year? Or if I cancel my current annual membership will I get a prorata refund, after which I would sign up again?

    • I asked customer service. Their reply (truncated where not important):

      I'd like to inform you that the option is unavailable to pay before auto-renewal period.

      However, Alternatively if there are any offers with your credit card company or such if you wish to pay before the last date, you can just simply cancel the prime membership and sign up again on the date which is required.

      You can cancel your Amazon Prime membership and receive a refund of the membership fee if you or your invited guests haven’t made any eligible purchases. You may still be eligible for a partial refund of your membership fee if you’ve made eligible purchases recently. To find out, click “End Membership” on the Manage Your Prime Membership page, where you’ll see the cancellation options available to you.

  • +6

    Amex getting desperate.

  • +1

    Does anyone know how much 3000 Amex points would be equivalent to?

    • 833 JAL points

      • +1

        1500 KrisFlyer, AsiaMiles, Skywards miles, Etihad, Malaysia or Thai Miles

        • +3

          And about 1 million Velocity points

    • +2

      I think it depends on your card, for me 1000 points equal to $5. However, how do I get 3000 points? Max I will get is 1200 points for $59 annual membership.

      • If you buy stuff from Amazon.

        • +1

          buy stuff as in buying additional memberships?

        • +2

          Bonus points are for Amazon Prime membership only, not for Amazon purchases.

        • If you buy stuff from Amazon.

          Points are only for the prime membership, not on items via Amazon.

          • @IMadeYouReadThis: Looks like also for purchases through Amazon Prime Video (ie. Movie rentals and purchases - which I only realised Amazon did yesterday).

            • @TheZohan: I think they've only just launched that in the last few days, I use Prime Video and have never seen the ability to rent/buy movies until I got an email this evening introducing it.

    • +1

      In gift card value or pay with points it’s worth .5c per point, so I would consider this 10% cashback at 20 points per $1. Note this is for the ascent program not sure on gateway

    • 1500 westpac points

  • Targeted, but don't have Amazon Prime

  • +2

    It means maximum $150 expense to get 3000 points = $15. 10% discount for maximum $150 expense.

  • Received on both my Plat Edge and QF Ultimate. QF AMEX is 10 bonus Qantas points per $1.

  • It's very interesting how a ~$5 saving annually can sway so many people go get Prime who would otherwise not (me included).

    • +1

      After using 2 months of trial and then extending the prime for another 12 months for $54 is bloody good damn deal for me. But not as good as 50% cash back on prime membership which came a while ago.

    • +1

      It worth the membership fee. Fast delivery, and the will even deliver things like a soap for free. I have few times got item delivered on the same day. If it is deliver by Amazon itself (not AusPost), sometime you order in the midday, they even dispatch in the afternoon, out for delivery in the evening, and get your goods delivered at 9PM on the same day.

      • it seems to be hit and miss - you will need to pay extra to get that service guaranteed otherwise it is a roll of the dice and you could end up with say Fastway which is an absolute nightmare

      • you obviously don't live in WA

    • Agreed. Whether prime membership is worth the money is a separate issue. $5 dollar saving is hardly something to get excited about.

  • For Qantas card you get 10 Qantas points. Saved offer. However I have already paid Amazon annually. Would Amazon refund me pro rata if I cancel my membership?

  • +1

    Woohoo, I got this, the supermarket offer and food delivery offer on my AmEx Essentials cards.

  • My prime end by Jan 2021. If I cancel the Prmie, do I get partially refund?

    • Quite sure if you cancel you will still have prime until Jan 2021, it just wont renew

    • Yes, you would get a prorated refund. It will tell you exactly how much you will get back when you go through the cancellation.

  • +9

    To be honest this is a pretty crap incentive compared to the last two years where Amex had a 50% and 40% actual cashback of your prime membership.

    They'll likely continue to scale down these promotions as they continue to grow market share. It also seems like people will still go wild signing up with effectively 10% off your $59 yearly fee (or less depending on how you value points nowadays - look at the global travel market nowadays and gift cards offer a terrible redemption rate).

    So I guess they have absolutely no incentive to now offer the better cashbacks anyway, which is to be expected

    It's already happened with them eliminating SB and CR cashback, as well as reducing the cut given through product referral links.

    After my subscription expires (from a previous 40% cashback offer). I will likely just cancel and only consider re-subscribing for 1 month during either Prime Day or the Black Friday sales period (and only if the deals look likely to be decent)

  • I got the offer on both my platinum reserve cards but not the platinum card (though the platinum card has a double points offer on all purchases).

  • Got this on my Velocity Escape, which I find a bit funny as we can't do anything with those points at the moment..

  • Thanks op.
    Assume this can be used for anything on amazon.com.au as long as its prime eligible product?

    • It states it quite clearly in the first sentence of the deal post "each $1 spent online or in-app on Amazon Prime membership".

      It appears to be purchases of Prime Membership itself only

  • Was targeted on my Velocity Platinum, despite already having Prime (brought using a previous AMEX offer) 10 bonus Velocity points per dollar.

  • Maximum spend is $60 for the annual fee anyway right? You cant spend more than that?

  • Renewal in August, looks like no way to pre-purchase. Benefits well from the cold hard cashback previously at least

    • +2

      Can we cancel our current prime membership, and "join" again to take advantage of this offer?

      • this was what i was wondering too.

      • Yes, but it would seem that you may need to talk to customer service to get them to cancel and refund before you can join again

      • Has anyone successfully done this? Mine also is renewal in August, so thinking of cancelling and rejoining as well

  • Can you go through ShopBack first then into Amazon’s app?

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