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[Refurb] Sony WH1000XM3 (Black and Silver) $271.15 Delivered @ Sony eBay


Good price for these refurbished headphones
Covered by a 12-month warranty period from Sony

WH-1000XM3 headphones take you even deeper into silence with further improvements to our industry-leading noise cancellation, and smart listening that adjusts to your situation.

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  • Can anyone speak to the quality of these refurbs and how they compare to brand new ones?

    • When ever iv got these they e new In Box Sealed iv never received unopened boxes

    • I got a pair last time. The product was evidently 'used' before, as the packaging was slightly damaged and cables slightly used, but the headphones themselves look and work good as new. The manufacturing date was Oct 2019.

    • I ordered a pair on a recent deal; couldn't be happier. Looking at them and using them you'd be forgiven for assuming them Brand New

    • Got the same deal over a month and I must say its really good. Im quite satisfied myself as it appears to almost brand new. Nil other issues noted. only the shit thing is they use Toll as shipping and that fking Toll delayed my delivery for a week.

    • My first pair had issues with the noise cancelling in the right ear.
      I contacted Sony eBay and honestly the whole process was painful. They promptly sent the return packing label and I had to organise free Toll pickup myself.
      Where the pain began, though, is after I sent it back I literally did not hear back from them at all for a week, despite sending multiple messages asking if they'd received (I knew they had from the tracking page) the item.
      Just over a week later I magically received a shipping notification for my replacement and received it a day later.
      They held up their end of the bargain and replaced it, but the experience of not knowing what the heck was going on for a week wasn't the best.

      Overall, great headphones though.

      Both pairs I received had no box damage or cosmetic damage.

      • +10 votes

        So basically you could have done nothing and would have gotton a replacement in 2 weeks. Seems reasonable service to me.

        • In their terms and conditions, they state that a replacement will be sent out after an engineer has assessed the faulty unit and deemed that it is faulty.

          How exactly is me messaging them after I know they've received the item, simply asking for an update, then receiving no response, reasonable service?

          I should mention that up until the point of return, they responded promptly. Then radio silence once the return process had began. In the end, I had to call Sony Australia and argue with the guy to call the eBay team. Low and behold, an hour after my phone call I received the shipping information. Sorry, forgot to mention I had to call them in my original post.

    • I got this deal last time and they were immaculate, I couldn't tell they are used or anything, work great

    • I had an issue with my one where the aux cable didn't work properly which was extremely frustrating. That being said Sony customer service was incredible and fixed the issue for me!

      Luckily I had kept the box though because all the serial numbers etc on there so make sure you keep it.

      • The serial number is on one of the cups

        • That's the initial one which I sent them and they rejected it saying it isn't covered under warranty. The original package which I received looked like it could have been intended for another country and the 'refurb' box has a sticker on it 'Sony Seconds' which has a different 7 digit S/N.

    • Last time this deal came up I bought a pair. Ended up paying $240 for them and was hoping they weren't too marked or anything.
      Received them in a courier satchel, no padding or bubble wrap just the retail box in a satchel. Opened up the satchel and it was like the plastic shrink wrap had just been removed. Not a mark on the box.
      The headphones themselves were in mint condition, not a blemish to be seen. They looked like they had never been used.
      All accessories were in there (case, charge cable, airplane adaptor, booklets, etc)
      It was like I just bought a brand new pair from JB.
      That was my experience with a refurb from Sony Australia.
      I'd buy another refurbished product from them for sure🤙🏽🤙🏾

  • XM4 should be out soon I think

  • I see the WF's (buds) are ~$220 too which seems ok.

  • I've paid $270 for a brand new sealed, can't believe people paying this much for a used ones

  • Are these good as a gaming headset? Microphone and stuff?

    • Opinion only, not experience - fairly sure you need a modmic for these to work with PS4 voice chat. Im also of the opinion that NC may not be ideal for gaming, as you may struggle to hear your voice through the mic - however probably best for someone else to comment.

      If you don't need the mic, and just after audio - I imagine they'd be great.

      • You cannot use these wirelessly with the PS4 and will need to use the cord they include to connect to the controller. The microphone will not work.

    • I wouldn't use them as a gaming headset.

      For taking calls in a very quiet environment they're okay, but even then, in my experience the mic will randomly cut-out for 5-10 seconds every so often for no real reason (probably Bluetooth connectivity issues) and in a noisy environment, they're next to useless.

      As passwordistcao mentioned, you don't want ANC for a gaming headset as you won't be able to hear yourself talk very well and I wouldn't say the XM3s are the most comfortable/durable headphones for gaming-length usage (and the faux-leather ear pads attract skin/hair oil like nothing else I've seen). For a gaming headset you really want a wired, comfortable, memory-foam padded headset with a boom mic and built-in controls (the XM3 lacks a mute button) and bigger ear cups I would say.

    • I'm pretty sure Jacksepticeye uses/used these for his gaming videos. He was wearing the black pair and it looked quite low profile. Not sure about mic quality tho as he obvs uses an external one.

  • I would not recommend these headphones if you want to use the microphone. The microphone it is absolutely rubbish. I bought and returned after 4 weeks, as I use the microphone when in meetings / playing games / phone calls. Just do research on mic, and you will see why so many people returned them. If you only want to use a headphones, then go ahead, as they sound great!

  • What's the comfort level on these like when wearing them for long periods? I mainly want them for the noise cancelling, not so much listening tp music or anything else, have been told that the Bose QC35II are more comfortable compared to the Sony?. We live in a rural area and it's not possible to get anywhere to try them on to compare at the moment, with all the retail shutdowns etc.

    • I find them super comfortable to wear all day.

    • Surprisingly good. They don't look like the most comfort-oriented over-ear headphones on the market and I have a rather large head but I can wear them for a few hours without noticing any excess pressure or discomfort.

      I haven't worn them for over 3 hours at a time, so beyond that, I'm not sure but I doubt there's really much difference between the QC 35 IIs and the XM3s in terms of ergonomics and comfort; I've worn both and they are extremely similar in build, physical dimensions and overall quality.

    • I have both headphones, in my opinion the Bose are more comfortable and it's very noticeable after you try both. I need to take breaks every hour or so because the Sony padding is uncomfortable and makes my ears sweaty, the headband squeeze is also tighter. The Bose headphones I could wear all day easily. Get Sony if ANC is your main priority, otherwise I would recommend Bose.

    • I have owned both the Bose and Sonys. The Bose are far more comfortable. I can only wear the sonys for a couple hours before they started annoying me. I ended up buying third party earpads for the Sonys, that fixed the issue.

  • pulled the trigger, hoping i dont get a dodgy unit

  • Yep this is cheap! I've had a pair for over a year the noise cancelling is next level. I use it on trains and I sometimes forget I am on a train.

  • +1 vote

    Decent deal but Sony wh1000mx4 is coming real SOON. I'll wait unless a serious discount ONWH1000mx3. Thanks OP!

    • Yeah and it'll be full RRP at launch, so likely $500 AUD (which is what the XM3s cost when they released). And thanks to the piss-weak Australian dollar at the moment and Corona-related price-jacking and supply issues, that price probably won't be discounted for a long time. I don't care what new features the XM4 is going to come with (the only notable one that's been rumoured is dual pairing for Bluetooth), it's not worth it for $500 dollars.

      • From what I gather confirmed spec

        BT5 (multi point)
        Bigger ear cups, more cushion, more comfy
        Longer battery life
        Button to access Assistance
        And not more

        Hopefully better microphone too and that I'll pay RRP for

        • Got a source on the bigger ear cups? That's the only thing standing between me and the XM3s, super keen if they actually revised them!

          • @Alzori: There was a leak I read yesterday (can't locat it now), comparing 1000xm3 vs 1000mx4 pictures side by side, I recalled that they found ear cups bigger on the 1000mx4.

            • @t3m: Cheers, I found it here: https://thewalkmanblog.blogspot.com/2020/04/sony-wh-1000xm4-...

              Doesn't look very significant, but I'll definitely try them out and see how they feel.

              • @Alzori: That's the article. Well done!
                The way I look at it, if there isn't enough improvements, I get 1000mx3 at discounted price otherwise pay a bit more for 1000xm4 :)

                • @t3m: Yeah totally. I'd get the XM3 now but I've tried them on and they're a tiny bit small for my ears, push on them on the outside a bit. The new ones only need to be a bit bigger and they'd be perfect!

            • @t3m:

              they found ear cups bigger on the 1000mx4.

              If by "bigger" you mean a millimetre or two difference, then yes.

              Those side-by-side comparison shots look virtually identical; the main difference seems to be the padding on the headband and even still, I would say that slightly thicker padding is probably more cosmetic than functional and isn't going to make any real difference to overall comfort.

              It seems like the XM4s will be a pretty incremental improvement over the XM3s by all accounts.

              Hopefully better microphone too

              It's incredibly difficult to make a microphone that can isolate someone's voice effectively when it's not positioned next to their mouth and will be picking up a whole range of ambient sounds from multiple directions at the same time; it's why all ANC headphone mics (whether in-ear or over-ear) suck as a general rule.

              • @Gnostikos: ATM We just speculate on leaks. Let wait for the official spec, then we know for sure. But I agree with you on ANC headphone mics.

  • Had my Bose QC 35 (version 1) for a few years. Loved it and used it on many flights and lots of voice calls.
    Looking to replace these (died recently and out of warranty).
    I mainly use the headphones for listening to music and watching videos with ANC (will be using for flights if/when international/domestic flights start again) and also do a lot of voice/video conferencing calls.

    Should I go with these XM3s (since it looks like a good price) or the QC35 II’s (refurbs going for $299). Budget is around $300.

    • +1 vote

      If you don't need the latest and greatest and want to save some coin I would go with the XM3s.

      XM3 are very good. Not only is Sonys ANC better than Bose, the SQ of these are much better than the latest Bose (yes subjective, and different sound signature, but also better). Neither can beat a proper set of wired cans though for really listening and enjoying your music.

      This is a decent price. I paid around £320 (yes pounds) for these on release. God dam I am happy to be back in Aus and not getting reamed on my electronics.

      These are very popular and for good reason. Unlike Apple, Sony make a quality product built to last longer than 2 years. Watch in 2 years, people will be on their third gen Airpods Pro, and still using these. Different use case though.

      Edit: Gotta be fair to Bose. The only thing the QC35s ii may have on the XM3s is a lower profile design and maybe slightly comfier earpads.

      • Thanks for the feedback mate.
        I’ve been reading reviews etc. the XM3s do seem pretty good.
        The slight niggle has been voice (mic) quality.

        Do you have any opinion on the call/voice quality of the mic (for the XM3 vs QC35) as I use this for calls/voice conferencing.
        I won’t be using this on the move (ie. Walking etc).
        Will be used in a stationery location (room, airport etc)

        • No opinion as I personally do not use the XM3s for voice calls. My two house mates regularly do though.

          I find XM3s are great for airports, planes, and when you need to watch movies / game with ANC or at 3am in the morning.

          I also have the airpods pro and galaxy buds plus, but normally grab my cheap wired samsung buds or just go pc speaker/mic for voice calls.

  • Compare to Bose S700, which one is better?

    • I compared these with my friends S700's and the noise cancelling on the XM3's was definitely better. Build quality was pretty much the same.
      Design are completely different. Audio quality is great on both.
      At the end of the day, if noise cancelling is high on your priority list the go for the XM3's