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Microsoft Arc Wireless Mouse $79 @ TheGoodGuys


Seems like a good deal. I believe this is the older model but still selling at $100+ at most other retailers.

For those that received a $20 voucher from the pricing error on the Nest Hub or Echo 8, decent deal for this mouse @ $59.

Delivery option weren't available for me but found stock locally.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    It gives me goose bumps…

  • These are just an old colour, 'new' models are just new updated colours. Cobalt Blue replaced by new Ice Blue

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    Don't do it! These are absolutely awful to use, poor ergonomics and the spring mechanism fails pretty quick. The novelty wears off in 2 days. Get a Logitech instead.

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      Obviously a YMMV scenario.

      Mine is new almost four years old now and has been thrashed every work day as my primary mouse. It's had so much use that the anti-friction slides have been worn-out and replaced twice. Best of all - Microsoft gave me the replacement bits free of charge.

      I think I paid $109 for mine back in 2016. So that's ~11 cents a day and even less by the time I take the tax deduction into account.

      • Mine. crapped itself after about 2 years that said I liked it a lot.

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        Mine is still going strong after 4 years so definitely YMMV

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      I agree, We have hundreds of them deployed at work and man they are crap. No idea why but the rubber outer case also seems to melt or expire and they are ultra unergonomic to use and you'll end up with RSI on the wrist. Cool gimmick but hell to use. The forced feedback scroll bar is the only thing cool about them. I would seriously get a magic mouse or the logitech travel mx mouse over this.

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      I've had one for years and the spring mechanism is still perfect. Sure, it doesn't have particularly great ergonomics but it's also clearly a travel mouse meant to slip into a side pocket and take up as little room as possible. It's not supposed to be a replacement for an MX Master.

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    Haha I was just thinking about the $20 voucher…

    … but I already have one of these. I like how it goes so flat and can fit in my GPD Win 2 case. Sure the ergonomics are crap but when you just need a mouse, it's nice to have one which doesn't take up an awkward space. I never ended up using it as I thought I would though (i.e. wearing a suit jacket and keeping the mouse in my pocket) but now that iPad OS supports bluetooth mice half decently, maybe I will once we're all back at work..

    • Don't know if it's my Surface mouse but I could never get the force feed back scroll to work in iPadOS. So it's just junk now

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    IMO: Save your dosh for Logitech MX Master / Anywhere series. Those are wayyy better for productivity and actually have decent grips.

    To actually right click on the mouse, your index finger needs to be taken off the surface while your middle finger remains on the mouse: otherwise it will register as a normal left click. There's also no thumb buttons that you can rebind: the combination of lack of programmable buttons and the really odd ergonomics had me returning the product.

    • +1

      I bit the bullet on the surface air yesterday with my $20 voucher, but still waiting for my local to let me know it's ready.

      Replacing a ~60 Logitech mouse that has Bluetooth issues and the wheel button doesn't always work. Figured a brand switch was deserved.

      I wouldn't use a MX Master on a portable device.

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      Logitech MX Master / Anywhere series

      Ever tried to tuck one those into a laptop sleeve or EDC folio with a tablet?

      It's like trying to hide a sumo wrestler behind a bicycle.

      • +2

        Have you not worn skinny jeans before?

        • +1

          OzLadyFashions.com.au is over there —>


    • I don't disagree that those are better mice, but the Surface arc mice series (and their clones) sell based on their design/folding mechanism. Even the smallest Logitech mice which are advertised for their portability/flatness like the Pebble still have nothing on this.

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    I have been using one of these I had in a drawer at home to do my work during lockdown. I hate it with a passion! Terrible feel and sensitivity

  • These are perfect for use with iPads with their new mouse support.

  • How do these go on uneven surfaces or something like a couch armrest?

    • The lounge I'm on right now has padded cloth armrests and mine works just fine.

  • I missed those years when MS did cash rebate for all their mouse, keyboard and webcam.

  • What kind of dog is this?

  • Imo These are good as a travel mouse or TV mouse, but bad for primary long term mouse. Ergonomics is poor, poor grip and angle, which caused pain on my palm.

  • +1

    I've been using one of these for about five years, it won't replace your regular desktop mouse, but I think it is the best travel mouse on the market.

    When it is flat, it is super thin. I have a laptop sleeve with a very tight pocket and it is no problem stowing it in there. The spring mechanism is still going strong on mine. The bit of rubber on the back did come off, apparently Microsoft will send you a new one free if you complain. It rarely has connectivity issues and it uses 2 x AAA batteries so they last ages. In use, it is very responsive in use on a range of surfaces and doesn't require much physical space (I use it on plane tray tables a lot). The touch pad that serves as a clickwheel makes a cool clicking sound when you scroll it.

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    I have this and can't recommend it. The virtual scroll wheel stops working all the time and you have to turn the mouse off and on to get it to work again. Seriously frustrating. If it was $20 then fine, but the price they're asking is Logitech MX Master territory.

  • The Gumby mouse!

    No thanks.

  • Only clicked through cos of the thumbnail image. Disappointed by the comments 😞 Anyone!?

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    worse mouse ever. Basically useless when using it on a bed. The $10 cheapie works way better.

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    A mouse without a wheel is not a mouse. Passing by…

    • The whole button section is a wheel and you can also use it to scroll left and right. You can also do 3 finger clicks instead of the middle button.

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