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[Switch, Pre Order] Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition $68 (Was $79.99) Delivered @ Amazon AU


$10 off normal price. Amazon price matched The Gamesmen which was also $69.99

Mod Update 18th May: Price has dropped by $1.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +5

    This is why I need to stop buying games until I'm ready to play them. Buying this separately wasn't cheap..

    • +3

      Did you get this from the Wii U to the New 3DS to the Switch? LOL

      • Was originally on the Wii. Not Wii U even though I believe it was on the eshop

      • ..Yes. Lol.

        Thankfully I sold the wii u one for enough to cover the 3ds purchase.

    • then, buy them together???

    • I'm hearing you! I'm a Switch collector and spend more time buying than I do playing :-(

      • +2

        Ditto, you aren’t alone here.

        Over 50% of my collection hasn’t been played

        ~60- 80 games

        • I've managed to tackle about 20 games since I got the console on launch day. I'm about to hit the 750 games milestone. The shame factor is high. Wife disgust even higher.😆

          • +3

            @OzDJ_: She should be happy its 750 games and not 750 other women lol

            • +4

              @Sammyboy: LMAO!!!!! I'll print your comment out on an A3 sheet of paper and stick it up in the game room. Brilliant.

            • -1

              @Sammyboy: There's very little chance there's 1 woman, let alone 750 - this is OzBargain, remember; OzNeckbeard central.

        • I wonder how many people are in the same boat. I have xbox 360 and 3DS games still in wrap lol Such a waste of money

    • +18

      It is a complete remaking of the old title. Much newer Graphics and Character and enemy models. Tons of improvements. Its worth the money I feel, but I see your sentiment.
      Here is a trailer (its Japanese though) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixjqdk5TMdM

      • +1

        if it is just graphical improvements you can check out the HD texture pack on emulator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tWJxfDj8pQ

        i played this on pc emulator way back and even then it looked tons better than on the wii, i would say this is the best jrpg i've played in terms of fantasy environment/story/music, in terms of game mechanics it's a little too detailed/tedious for my liking hehe

        oh and the great thing about emulator is can use cheats that enable you to run faster for example ;)

        • +4

          It also includes a new epilogue called Future Connected, and they've practically remade the entire soundtrack (comparison here), in addition to all the stuff the other comment mentioned. A lot of effort has definitely gone into it.

          • +1

            @dano: ah nice, i would say the music is a big part of the experience

  • +1

    Seems Gamesmen have further reduced the price to $68.00 - Amazon will probably follow when they see it. It was $69.99 yesterday. I send an email to Amazon about it and if they would lower it and they said they will pass along the feedback and today I wake up and yes they lowered it.

  • +6

    I hope they fixed the AI for your teammates. Didn't matter until late in the game where there is a boss with four acid pools and my teammates decide its cool to chill in those acid pools. Ended up grinding for 15 hours to cheese it. This game made me like FF12 because I can micromanage.

    Great game though apart from that section. Its not in my top 10 games and I thought I would have enjoyed this game a bit more but the combat dialogues and end of battle dialogues drives me insane (80 hours of playtime).
    "let's turn up the heat"
    "give me some oomphs"
    "what a bunch of jokers"
    "it's Reyn time baby!" ffs Reyn, it's always Reyn time with you, stfu.

    • +5

      I don't know about you but I prefer those lines rather than meh meh meh meh meh meh mehhhh meeeeeeehhhhh! In Xenoblade 2

      • +1

        Riki was infinitely better than Tora

        Don't forget Reyn's jumping sound effect: ALLEY OOP

    • +3

      Um I would like them to ramp up the comments personally :) I was really feeling it

    • +1

      Yeah the recurring combat talk needs to have a toggle.
      The thousandth time hearing the same thing makes you a bit insane

  • Does this one have a better start than 2? Wanted to play it but so many said it took like 20 hours to really start enjoying it.

    • +1

      This one was great pretty much from the get-go

    • +1

      20 hours? 2 was pretty great from the get go for me. This one is quicker to get going I guess

  • +5

    Buy it from the gamesmen and support a local business

    • Honestly, if you read up on the combat somewhere online then you'd start enjoying the game much earlier. The combat becomes incredibly rewarding with combos and the story is beautiful. That said, the story only starts to get good from I think it was chapter 3 or 4.

      There's definitely some drawn out sections but overall it's one of the best stories in a video game that I've ever seen.

      Haven't played XC1 yet though but I've been told it's even better than XC2. Both stories are linked so it's more rewarding if you play both.

      • Played it on original Wii got bored quickly chapter 1-2 sucks.

        Skipping this gonna play fire emblem three houses and persona 5 royal instead

    • Do gamesmen do that thing where it it gets cheaper on a pre-order you get the cheaper price?

    • I really want to support them but it's $7 shipping and they're too far to drive to.

  • are Nintendo games ever at a good price ?

    • They sell well so there's no need to drop price.

    • This is a pretty great price for a new release title, Nintendo or otherwise. If you're referring to how Nintendo games never go on sale, that doesn't make sense in this context as this game isn't even out yet.

    • Yep. This is a good price.

  • +2

    I played Xenogears. Now I feel old…

    • Xenogears was an amazing game. Better than Chrono Trigger imo.

  • Just picked it up now, down to an even $69! (nice)

  • +1

    the gamesmen have it for slightly cheaper
    - $68 at their store https://www.gamesmen.com.au/xenoblade-chronicles-definitive-...
    - $69.95 ebay code PIZZA5 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Xenoblade-Chronicles-Definitive-Edition-Switch-Game-NEW-PREORDER-29-5/333586340341?hash=item4dab4b99f5:g:nqMAAOSwQ8Veo2SQ:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!3204!AU!-1

  • Ordered thanks OP.

  • Imagine how epic xenoblade chronicles 3 would be, but that would be a while away.

    I believe a portion of the their team have secondments at Nintendo to assist in the new zelda game.

    Either way it's great they remastered this game, really wanted the collector's edition version of it but it's so hard to find (and expensive)

  • this will be the 3rd time I'm buying this game, first on wii, then 3ds, now switch.

    I never finished the game, only got around 15 hours, game is a good game, but map too large, side quests too many, items/junk/gear too many, system too complicated, very easy to get lost in the game. Most importantly the british accent voice is too much for me, I know a guy who has lived in London for 8 year, even he says he can't stand the accent.

    • What accent/s would make it better?

      • just normal english accent would be ok, normal british people don't talk that way, hello sounded like aaalo, and the tone is so cocky

  • Good price but ordered the collectors edition.

    • Where did you get the collectors edition from?

      • EBGames but they sold out maybe 2 days after it was announced. Its on Playasia though i dont think they have gotten any stock allocation.

  • What do you guys think about this game? I'm an old school JRPG fan and love a story based game.

    • +1

      One of my favourite JRPGs! The story is excellent with lots of varitation.

    • I'm certainly in the minority by saying this but I honestly think this game is kinda average. The art direction and music are phenomenal, but the gameplay is needlessly repetitive and dull.
      A lot of what you will be doing is running around the map gathering glowing orbs that represent a random chance item drop or killing the same monsters over and over. This is just my personal view on the game, everyone else seems to love it so if you can tolerate a lot of grinding then go ahead.

    • JRPG fan too but I am more interested in turn base or action JRPG (like nier automata or bayonetta).

      Xenoblade falls somewhere between and similar to FF12 without the micromanage aspect (gambit in FF12).

      Personally, story and music is great. Gameplay wise, I felt that it requires too much attention compared to turn based and not fast enough for an action type. I can excuse it in ff12 because of the gambit system.

      Inventory management is not great (at least on 3DS version).

      But I had no regrets playing it. Best to check out some gameplay video

  • Does anyone know if the aus copies get the keychain? I can't find any pre order bonuses from all the retailers.

    • +1

      Only EB pre-order did for the CE.

  • This is the Monado's power!

  • +1

    I started it in the Wii, and on the 3DS, and now I'll finally finish it on Switch.

    • What a journey!!! I can imagine your mind being blown away by the upgraded graphics and the portability.

  • On one hand, I've skipped FF7R so I could play this day 1.

    On the other, I'm kinda too invested into learning Rivals of Aether right now to play another game.

    Decisions, decisions.

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