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Buy 3 Get One Free on Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003 Tyres and Firestone Car & SUV Tyres


This deal on Potenza tyres is back! It works out to be a very good deal on these tires, It's normally hard to find performance tires for my car for under 700 all up.
You may be able to price match with Tempe tyres, their prices seem better than Jax/ Bob Jane. Eg Potenza re003 245/40r18 for $209/tyre.

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  • RE003’s are great tyres, super grippy

    • A little lacking on the wet, and seems to wear out quicker than others. But still great

      • Mine are worn super quick, but I'll stick with them.

        My fiancee's Pilot Sport Cup 4s set are far too loud but grip better than these.

      • I've found them to be good in the wet, They do wear quickly, definitely a softer tyre which is the trade off.

      • I've got these on my Subaru and they perform excellent in the wet, had no issues.

        • I rang up a Bridgestone store once to buy these and the first question that I was asked was if I owned a Subaru.

          • @kahn: Lol why?

            I'm have a WRX, planning to get them.

          • @kahn: The tyre shops can usually guess what car you drive by the tyre size that you give them. WRX's have the same wheel+tyre size every year. If you had given them the tyre size for a Commodore they'd have guessed differently.

            Plus Bridgestone is the brand that supplies the factory tyre for Subaru WRX's so a lot of owners like to stick with the same brand making these popular.

        • They do preform very well, just not as well as others in the same bracket. Great price for great tyres.

      • I had RE003s then upgraded to S007a. Those are on another level.

        • I second that. I've had the S007a on my WRX for more than a year. I corner very fast. Initial turn in is instantaneous. Change of direction is fantastic. I love that it's very quiet for a performance tyre. The tyre construction is uber tough. I've barely worn the shoulders down and haven't seen any damage to the tread blocks like feathering or tears.

          The factory RE005a had so much shoulder wear that I got defected by parking inspectors. My last set of Nitto NT555 had two tyres explode/tear apart due to the internals failing at 10000km and 20000km.

          The S007A is fantastic choice for a long life performance tyre. The down sides is that it doesn't hold as much mid corner g-force as the factory RE005a (tread wear rating of 110 vs 240) at the race track. Also it's a heavy Bridgestone tyre which needs a lot of weight to wheel balance. For non-track daily driving the S007A has same cornering performance as RE005a, quieter and longer life tyre.

          • @Mumbles: I have S007a on my liberty GT and once lost grip when I corned fast (about 70 kph) so I would say they are good on dry surface but not on wet. The factory tyre was RE050a and even worse on wet. Sadly PS4S does not have 225/45/18 in Australia and I skiped PS4 as the side is too soft

      • Bought these from Bridgestone two years ago. Saved a life in the pouring rain within a month. Stopped instantly when an idiot decided to run across the road. Does have some noise but the grip and stopping time is fantastic! They also have free quarterly checks, for at least two years including rotation. Free puncture repair too, can't recommend getting them from a Bridgestone store enough… I drive around 200-300km a week and still half the tread left after two years. If you push them hard they might wear quicker as they are a soft compound but they stick to the road like glue in my Subaru.

        • Why does everyone buying re003 have a subbie haha. Yea they are a big upgrade over non performance tyres. Check out michilin if you want longer life, better wet performance and less road noise. Went from re003 on my sports car to pilot sport 3 and was a pleasant surprise. Will be buying pilot sport 4 next.

          • @onlinepred: Had Michelin before the Bridgestones haha. I got the Potenzas and the alignment for $460! Otherwise I probably wouldn't have got them without the great deal. Performance tyres that cheap no way I couldn't get it. Noise was fairly similar to Michelin, maybe slightly higher, wet performance for me hands down Bridgestone won. Looks like it will be pretty similar in life too. Had Michelins for just under 5 years and they were down to 0.5mm tread. Might look at Turanza next time for quieter and longer life, but they are harder compound so nowhere near the grip

      • definitely wear out quick.
        better grip than the previous tyres that had a better grip rating.
        had them on my mazda 6

    • I've had RE003's on my Subaru for 50,000ks and they still have a bit of tread on them. Might be time to pick up another set. Only issue I have (and I'm sure it applies to a lot of tyre shops) they always overtighten the wheel nuts waaaaaaaay too much and if you ever need to put a spare on with hand tools you're stuffed. So definitely check the torque on them!

      • Yep, had my rotors warped with a tyre change.

        • If you're suggesting tightening wheel nuts warped the disc… I don't think so.

          • @bmerigan: Wheel nut torque most certainly can induce brake shudder. Falcons are notoriously bad for this, but it happens on my Landcruiser as well. The only correct way to torque up wheel nuts is with a torque wrench, not this 3 "ugga dugga" with a rattle gun nonsense.

          • @bmerigan: Not suggesting, confirming. Thanks for your enlightening opinion.

      • Changed a punctured tire once in a carpark and stuffed one of my lats up for over a week. The amount of force I had to put into it to unlock the nuts…. learned my lesson the hard way.

        • +2 votes

          I never use the brace anyway, I carry a cheap 300mm breaker bar and a deep socket, if I have too I can stand on it and bounce them loose.

      • I left my local Bridgestone a few months ago and after a few days and 100kms I found my lock nut sitting on a friend's driveway. Tested them all and all 4 Lock nuts were only hand tightened. Didn't lose any permanently thankfully but one job guys!

    • +2 votes

      Direct comparison to Michelin Pilot Sport 3 I found the Michelin's are better in the wet, also more comfortable ride and quieter.
      Re003 felt much more direct, turn in felt sharper due to less sidewall compliance but harsher over bumps. Re003 felt like they had better dry lateral grip.
      I got about 40,000km out of my RE003s on the front of a Ralliart colt. The pilot sports are at about 15,000kms, we just rotated them the other week and they look like they'll easily get another 15, maybe more.

    • I've run RE003 before, they were okay, but expensive for what they were. I much preferred the Maxxis MA-Z1, but can't seem to get them in ages. So then I went to the Michelin Pilot Sport 3, and they were an exceptional tyre for the price. Apparently the newer Pilot Sport 4 are even better and they will be my next tyres when my factory tyres need replacing.

  • How much is a 4 wheel wheel alignment from these guys?

      • They still charge you for a wheel alignment when buying 4 tires from them?

        • All the tyre places that ive every purchased tyres from charge for an alignment. Its the balance that's usually free.

        • Absolutely. It's a huge profit on a couple of minutes work.
          "Would you like fries with that"

        • +14 votes

          I can help with this question. It cost me $28,000 for the alignment machine including installation and another $18,000 for the wheel alignment hoist. My alignment mechanic has been in the industry for over 10 years and knows his trade very well. I pay $30 an hour for him to do mechanical work and alignments. If a shop is doing alignment correctly, they will probably spend 10-20 mins setting up the alignment, fixing the back and the front of the car and then take it for a test drive. Possibly make small adjustments again after the test drive. It can easily take half an hour in total. So $65 for a front and back alignment is a pretty good deal.

          bmerigan: I would love to hire you if you can do a wheel alignment in 2 minutes. And it's definitely not fries with your burger situation. Correct wheel alignment is the difference between your tyres lasting 60,000 km or 20,000 km. And I have seen plenty of examples of both.

          Hope this helps.

          • @All Blacks NZ: Good info, thanks.
            I've only had front end alignment done and it only ever took 10-15 mins total.
            Sorry if by a couple it implied 2.

            I've had an alignment done without being asked if I wanted it too. Found out when the bill was higher than the quote. I'm yet to find a tyre place that I feel I can trust.

      • Did they provide a 4 wheel alignment report?

        • Yes I just had mine done today, report is included.

          The guy rounded me down to $45 for a flat $900 for the tires + alignment.

        • The report means 💩 to me, if the alignment machine hasn't had it's regular service/calibration. This is where all alignment joints fall very short. I find it hard to trust any place, particularly when it comes to wheel alignments.

  • Wonder if this offer is also at costco

    • I'll check tomorrow. But if it's a Bridgestone promo it should be.

      • Thanks mate. Cant go wrong with free balance and rotation for the life of the tyres.

        • Hey mate, just to confirm what the others below have said. Went to Marsden Park and they do have the buy 3 get the 4th free on Potenzas. The guy said Ecopias will have the same promo starting next month when this one ends. Also, the Michelin promo is still running until the 16th ($50 off a set of 16" and below, $100 off bigger)

    • /8. Available at participating Bridgestone Select, Bridgestone Service Centre and Bridgestone Tyre Centre stores only.

      Don't think so my dude.

    • Yes it's also on offer at Costco

    • It is at Costco Casula so would be nationwide

  • https://www.tyresales.com.au/tyres/bridgestone/potenza_adren...

    Is this cheaper?

    I normally checked the tyre price from here and get i pricematched at mycar, as they offer free wheel alignment when you buy 4.

  • I see these on stock standard cars all the time.

    Bridgestone marketing team must be laughing all the way to the bank 😂

    • Why are they laughing?

      • I think because these kind of performance tyres need replacing faster. They are not for your everyday mom and pops who took the car to woolies/coles. This is more for the fully sik supras/WRX with the Milo tin exhaust or the MOMO/NISMO Turbo users.

        I belonged to the mom and pop category, didn't know jack about car and just saw similar deal last time and installed them! :D

        Now I know the diff and will be getting the granny panties equivalent of the tyre world (Ecopia or Turanza). I don't need performance tyre ><

        • Some people just value the better braking and handling from these tyres.
          Doesnt matter if you drive fast or slow, someone could pull out in front of you anytime and saving a few meters in braking distance from a hard emergency stop of manoeuvre may save someones life.

          Definitely not just for the modified car crowd.

        • Some of these benefits apply to mums and dads too. I always put these on my wife's car (semi sporty sedan) because the grip is great which means better safety. The road nose is low. Yes, they do wear down faster.

          I have experienced the difference between crap tyres and performance tyres in the rain - I only ever buy good tyres nowadays. Also don't forget you tyres speed rating most match the top speed on your car, or your insurance could be void. So you can't go too "granny" :)

        • Performs Dunolly beans better, better grip, better grip in wet, shorter braking distance. I mean it's safety rather than performance tyres.

          For sure you obviously know nothing about cars, but you should greatly consider better tyres

  • Anyone know any tyres that are low road noise when highway driving?

  • Exact same deal through Bob Jane, and with price match… they are cheaper if they weren't already.
    Price match anyone: https://www.bobjane.com.au/promo/best-tyre-price-guarantee
    "Find an identical locally stocked tyre for less and we'll match it and pay you 10% of the difference."

    • Curious if anyone has been successful in price matching with the 10% difference? Would bring my 19's down to $168 each.

      Will head down to my local on Monday and have a chat.

      • +3 votes

        About a month ago, I called my local Bob Jane and tried to price match some Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres while they were running a buy 3 get 1 free promotion.
        Bob Jane had them for $219 each, buy 3 get 1 free.
        Tempe Tyres had them for $189 each.

        Bob Jane couldn't match the price let alone give back 10% of the price difference.
        They could only drop them to $190 each (which to be fair is only a $1 difference), did not honour the 10% price difference cashback and would not stack the buy 3 get 1 free on top of the almost, but not quite, matched price.

        Sample size of 1 so your experience may differ. Can't hurt to try

        • My Audi dealer does Contis and Pirellis - said they would match any price but Tempe Tyres.

          I wonder how Tempe does it so much cheaper.

        • You are not the only one. I called two Sydney Bob Jane branches to price beat Falken tyres quoted $200 cheaper a set elsewhere. Both shops only matched the price. I then e-mailed customer support regarding the "price beat" policy, and even did the maths for them.

          Half an hour later the guy from one of the shops rang back telling me off for not speaking to him first. Reluctantly gave me the 10% price beating quote.

          More to this was when I went to the shop to fit the tyres on the new wheels I supplied to go onto the car, that same guy said he "couldn't fit them on because the bolt pattern was different". I initially thought my wheels were somehow re-drilled but when I took it to another shop it went on fine! Maybe he is having a go back at me…

        • Are you sure Michelin deal wasnt buy 4, get $100 cashback?

          I dont remember ever seeing Michelin run a buy 3 get 1 free promo.

          • @8azinga: My mistake, it must've been $100 cashback. Got it mixed up with the Yokohamas which had a 4 for 3 deal running at the same time

        • Just checked on bob jane website and the prices they have listed are identical to the bridgestone prices. Damn it's not gonna work how I had hoped.

          • @1jwoz: in this case, I would go to Bridgestone as they have "Tyre Road Hazard Warranty" (but double check with them to make sure you qualify).

    • Just priced match Michellin PS4 tyres at Bob Jane with Tempe Tyres last Saturday.
      On Bob Jane's website there's a price guarantee submission to list the price and URL.
      I didn't get the 10% on the price difference.

      • see my post above, you need to push them to do it over the phone. If not e-mail customer support but expectd a grumpy reception when you go to the shop.

  • Seems like the Potenzas don't have 205/60/R16 only in Firestone. But they're also buy 3 get the 4th free.

  • Noob alert.. Whats the easiest way to check whether types need replacing?

    • For performance tires like these, I wouldn't consider them 'grippy' after 5 years or so.The tires are illegal if they are worn to the wear bars on the tires.

      • All mine went hard in less than 3 years. Bridgsteone were the fastest to go hard, Michelins the longest. The more high heat cycles you go through, the faster they go off too.

    • Check tread depth using the TWI (tread wear indicator) marked on the side of the tyre.

    • Also, check if there are any cracks in the sidewall of tyre. Some old tyres that still have a lot of tread left may need replacing.

  • Never have I thought much about tyres and traction. But RE003's 👌 wet conditions, can take the corners in my fwd like I'm driving a rexi

    • OP how do you know the end date is 31 may? Can't find this anywhere on their site.

      • *Conditions apply. Offer valid between 01/05/2020 and 31/05/2020 and is redeemable in store. Full terms and conditions here. +Available on Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus tyres, only at Bridgestone stores.
        At the bottom of the page linked in the deal

    • Agreed, they're really nice tires!

    • Some fwd cars have faster mid corner speeds as WRX's aren't that fast. They can just accelerate out of them faster due to awd.

    • Imagine that there is even better for wet performance!

  • Guessing it will be the cheapest of the 2 sizes free for staggered fit?

  • Any good for SUV?

    • I have them on my Ford Kuga 2016.. got them last March 2019 and have done approx 16000.. no issues at all. Perform really well.

      Only thing I will do next time is to get touring tyres as these are really grippy but no as comfortable as touring tyres. What I mean is on country roads, you can feel the bumps slightly more than touring tyres. Still no complaints, performance is fantastic specially in the rain and handling is superb.

  • Apparently the new Potenza RE004 is out :



    Not available in Australia yet though… I think

  • So is firestone any good if I don't need Potenza? Especially in wet condition

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