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[NSW] 1L Bonsoy Almond Milk $2 @ Harris Farm Markets


Long the gold standard in soy milk, Bonsoy have now turned their attention now to almond milk.
Usually $4.99, $2 is an absolute bargain for those who drink the stuff.

Personally I don't like almond milk in general (more of a soy boy myself), but if it's to the standard of their soy milk it's well worth the regular price tag.

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Harris Farm Markets
Harris Farm Markets

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  • Great price OP! Even though I don't drink the stuff… It's in all the trendy inner west cafes.

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    Given how good their Soy milk is I was excited to give the Almond milk a try… unfortunately I was pretty let down - Coles Barista Blend is still my pick for Almond Lattes. Great price at $2 a bottle though.

    • Has to be a barista blend or else it separates. We get (got) Blue Diamond barista blend at work and it is excellent. They changed to Bonsoy for a bit but it wasn't as good as it doesn't have a spout/lid, it was a cut off the corner type of opening, which makes it hard to 'shake well before use'.

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        wtf is with cut off corner? Cost cutting exercise?

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    This isn't great. Doesn't froth well. Down to 2.50 in my local Iga

    Also 2nd ingredient after water is tapioca syrup…

  • Another 2 places have this for $1.99.

    Taste Organic and Foodworks are the two places.

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