Running out of Things to Watch on Netflix. Help!

Looking for TV show/movie suggestions please. Not looking for specific genres, but these are some that I have watched - with rough rating of how much I enjoyed them. Thank you in advance!

Grand Hotel 10/10
The Spy 10/10
Narcos and Narcos Mexico 10/10
Stranger Things 10/10
Ozark 9/10
Detectorists 9/10
The Stranger 9/10
Bloodline 9/10
100 8/10
Mad Men 8/10
Unorthodox 8/10
Elite 8/10
Cable Girls 8/10
OITNB 7/10
Morocco Love in Times of War 7/10
Queen of South 7/10
13 reasons why 7/10 for Season 1
The Crown 7/10
Gilmore Girls 7/10, lost interest after season 4
Money Heist 7/10, love season 1&2, lost interest after
Suits 6/10 - lose interest after season 2 or 3
You - not a fan
Babylon Berlin - not a fan
Tiger King - not a fan
Velvet - lost interest after episode 2
Mindhunter - lost interest after episode 2
Peaky Blinders - starting episode 1, so far not a fan
Greenleaf - halfway season 2, probably not gonna watch any further

Edit to add: Thank you for all your awesome suggestions! I'm slowly working through them! 😊

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  • Keep watching mindhunter.

    • I read a lot of good reviews on it, if only the main lead is not named Holden Ford. Thanks, I'll watch few more episodes to check it out further

      • Haha yep that is off-putting, and the first few episodes are slow, but it is an a+ show, you will enjoy it.

      • +10 votes

        He even makes an injoke about Australia and his name in S2

      • You gave Grand Hotel 10/10

        Based on this I think you should watch more soapies
        like Bold and beautiful etc..
        since the Grand Hotel is a pretty soap drama

        • I enjoy many genres as long as it's great show. I gave Grand Hotel 10/10 because the acting is excellent (no bad actors there), the storyline is very fast paced and unpredictable. It includes soap, murder, and comedy. A lot of people compared it to Downtown Abbey, I personally would only rate Downtown Abbey 7/10. Grand Hotel is more 3 dimensionals compared to Downtown Abbey. I was surprised how good it is, when I first started watching.

          • @legobargainaustralia: Have you seen better call saul, breaking bad, oz, six feet under, sopranos, deadwood etc?

            If you want to know what to watch that is really good

            Just google "Best shows of all time"
            then start working off the list..

            that is how I know what are good shows worth watching…

            I also got another suggestion that is not tech related
            which is go outside and do some gardening or get some fresh air etc..

            Continuously watching lots of stuff on the box can get mind numbing after a while
            especially when we are all staying inside our house all time now

    • No new season

    • yes i recommend this too, finish it!

    • Agreed ! And what was the other one ah yes, the Unabomber
      You giving Ozark 9/10 … makes me thinkg, dont get me wrong, it's not bad, but it's not brilliant either to me a 7.5
      If you can stomach blood, watch Vikings and Last Kinkdom ( series 4 is so much weaker )

    • Yeah I love this show.

  • Black Mirror

  • Vikings

    • S1-S3, some of s4

    • I back this, Vikings is absolutely incredible.

      Travis Fimmel plays Ragnar Lothbrok insanely well, hands down the best actor role out of everything I've seen this year.

      I've been peddling Vikings to all my mates after watching it, incredible actor and character.

  • Animal Kingdom Series

  • +18 votes

    Dark is excellent

  • The kingdom

  • Not sure if these are in your subscription but anyway:
    Malcolm in the Middle
    El Chapo
    Tin Star (SBS on demand)
    Stranger Things (surprised you haven't tried it)
    Better Call Saul
    Future Man (SBS on demand?)
    Hell on Wheels
    Ray Donovan
    Avenue 5
    After Life

    If you're bored with NF just cancel and explore another service like Amazon. Not like it's hard to go back when they have something new to offer.

    • Stranger Things 10/10

      • Every season gets a 10/10?

        • Season 1 gets a 10 from me, Season 2 maybe a 6 and season 3 was so bad I couldn't watch more than two episodes.

          • @0FoxGiven: I agree… first season was awesome… the rest.. meh. Second season was so disappointing that it took me a while to even want to turn on the 3rd. And even then, I’ve only watched 2, maybe 3 episodes of season 3

            • @pegaxs: Yeah in hindsight I would have just stopped at the end of season 1

              Seasons 2 and 3 tarnished those memories :)

        • I think it's just how much he enjoyed it as a whole. Not necessarily a rating on the show, just an indication for us to suggest similar content.

  • A few mates recommended COBRA KAI and it blew my mind!
    Its YouTube but the best show ever. You'll need to watch karate kid movie before watching cobra kai. Cheers!

    • THIS! Cobra Kai is amazing. I subscribed to YouTube Red just for Cobra Kai. Season 3 should be coming out very soon

  • Money heist is good

    Oh crap you have seen it

    Oh well dark tourist is good

  • the last kingdom
    haunting of hill house
    train to busan
    when they see us
    Formula 1: Drive to Survive
    the last dance

    • White Gold

    • Have you seen "last Kingdom" season 4? Very disappointing, his accent is now so bad. Too much narrative.

      Bodyguard is A MUST !

      • it was ok. good enough to finish for me. could've cut it down ~7 episodes though. i rate s1 and s2 higher than 3 and 4 though.
        his accent was like that since s2. maybe something to do with the time skips and his accent changing?
        if you like bodyguard then line of duty is recommended. s1 has a slower pace than the following seasons though.

  • Line of Duty
    The Fall

  • The Crown if you want to see why the Monarchy is cooked, How to Get Away with Murder for a long ass legal/crime drama

  • Horse girl for a movie.

  • +10 votes

    Community. one of the BEST comedy shows of all time!

    dolemite is my name. The best acting Eddie Murphy has ever done. good movie.

    some of the best stand up ive seen on netflix that i can think of right now…
    everything Louis CK.
    everything Dave Chappelle.
    Rory Scovel tries stand up.
    Neal Brennan, 3mics.
    Bo Burnham, make happy.

  • You should watch "Breaking bad". It is one of the best TV series. It is on Stan. You can subscribe for 30 day trial and watch it for free.

  • Money Heist 7/10, love season 1&2, lost interest after

    sorry what? season 3 and 4 are so damn good too

    after reading your list, you are very picky with some good shows

    • I'm sure the show is well made, however I love the ending of season 2, it is perfect. Just not a fan of the direction of the plot in season 3. They don't need any more heist, they don't need any more money. Also it doesn't make sense that Denver and Monica would abandon their child to join another heist, all because of Tokyo and Rio ruined it all, as always. Maybe the plot gets better after S3E1.

      • My thoughts exactly…beginning of s3 felt like they had run out of ideas and went with old script (lets rob a bank and keep hostages)

      • The whole concept of season 3 was ridiculous. It does get a lot better as it goes on though - towards the end of season 3 is just as good as the previous ones.

        • And i really dont know if spanic people are that much more temperamental or is Tokyo overacting or slightly mentally challenged, but she keeps pissing me off

      • Seriously, why was Rio ever recruited in the first place?! What actual skill did she bring that another serbian ex-military grunt couldn't have done?

  • The Blacklist is really good.

    • I lost interest around season 4-5.. but yes, definitely recommend the earlier seasons.

  • FWIW today I binge watched Upload on Amazon video. Was good!

  • Dump netflix and try Stan/Amazon/Apple TV Plus/etc. for a while.

  • Running out of Things to Watch on Netflix


    Start watching those Asian TV series, or animes.

  • The Sinner
    The Witcher
    The Punisher
    The End of the F***ing World
    Violet Evergarden

    • Violet Evergarden is amazing - watched it on release and am part way through a second viewing. I didn't think they were quite as good, but Your Name and Erased have a similar vibe.

      Edit - although I see the anime version of Erased seems to have been removed from Netflix.

  • After Life with Ricky Gervais is brilliant. I recommend everyone to watch it.

  • tiger king

  • Go outside? Read a book?

  • Maybe it's time for a new online service. The Hub is quite popular.

  • Community
    Avatar The Last Airbender
    The Good Place
    Black Mirror
    Santa Clarita Diet (got cancelled too early)
    Adventures of Tin Tin

    Heaps to watch if you have Amazon Prime.

    • I got Amazon Prime recently as well thinking it would have heaps, really though shows are very thin on the ground in there, couple of really good ones like "the boys", If I had not subscribed for 12 months I would probably cancel next month.

      • Most would class the movies and music as bonuses with Amazon prime and the shipping to be the main benefit, not sign up to Amazon prime just got the video streaming.

        • The shipping was the bonus in this case, normally I would not shop at Amazon but an Item I wanted was out of stock most places, the movies and shows are what I thought would make it worth while.

    • +10000 for Community, and then also Rick and Morty (same writer/showrunner)
      Sex Education
      Big Mouth

      Baby Driver
      John Wick
      The Matrix
      Catch me if you can
      Blade Runner 2049
      …tbh a lot of the ones in the 'award winning' section haha, it's such a huge range, also depends on your taste!

  • After life, honestly one of the funniest shows you'll ever watch.

    • Can’t abide Gervais, sadly.

    • I'm a Ricky Gervais fan, but i can't understand why some love this show so much. It's by all means watchable, but leagues below The Office and Extras in the comedy stakes IMO