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Google Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera $229 @ The Good Guys ($217.55 OW Price Beat)


Hi all! First post, and by the looks definitely not the cheapest ever..

But was looking to buy my dad Google Home Nest Cam Outdoor and noticed TGG have it listed for $229 vs $278 at Officeworks.

Had them price beat for $217.55. Note there is limited stock in QLD!
Also seems that TGG has the current $229 price until Wednesday as per their website.


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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Probably a pricing error.. don't bite it

    • If anyone is interested I can do have a copy of the receipt for $217.55

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    Would have gone well with the google hub max … If I had ANY

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    What’s it normally?
    Commercial site has it for $229

    • $278 @ OfficeWorks
      $279 @ JB

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    Why is there no nest iq outdoor in aus?

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      Yep had to buy mine from the US via bhphoto

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    Standard process moving forward is any TGG deals will be pricematched at OW when they open. Not getting my money I tells ya.

    • Same, I have been burned many times by TGG "priceing error".

  • Good price op but I’m perplexed why people go a wired camera when there’s a plethora of other options that use battery (and even have solar) that mean an easy install vs running cables?

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      There's actually lots of reasons.
      Each of your 4k wired camera has its own wired connection to your router whereas a wireless setup involves each camera saturating the wifi at the same time, amongst all the other devices you are running in your house… it's just not going to work very well.

      Might be ok with lower quality cameras but you'd want to make sure you get decent signal across your whole house.

      Also, normal wireless cameras need power, so you're not exactly wireless…
      Wired just needs a network cable, so you've the same amount of cables between wired and wireless.

      Solar are garbage.
      They don't run 24/7 so you likely won't be getting a live feed or days worth of recorded footage as they don't have enough battery for that - the Arlos also had a costly battery replacement rort as well.
      They generally only start recording once they've detected motion, which sometimes can be too late for them to power up and start recording (ie. You've missed an intruder quickly walking passed the cameras line of sight).

      • Except this is 1080p. Same as an Arlo Pro 2?
        Plus you’ve got to run a cable back to the router for this?
        Plus solar works pretty well for me?
        Plus mesh WiFi?

        • I didn't say these were 4k.

          The question was why people go wired over wireless and my point was, you will struggle with multiple 4k cameras on wifi but you'd get away with it on lower def ones.

          And yes, you run a wire back to your router either down your walls or wherever.
          My cables are in the roof space and routed into my garage into a patch panel and are POE.

          Wireless, you potentially need to get an electrician in to install power points in your roof space if you want to power your wireless cameras discretely.

          Solar…. do you have continuous recording? And do you have days worth of stored footage?

          The fact they boot up to record when detecting motion is literally the #1 complaint of solar, battery powered cameras.

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            @Deviner: People forget you can run wired cameras without an electrician, it's called Poe. I'm looking at cameras, currently looking at the unifi cameras, do you recommend?

            • @adam149: Yeah, I wrote that I have POE cameras. :)

              I said you'd need a qualified electrician to install some power points in your roof space if you wanted to power your wireless cameras (not wired).

              I've got Hikvision cameras and I'd really recommend them.

          • @Deviner: yes you lose the first 2 seconds of action
            but it's hugely convenient to install.

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        Wifi saturating, a big one. Thanks for saving me from replying.

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        I think he meant wired as in power, not wired for internet connection.

        • That’s exactly what I meant.

    • This kind of cameras are just toys. Can't find any info about senser physical size, aperture, WDR…… come on. It's just IQ tax! $120 Dahua/Hikvison give you hips more functions and quality. Of cause someone will bring up the Chinese vs US politics crap. We are consumer, not fools. Do your research.

    • We have about 10 of these. Battery ones are great if you don't have outdoor powerpoints for easy connection, but we chose wired ones mainly for the 24/7 recording.

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    Make sure you are happy with the functionality with/without Nest Aware subscription before you buy.

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    I have 5 nest cams. I have wired cams but these are very easy to setup once installed compared to wired ones. The app works well.
    Nest aware will soon have a one price for all cameras. You can easily save clips I save alot of funny moments from kids.
    Also have the doorbell that can hook up to nest system along with Google hub to view any camera in the house easily.

    If you have a half decent WiFi it has so much bandwidth these days you can't really clog up the wifi with these.

    • And to add to this we are pretty much capped at 100mbs internet, wifi is above 500mbs. So really unless U are transferring data between devices in your home wired cameras won't benefit in being wired.

      The only thing that it will benefit from is stable connection but if you have good wifi signal around Ur house wifi is the way to go.

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