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Cashrewards 6th Birthday: 10x 2-Hour 20% Cashback Deals, Plus Lots of Cashback Increases (See Inside for Details)


Hi everyone, and welcome to 3 days of great deals at Cashrewards in celebration of our 6th birthday. There's sure to be something for everyone. Below you'll find details for day 1 - please ensure you note the cashback caps for some stores. And make sure to check back on site Wednesday & Thursday for more hot deals. As always, thank you for the incredible support. We would not be here without you. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Day 1: 2-Hourly Deals from noon (all times in AEST).

First Choice Liquor 20% (12-2pm today, $30 cap)
Lululemon 20% (12-2pm today, no cap)

Sunglass Hut 20% (2-4pm today, $40 cap)
Lenovo up to 20% (2-4pm today, no cap)

Groupon 23% (4-6pm today, no cap)
Marks & Spencer 20% (4-6pm today, no cap)

Reebok 20% (6-8pm today, $25 cap)
Crabtree & Evelyn 20% (6-8pm today, no cap)

Under Armour 20% (8-10pm today, no cap)
Petal and Pup 20% (8-10pm today, no cap)

Other Day 1 increases:

Aliexpress 7% (on now, ends 06/05/20)
Aveda 12% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Bed Threads 7% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Bing Lee 3.1% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Book Depository up to 12% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Bupa Health 12% (on now, ends 30/06/20)
Cellarmasters 20% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Charles & Keith 14% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Crabtree & Evelyn 12% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Cue up to 12% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Cyberghost VPN 90% (on now, ends 09/05/20, no cap)
Etsy 3.5% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Gorman 10.5% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
HelloFresh up to $30 (on now, ends 30/06/20)
iHerb 9% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Jo Mercer 8.4% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Lacoste 8.4% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Lorna Jane 7% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Marks & Spencer 9.8% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Mobileciti 3% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Modibodi 7% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
M.J. Bale 10% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
NordVPN 90% (on now, ends 09/05/20, no cap)
Oakleigh 15% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
PureVPN 90% (on now, ends 09/05/20, no cap)
Ray-Ban 15% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
R.M Williams 7% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Shaver Shop 5% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Sony 8% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Specsavers up to 10% (on now, ends 30/06/20)
Stylerunner 8% (on now, ends 30/06/20)
Surfshark VPN 90% (on now, ends 09/05/20, no cap)
The North Face 5.6% (on now, ends 09/05/20, no cap)
Udemy 25% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
UGG 8.4% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Under Urmour 14% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Veronika Maine 12% (on now, ends 07/05/20)
Vision Direct 10% (on now, ends 07/05/20)

Day 2 and/or Day 3:
Check website for some hot increases on Apple, Dell, Groupon, The Iconic, and plenty more.

And of course Amazon AU is back with up to 7% on selected categories.
And everyone's favourite eBay AU with up to 5% on selected categories.

See our birthday message here. Don't forget to refer-a-friend for $10 each. Tip: add your code to OzB’s randomiser. And check out our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4815)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • So hard to decide which VPN to go for. Is Surfshark still the cheapest when joining the 3 year plan which equates to around $13AUD for 3 years after cashback?

  • Are team member discounts generally allowed for cashback? Specifically First Choice.

  • Thanks for saving me $1000.

  • Sorry, new to this. How does the Cyberghost VPN deal work? Is the price listed on their website is the original price, and the 90% cashback is calculated from this? i.e 90% cash will be returned from the $3.95/month equaling to $142 for 3 years? Cheers!

  • Any addition for Microsoft incoming?

  • ThinkPad E14 comes down to around $800. Is it good value? I'm a noob with laptops. Looking to buying a matebook 13, how does this compare? TIA

  • can you use gift cards @ Sunglass Hut and still get cashback?

  • +5

    Anything for Chemistwarehouse?

    • Following this :)

  • Any chance we could get a list of the selected categories for ebay and Amazon. I was about to make a purchase today but will wait if they are included.

  • +1

    Hey TA, any chance we get 25% Cashback on any Book Stores yet?

    • Second this!

  • First Choice tracked already, I knew there was an issue last week!

  • +1

    Happy Birthday CR. My favourite cashback site. πŸ’πŸ€—πŸ™

  • Just placed an order on First choice liquor, it shows error when pay with PayPal but the payment actually gone though and I got the order receipt from email… hope it will still track the cash rewards…

    • It won't, last week nothing would work for me. I clicked it 20 times, and no tracking. I'm returning the order today, and I reordered. Good luck.

      • Thank you for the advice.
        If I don't get the track from cashrewards today I'll cancel the order tomorrow.

    • Happened to me too, let's hope it will track if not I will raise a claim with Cashrewards… It tracked in click history anyway

      • I just canceled my order. Save the hassle to claim it later…

  • +1

    Happy birthday TA

  • +1

    Is it capped at $30 for each transaction or are multiples allowed at first choice?

    • +1

      $30 capped per account

  • Just a reminder,on FirstChoice at least, it’s on the pre gst amount. So you can order an extra 9% before you hit the cap.

  • Happy birthday CR!
    I was checking out on first choice and the browser refreshed itself at 2.00pm on the dot! How long does it take to show whether it was tracked?

  • @tightarse can you use discount codes for Lenovo? I have a 10% off sign up code.

    • +1

      Hi carleast. Sign-up codes are a no go. Any codes listed on Lenovo's website or auto applied by Lenovo at checkout are ok, as are codes listed on Cashrewards (obviously). Any codes brought in from outside, including newsletters, plugins etc are ineligible. Hope this helps :)

      • Ok, thanks for that. I'll ignore the sign up code. Sorry for the second question but the code THINK-X was offered to me when I went to click away from my Cart that had a X1 Carbon in it. It popped up with a 5% offer of THINK-X. Would that therefore be eligible? It's sounds like a generic code for Thinkpad Xs?

        • Hi again. As I stated earlier, provided that code is generated directly by Lenovo from their website, then it's ok. If it's generated by a third party plugin (won't name any) or added from any external source, then it's not ok.

  • Happy Birthday to CR! Any chance of a sitewide coupon code for Groupon to stack with the 23% cashback?

    • Yes, I was going to ask that too.

  • My online order last week, they sent me Mumm vintage 2008. My collection today I got 2012? I kept the 2008 as I figured older vintage probably better.

    Did I make the right choice? Haha.

  • How long does Lenovo tracking take?

    • +1

      Hi nosrad. Unfortunately Lenovo is one of the slower reporting merchants. Tracking can take 12-24 hours.

      • Thank you TA. We love you!

      • +1

        Got the tracking email. Quicker than expected. Thank you TA.

  • +1

    Holy forking shirtballs!! I keep missing deals on First Choice Liquor and now missed this one by an hour!

    I guess there's more chance of Shopback doing the next deal than Cashrewards.

    • +1
      • Sigh, yes I missed the other one by a hair as well.
        Thanks Tightarse :-)

        • +1

          Subscribe to FCL posts :)

    • Did you watch the good place?

      • How did you guess :-D

  • Hi @tightarse, i signed up to nordvpn with code 'mmanuts' while i had the cashback active accidentally, does this invalidate the claim? also how long does it take for track?

    • Hi. Not sure what you mean by 'accidentally'. NordVPN takes around 6 hours to track. By the way, where did code 'mmanuts' come from, as it's not listed on CR?

      • I previously applied the code weeks ago when I was looking into signing up, it stayed applied when i opened up the deal through cashrewards and i didn't notice it wasn't applied by the website until after I made the purchase. and the code is on ozbargain under nordvpn. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/nordvpn.com

  • I miss the 12% ebay happy hour 😭

  • +1

    Happy happy birthday CR!πŸŽ‰
    Wish you success and wealth, and may you pass some of it on to us!😁

  • +1

    Happy Birthday CR!

  • +1

    Happy birthday CR!
    I bought something in Reebok store to celebrate your bday

  • Hey TA I'm looking at getting NordVPN but a bit confused about the Cashrewards deal "70% off 3 year plan and triple cash back". As NordVPN are currently 90% cashback, that makes it 270% cashback?

    • Hi Ryballs. NordVPN currently has 70% off 3 year plans. So you pay whatever the cost is after the discount, and we give you back 90% cashback on top. So as an example, if the cost to you is say $150, you get back 90% of that, after conversion fees etc, as per the terms on site. Please ensure you don’t click away to other sites before purchase, and disable all addons etc to avoid tracking loss. Best to use the Cashrewards mobile app if you can. Good luck!

    • +1

      The price listed on the website is after the 70% discount. 90% cash back on what you actually paid.

  • how long does first choice liquor normally take to track?

  • It says 12% cash back for new customers at book depository, but I also want to make a purchase on eBay. Should I be purchasing the book depository order before I do the eBay order or does the order in which I do them not matter?

  • So what the apple discount / cashback will be 15% or something?

    $10 off your iPhone or something at check out.

    Happy birthday though!

  • bring it on! :)

  • Just a though TA , maybe your company should be competing with the others offering 3-4% off Ebay/Amazon gift cards .
    At least everyone can buy EVERYTHING they want at the 2 big boys what they want without having any codes or category restrictions !

  • +1

    Happy birthday CASHREWARDS!
    Any hints when the Apple discount will come in?

    • +1

      Tomorrow :)

      • Hi TA, presumably it's not going to work with the education site?

        • +2

          Yep, same rate will be eligible on both stores :)

  • +1

    Happy birthday CR

  • Any chance of that first choice discount coming back around 😁

    • I'd be more interested to see it for DM

  • How does the hellofresh work? It says valid for new customers only and then goes on to say valid for ongoing subscriptions?

  • +1

    Went and bought beer online at First Choice Liquor today, unfortunately NOT during the deal time!
    Would have been nice if Cashrewards had emailed me the above list the night before instead of the one I got saying it was their birthday but couldn't see anything on their site about First Choice Liquor when I looked.
    Damned annoying!

    • I agree, as repentence they should do another deal today ;)

  • -1

    Obviously you need to use their app/click the link so they can track your spending but is there a way to double dip for example after some stuff from Lululemon.

    Cashrewards has 20% off but you need to click through their link to activate it
    Qantas shopping has 6 points per $1 spent at Lululemon but you need to click through their link too.

    Is there a way I can get the best of both worlds? lol

    Unless I just go through cashrewards then claim missing points through Qantas?

    • +1


    • +2

      As kerfuffle said, no. Affiliate is all about last click attribution, and only one publishing partner can ever be attributed a given sale. Advertisers will not pay commission twice on the same sale. Thanks.

  • +1

    My claim is beeing investigated, thanks TA.

  • Hi TA,

    Just wondering if there will be increased eBay cashback today?

  • Hi TA,
    I noticed that Catch.com.au has now 15% cashback excluding Electrical (1%). Could you please confirm if Electronics is categorised as Electrical items ?

    • Electrical items include computers, gaming, audio, cameras and camcorders, home entertainment and all other electrical products.

      • I assume it includes batteries ?

        • Sorry, no. Batteries fall under the electronics category.

  • Missed out on Surfshark VPN… Any plan to bring back the 90% cashback? Thanks OP!!

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