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[PS4] Free - Final Fantasy VII Remake In-game DLCs - VPN Required


Hi guys,

Please read carefully before continuing with the content.

I was sent a couple of Batch Codes for a running promotion in UK to win in-game DLC items for FF7 Remake and found out that you can actually re-use the codes as many times as you want to get all the DLCs (worked for me and a lot more people), you just need to do the following steps and MUST ASK A FRIEND OR SOMEONE IN THE UK TO DO THE SUBMISSION FOR YOU or SIMPLY USE A VPN (Confirmed by Bissy)

  • The promotion runs from 3rd April 2020 to 11.59pm 30th August 2020
  • Go to https://www.winwithbatchelors.co.uk/
  • Tick the options: I accept the Terms and Conditions, I am 16 or over and am aware of the promotion privacy notice, I have purchased a pack and press ENTER NOW
  • Fill in the details, use one of the following Batch Codes:

0091AM 0910
0087AR 1759
0077WF 1610
0079WV 2023
0087WV 0514
0071AD 1956
0071AD 2102
L001821B 0903
L001821A 0902

  • You can submit 5 times per email per day, just create a new email and repeat the process to obtain all the DLCs
  • Winnable DLCs: Mako Crystal, Midgar Bangle, Corneo's Armlet, Shinra Bangle, and Superstar Belt
  • I haven't tried using VPN for submissions, but it will always give failed results for doing submissions based in Australia
  • You will be sent the DLC codes by email which can be used directly in the Australian Store.

Good luck guys.

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