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eufy Smart Scale C1 $34 + $6.99 Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Down from $69

Available in black (limited stock) and white


Been waiting for a decent scale under $100 to go on sale that can also sync to google fit.

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    The weight range is from 11-397lbs.

    • Not for me then

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        Maybe get two? One for each leg.

  • Are there any others around this price or cheaper that sync to Google Fit?

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      Are you specifically looking for other scales because this one does sync with Google Fit

      Track your measurements on Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit

      I've got one and enjoy using it. The measurements are far from accurate but they do give you a rough idea of how your body is turning into a potato through the lock down period.

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        I just use a mirror

      • Which measurements are far from accurate? The actual weight? Things like BMI I can understand, as it's a debated metric, but I was hoping the accuracy would be at least good to +/- 0.5kg.

        Is the basic weight at least as accurate as a quality set of bathroom scales?

        • I think the weight would be accurate it's just everything else that's not so much.

    • I stopped using Google Fit over a year ago, any improvements?

      Currently using Samsung Health on my S10+ and it does the job

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      Are there any others around this price or cheaper that sync to Google Fit?

      Are there any that sync to google photos ?

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      I've been used Renpho, was like ~$30 off Amazon from memory. worked quite well the last couple of years for me
      Syncs to Google Fit too

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        i have the same, works fine

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    Price match with bigw was successful, if bigw is your nearby

    • Is big w the same model?

      • They are the same model

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          Big W models haven't worked for me since I was a young teen.

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      Cheers also price matched at Big W as there wasn't any stock at my nearest JB

    • The difference might be in the app.
      I cant see if the Xiaomi has similar features however, I know that the Eufy app for instance will save several users original data and compare the results after stepping on the scales for a second time (and every other time thereafter) without having to repeat setup process of age, height, sex etc.

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        I used to have a Xiaomi scale but exporting data is a nightmare.
        Google Fit is crap TBH as it doesn't track any other data than the weight.

        After GPDR in EU, they did come up with a way to export all data into a CSV, but the interface was buggy and I've lost all my 1+year of daily weight measurements.

  • Linked very easy with fitbit app. I found weight was Same as my old scale but body fat % is way higher. I'm losing weight and body fat is reducing at same pace as weight so is consistent

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      Don't be too concerned with the actual bodyfat % value (way off), but if you see consistent drops in weight and fat, it is a good indicator.

    • Do you know how to sync if you have more than one user on the eufy and only one on fitbit?

  • Any word on if this works with Samsung Health?

  • Thanks OP. Picked one up. Would have liked Black but no stock near by for click and collect. Just wanted something that doesnt use those stupid C cell batteries. At lease this uses AAA batteries which i have plenty of.

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    Thanks OP, need something to motivate me to get rid of this iso gut

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      …'corona-belly' is the correct medical term

  • Anyone got a tip for a good smart scale that doesn't have the "Do not use this device if you are pregnant" warning (as this one does)?

    • Bluetooth is dangerous..

    • You need to search smart scale with pregnancy mode.
      Like this one… but not cheap

      Otherwise just use a old school scale without the body fat measurement.

    • The Xiaomi Smart Scale 2 (not the body composition one) is safe, as it doesn't have the body fat percentage feature

  • Just in time for mothers day for the wife :P that's if you want to end up homeless.

  • Got one about a week ago for this price. Good purchase. The app tracks BMI, water, fat % etc. Paired easily with my Xiaomi phone.

  • Thanks OP! Paid a total $39.36 Delivered using RACQ 4% off Gift Cards :P

    Not sure what I'll use my saved $1.63 tho.. but hey it was my first time using the RACQ Offer and the E-Gift card is done instant so that's good to know :)

    Just looked at my receipt looks like I will be waiting a while for this one hey! Arrives on or before 24 Jun 2020

    • Going to receive it quicker then 24th June ! Received notification it's with Aust Post today :)

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    Very good price.
    It connects instantly, multiple user accounts and automatically links with Apple health which is great

  • Good…I have a corona body now…

  • Do you need to create a eufy account or otherwise register, or can you simply download the app then get the data sent directly to the phone?

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    Price matched by Big W at Midland WA today. No problems with the price match. Stock of both black and white were there. Stock next to Tech department not near the other bathroom scales. Scale seems pretty good. Connectivity is good to the app and also to Fitbit app.

  • Could not get it from Local JB and Big W, both are out of stock.

  • Back up to normal price on JB website

  • Mine arrived today super impressed with it!

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    Anyone's order got cancelled and refunded?

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      same here, just received an email that my order got cancelled, was disappointed..

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      same, what garbage service..

    • Yeah same :(

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    Yep Cancelled order :(

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