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20% off Site Wide @ Spectra Baby Australia




1.) Spectra S2+ Hospital Grade
Sale Price $239.20 (Reduced from $299)

√ Hospital grade pump, brilliant for quick, effective expressing but needs to be plugged

2.) Spectra S1+ Hospital Grade
Sale Price $303.20 (Reduced from $379.00)

Same as the S2, but has an inbuilt rechargeable battery so no need to be plugged in. And, it's blue!

Spectra M1 Portable Single Electric Breast Pump

Sale Price $183.20 (Reduced from $229.00)

Portable pump - only comes with a single shield kit though you can buy another kit if you wish to double pump.

Spectra will be participating in Click Frenzy Mayhem! We tweaked the start time a little to make it more mum-friendly.

Start Date: Monday May 18 📅
Start Time: 12 midday AEST (10 am WA time)

Everything Spectra including all our breast pumps & accessories will be 20% off.

This will give you massive savings on breast pumps, and be a chance to stock up on parts at a discounted price.


When the sale starts, all prices on the website will click over to be 20% less automatically. You do not need a special code. You do not need to go through the Click Frenzy site to get the
special price.


Our warehouse is continuing to work as usual during the covid crisis, but as we all know there are delays and limitations with AusPost and other delivery services right now. Please do not be surprised if shipping time is longer than usual, particularly if you are regional. We have not noticed that delivery times to capital cities are too bad, but regional areas have been affected by covid related delays.

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When it comes to buying a breast pump, then you're going to weigh up portability, performance and budget. All Spectra breast pumps are closed systems, nice and quiet and can be used as single or double pumps. However, we have hospital grade pumps S1 and S2 which are larger but deliver the most efficient performance and then we have portable pumps like the S9+ and M1 which are much smaller, but generally less efficient at pumping.

When you're choosing your pump, consider where you'll be pumping. how often you'll pump and whether you need to carry your pump around. A hospital grade pump will always do the best job at supporting milk supply.

The Spectra S1 is now our most popular pump. It is hospital grade, but also has an inbuilt rechargeable battery so will give you the very best in performance whilst still being fairly portable.



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    The S1 pump is truly amazing. My wife used it several times a day for 10 months without it missing a beat. She said without it our little one would have been on formula after the first week. My wife was such a fan she bought one as a gift for our close friends who had their first a couple of weeks ago.

    The battery life on it was impressive, up to 6 days without recharging. Small enough to easily travel with.

    The pump breast piece set up requires an adapter for most big brand bottles but can be found on amazon for a few dollars otherwise they may sell them on the site (except for Tommee Tippee).

    I would recommend partners but themselves some spare breast piece set ups as a gift. Makes washing and sterilising them easier with spares so you are not washing all day.


      I agree! I used it for 15 months and just stopped last week. Will be keeping it in storage until baby #2. I wish I bought it sooner, would've saved money renting one from the hospital. I purchased at full price and do not regret it at all. As above comment, purchase spare parts otherwise you'll need to pay shipping mutliple times.


      Just bought the Medela Swing Maxi Flex yesterday, haven't opened it yet.

      Any idea how it compares?

      • +2 votes

        Based on my extensive reading the S1 Spectra was a better choice. I was considering the Medela Symphony as they are the hospital units while they were expensive I just wanted my partner to have the unit that made her life easiest, ultimately the choice was made based on size and reviews of perfromance being comparable. That is before considering the Spectra S1 being 80% cheaper!

        If I had purchased a Medela Symphony I was expecting to buy a Swing Maxi Flex for travel as we were interstate a lot. The Spectra S1 killed two birds with one stone. As I said, my wife has been singing it praises and that is despite her being negative towards breastfeeding/expressing before little one hit the world. It really did make life as easy as it could be due to the efficiency of pumping and convenient size, throughout the time using she had no issues and specifically no soreness from frequent pumping.

  • +1 vote

    Spectra S2 going strong
    Highly recommend.

  • +1 vote

    Another spectra endorser. My research found medela doesnt last too long. Our s2 is 6 months and going strong! Zero problems and a fraction of the medela price. Excellent quality. Highly recommend for any breast pumpers here!

  • +1 vote

    Recommended parts / asses to buy when purchasing a new one. Looking through their site seems some of the membranes only last 3-6months?


    Re: Spectra S1+ Hospital Grade, is the inbuilt rechargeable battery replaceable?


      I don’t think so. But if battery fails/dies (eventually), it can be used plugged in, like S2.


    We had S2 and am going to buy S1 this time around. Difference is only $60, the portable ability would let my partner stay in bed or sofa during the colder months make it worthwhile.


    Does everyone's partners pump exclusively instead of breastfeeding or were they using this more at the early stages to up supply or was it towards the mature end when the baby was a bit older?