Is This an Unreasonable Request to Cover Washing Machine Repair out of Warranty?


Samsung Washing machine purchased from JB HIFI on 25/12/2014 for $850 along with an extended warranty for 3 years. This warranty ran out on the 26th of Dec 2019. The error started way back in 2019 but I was an idiot trying to troubleshoot and not contact jb straightaway. Now, for 7 out of 10 loads, the washing machine reports a "UE" error code which indicates an unbalanced load. Google seems to suggest the machine needs new shock absorbers.

Samsung has denied any cover as its out of the 2 year manufacturer warranty. JB hi fi have denied to cover this as well.
My question is, was it unreasonable to ask JB hifi to cover this ? If not, how do I persuade them to cover this.
A quote from a local tech company was $220 call out fee to inspect + parts + $180 when the techs come back to finish the job.


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    You got 5+ years out of a family washing machine (a relatively inexpensive one), i'd be pretty happy with that - pay for it to get fixed or buy a new one. I wouldn't be that worried Big Mick….

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    It's not unreasonable to ask them to consider a warranty repair, however it is reasonable for them to refuse.

    Why don't you repair it yourself? Swapping out shock absorbers is a relatively easy job. Plenty of parts on ebay,that are not expensive and plenty of You Tube videos.

    • Didn't want to muck around and break something else in the process- atleast get 3 loads of washing for now. I guess it will be upto me to fix it now.

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    Is This an Unreasonable Request to Cover Washing Machine Repair out of Warranty?

    'depends', but in your case and as listed above, this wasn't a expensive machine and you have gotten 5+ years out of it. If it was a $4k asko or something, they yes I would expected them to cover it.

    along with an extended warranty for 3 years.

    Do remember this is not a samsung warranty.

    Google seems to suggest the machine needs new shock absorbers.

    Ok these are easy as to replace and yes they do fail after a while. It will cost under $100 normally. Just do it yourself.

    Whats the model number? I'll link you to the part.

    • WA10H7200GW. Thanks.

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    Count your losses and headache and get a new one. You get a better unit these days for the same price that you paid years back
    Even if you spend for repair, it's not the same and the repair warranty is usually 60 days.

    • Also remember, you can sell the old machine "for parts". It sounds like the motor and other components are still good.

      A new machine should generally be more efficient, saving power and water. It might be hard to quantify this though, because you might just get a bigger machine.

  • My LG top loader occasionally gives the same type of unbalanced load error. Is your unit a top loader? Error is because the unbalanced load is causing the machine to rock too much during spin dry cycles which the machine can't rectify. When this happens, distributing the laundry load evenly works for me. Main culprit is usually a stuffed laundry bag that my wife loves to use.

    • Yeah, it is. We restart the machine and it just works. The problem is, because of this I can't leave the house till I finish a load. Been using the machine the same way as we did - no difference at all. So wanted to have the underlying issue addressed.

      • Watch this video. My washer tries to rectify unbalanced loads by refilling the wash with water again, short clean cycle, drain out and attempt spin dry again. It will do it for max 3 times and if the load is still unbalanced, it will just stop and give the unbalanced load error.

        Unbalanced loads could be from heavier clothing (jumpers, tracks, jeans etc) or bigger than usual wash loads. Age of the washer didn't help but it don't sound like the washer needs fixing… yet. Have you tried a lighter wash load? Or distributing the wash load evenly around when you put it in the washer?

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    Is this a top loader? might sound strange, but have you tried turning over the machine and checking underneath it.. i was getting the same error and thought it was easier to buy a new washing machine. When i went to move the washing machine ( after cutting the wires ) i noticed that they was heaps and heaps of clothes, underwear in the bottom which would have caused the balance issue. The clothes when they are thrown in the washing machine by us and the miss the main tub and fall down the back. Might be worth a check, Found so many clothes underneath. Long story short i din't need a new washing machine, but had already cut the wires before i noticed all the clothes making the washing machine unbalanced . ( edit need to take off the bottom plastic base )

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      When i went to move the washing machine ( after cutting the wires )

      Cutting wires? Couldn't you just unplug the cables? Why did it necessitate cutting wires?

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        Maybe it was about to blow.

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          But which wire do you cut first? I can smell the tension!

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      is there a significant gap between tub and the outer case ? how can it possible to throw cloaths to the bottom missing the tub, never seen such a washing machine.

      • Enough to fit clothes down there. Kids throw it the clothes and aren't accurate. Didn't release how many clothes we had lost through the years.
        Cut the red wire first. Guessed correctly!

  • You're gone. Time to accept that you're up for expense and/or effort at this point.

  • The parts and labour cost just doesn't warrant the service, because you'll be putting in probably around $400-$500 on an old, and used machine.

    I've got a Samsung machine, and we also got an error code (for a clogged pump, which I thought would be a deal-breaker) but I was able to pull the machine apart, take apart the pump, and removed a small piece of fabric that was clogging it, and got the machine running again no problems.

    The main issue with buying parts though, if you don't know exactly what absolutely needs to be replaced is that you may buy the wrong part and be stuck with something that you can't use. Whereas, a tradie will more than likely be able to use the part again on another job, particularly if they work for a larger repairer who does a lot of jobs.

    If it were me and it came to either doing the repair or buying a new machine, I'd go with the new machine.

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    Each shock absorber is worth $12
    YouTube has instructions

    • In that case, it’s definitely worth a shot.

    • Could you please provide a link for the shock absorber?