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Lodge 10.25" Seasoned Cast Iron Buffalo Nickel Skillet $33.93 + Delivery ($0 with $49 Prime Order) @ Amazon US via AU


For those that missed out on the last Lodge cast iron 10.25 inch deal, this model features a buffalo nickel design on the bottom for $33.93.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I’m beginning to think cast iron skillets are the new eneloops

  • What to get to make it $49 lol

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      Buy the handle. It's temporary out of stock. Cancel this item once your cast iron has been dispatched.

      • do you have link?
        Will they ship if you buy another item but cancel right after and keep the cast iron one?

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          Just realised that the handle is sold by Amazon AU, you may want to find something temporarily out of stock and sold by Amazon US.

          Check out the previous deals, this trick was discussed.

          • @PissLUR: Have you bought from US before? do you know what carrier is used once it arrives in au?
            Please don't be fastway

            • @Dnst: Fastway have actually been really good since I've been working from home. But agree, once you miss a delivery its complete luck if you ever see your parcel.

              • @Domingo: live in an apartment…so chances of them walking in the driveway to find my number is virtually non existent. Based on my previous purchases and hundreds of reviews haha

            • @Dnst: Fedex

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            @PissLUR: The orange colour one is shipped from US and is temporary out of stock.

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              @O O: this community is insane, thank you

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        If you cancel, they may remove the promotion pricing for the shipment. You may be lucky or you could end up paying for the cancelled item with a reduced or no refund to cover shipping costs.

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          Perhap a safer bet is buying some Danish cookies.

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            @O O: Is that just a sewing kit in disguise?

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          I’ve done it many times with no issues. Only cancel the other item when the lodge already shipped. You wont pay for the cancellation item as Amazon only charged you when the item is shipped.

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        so when does one cancel the orange handle? Will it work if i cancel straight after or do i wait a few days?

        • The promotion is for purchases over $49. If you cancel part of your order to drop it below $49 you will lose the promotion. You will see the a notice about it when you try to cancel.

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      Get a chainmail scrubber to clean your cast ironware.

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      there's some decent prices on the 6" and 8.5" which will bring it up above $50.

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    A local alternative is SOLIDTEKNICS Lightning iron skillet on kickstarter. A bit more expensive at $59.

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      There is enough of a difference in size to not really be able to make a direct comparison , the Lightening skillet is 21cm and this one is about 26cm

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      What's the shipping cost for Kickstarter?

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          $78 is a bit more expensive than $34

  • Can I cook chicken dinner on these?

    • +28

      Nope, this only works for chicken breakfast and lunch.

    • Nope, but it can stop bullets if equipped.

  • Are those made with Australian iron?

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      MADE IN THE USA. Lodge has been making cast iron cookware in South Pittsburg, Tennessee (pop. 3,300) since 1896.


  • Love these.

  • The 12 inch is $55, seems lowest on camel? Pre Order though
    Can anyone say if this is the cheapest for a 12?

  • What is with the deer symbol on the back?

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    Only time I would need a design on the bottom of my cast iron pan is if i planned to run into a battleground with it…

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    Thanks op bought this as well for free delivery.

    • end up cancelling those 2, then ordered again plus 8" … got 3 skillets for $72…nice..

  • Thanks missed the last deal.

  • Thanks OP, bought one with the delivery hack!

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    Will this work with an induction cooktop?

    Amazon and Lodge website don't mean it but a simple google search says yes..

    Ordered one, fingers crossed

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      Cast iron works fine on induction.

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    Thanks OP. I got it with the 6.5 Inch skillet that hypie posted to bring the total to $49.42.

  • If you're cooking for more than one, get a 12" imho.

    • I got 2, my partner is vegetarian so its handy to have two pans.

      Hoping these are good for cooking small pizzas!

      • They are. Stovetop for setting the base while you put on your toppings, then into raging hot oven always works.

  • Yes finally. The 10 is the Cinderella of sizes.

    Now to find the video of grinding the cast iron smooth to make the surface better for cooking.

  • Thanks OP, I bought 2 and plan to give 1 as gift. First time using cast iron pan here, it seems interesting to care for.

  • Went down further in price to $30.66

    • but they removed the free delivery with prime .. :(

      • yup

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    You can get the Lodge L9OG3 10.5 Inch Round Cast Iron Griddle for $27.93 on backorder from the US, need to select Amazon USA as the seller

    Also the Lodge Cast Iron 10.5-inch Square Grill Pan with Lodge silicon handle holder is $46.91 delivered

    • they are no longer prime eligible.

  • Has anyone's been shipped yet? I'm waiting on this one plus another one I bought on 6th May.

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      out of 3 lodge that I bought, only one shipped and it wasn't the above but the 8 inch one.

    • Just received it today…nice,,,,

      • received yesterday, but, the packaging damaged and squashed really badly, it's like being ran over by multiple cars. The delivery guy said he already reported the damage on their system. The skillet scratched and had few dents, should I return this or ask for credit

        • Sorry to hear that, mine came perfect and I am done doing seasoning 3 times… Try some bacon and steak tomorrow..