Microsoft office license

Not a fan of the subscription model for office. Does anyone know where to get a perpetual license like the good old days, but genuinely i.e. not eBay

Are the any HUP or cheap deals floating around? Tried looking but could not find anything.

I'm not a student.


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    Check OzBargain's classifieds, people sometimes post them there (Office 365 Family)
    e.g this

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    What about one of the free open source alternatives? They work just as well for most users.

    Open Office.

    Libre Office.

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    Unfortunately they stopped doing the HUP.

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        Isn't it Home Use Program?

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          home use bro!!!

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      True, which is very annoying and a shame. However, if you have a work O365 account, you can install office suite on a personal PC for free.

      Go to; and click Install Office top right corner.

      • Keep in mind your employer/employer's IT will have access to any OneDrive shared documents and files if you do.

      • Hmm don't see an install office option available.

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    Legit is $199

    A quasi-legit licence is about $30 from Kinguin and other resellers.

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    Just KMS_VL_ALL_AIO.cmd it.

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    I get all mine from here. never had a problem.

  • Bing Lee on eBay is legitimate (unlike many of the other listings there). If you are not in a rush they usually have a 20% off sale on their eBay storefront with a code. Should bring the perpetual version of Home and Student down to $150.4

    The Home and Business Edition of Office 2019 can be found for $247 at PLE computers

  • I buy these ones.

    They have all worked, haven't had an issue on 3 computers with wrong key or renewal or anything else during this time.

  • I think your mad not going for the latest version of Office on a monthly or yearly sub. The latest version of Office has had quite a few fixes and new features which do add more productivity.

  • What's wrong with buying MS Office on eBay?

    I bought 2 copies of office activation codes on eBay for my 2 PC's and both are running fine!

    Very cheap too at about $30 each.

    Maybe you're one of those that's happy paying $100's.

    • Same here. And no problems with updates.

      • I read in other threads on here that often those keys sold on eBay are sold many times over to many different people. And that it isn't detected by Microsoft until years later, at which point they block all your access (inc OneDrive).

        Not thrilled to pay $100s but at the same time, would find it terribly inconvenient losing access to a months/years worth of data stored in their servers.

        • I would also be backing up the data yourself.

  • Merged from MS Office - cheap or free? No access to student email

    Hello, hoping someone can help me, I've searched the deals/forums, read the comments and tried a few things already but am not having any luck :(

    I was previously using Office on my work computer, but since being made redundant am finding it hard to apply for jobs without it. Given I'm out of work, I'm trying to avoid paying full fee for an Office licence. My old uni emails aren't working for the student version, and I'm childfree so no dice there either.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how to obtain an email, or otherwise access free/cheap MS Office? Thanks in advance for any tips :)

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        Thanks so much! I'd love the desktop version but this is a lifesaver in the interim!

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      Have you tried libre office? Not the same I know but it might be a start. Assuming you are using for cover letters/resume? Otherwise you could try doing multiple trials of actual Office 365. I don’t think you can get the old stand alone version without o365 any more but some stores might have them in the discount bin or you might find one online.

      Do you have any friends who are students?

      • Do you have any friends who are students?

        Or any friends who are teachers?

      • I think open office works the best

        • Link not working the best.

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      Google docs.

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      Youtube has many videos on how to activate office for free, questionable legality, but it's pretty much the only way to get it for free if you're not a student.

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      WPS Office is good too, seems to be a rather good copy of MS Word.

      There's a free version of WPS which is all you'll need.

      • WPS functionality is quite similar to MS Office, much better than Openoffice or Libreoffice.

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      There's also Apache Open Office, another free program that's compatible with MS Office.

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      Just to add to this OP, if you're going to start using Libre Office, WPS Office, Apache Open etc. I'd recommend saving it to PDF before sending it off. Otherwise many places will open up in M$ Word and styling/layouts etc may differ if you use this for resumes/cover letters its probably safer.

      • Thanks! That's my usual practice but it's good to know about that

        • Also good if you're FAX'g via eMail input hopper

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        You should do this even if you use MS Word. Unless the business asks for it to be in a docx format, always use a PDF. That way you can guarantee they can open it.

        Also, test the PDF works and nothing funky happens when it is converted.

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      Do you have an alumni email address? You might be able to register an O365 account using this email address.

      • Tried my alumi email, sadly not valid

    • Whats wrong with Wordpad and MSpaint?

    • If you take up a free trial make sure to cancel the subscription (and not whine about the $129 charge on ozbargain).

    • Google Docs

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      You can go to

      Vendors there sell ‘grey market’ but legitimate software keys. Looking there you can get Office 2013 for USD$30 and Office 2019 for USD$60.

      I’ve purchased from the vendor there called ‘s5ean’ about five times and never had an issue. Purchased both Office keys and Windows OS keys.

    • I'm sure some people have super old copies of office 2007 or 2010 lying around at home

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