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Telstra Mobile Plan $65/Month for 12 Months (60GB Data) +$400 eGift Card @ The Good Guys


The good guys using Telstra network


  1. $45/month 45GB Data monthly (12 months contract) with $100 Egift card
  2. $65/month 60GB Data monthly (12 months contract) with $400 Egift card <- Hottest Deal
  3. $65/month 80Gb Data monthly (24 months contract) with $500 Egift card

NOTE : I think these plan not include INTERNATIONAL CALL at all.

  1. To be eligible, new and port in customers must bring their mobile number to Telstra and sign
    up to the $65 per month over 12 months plan with a minimum cost of $780 to receive a bonus
    $400 The Good Guys eGift Card. (“Bonus”).
  2. Promotion commences 17/10/2019 and ends on 31/05/2020. (“Promotional Date”).
  3. Offer only available in store. Excludes online and eBay. Excludes online, eBay, Existing Boost,
    Belong and Telstra Pre-Paid customers.
  4. Bonus will be issued once connection has be approved by Telstra. Connection confirmation
    may take up to 5 working days. The Good Guys will contact the customer once approval has
    been received and dispatch the bonus. Bonus will be received by the customer in 1-2 working

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  • Any idea how long you have to have ported out from Telstra for before porting back in (with the good guys). Currently with Amaysim for about a week or two (ported out from telstra post-paid)- aiming to port back to Telstra on a deal. The 12 month deal here looks pretty sweet

    • A whole billing cycle usually - 28-30 days

    • +1

      1 month

      • What happens when you try to port back in before the 1 month?

        • You may not be eligible for the eGift Card

          • @WoodenSpoon: anyone experienced this in previous deals? i.e not receiving the gift card for porting out less than a month?

            • @samehada: Yes, I had a screw around with this. I asked the guy if I was eligible and he said yes, I then told him I am only signing up if I get the gift card and proceed to port me over. Once my number was ported he then told me “oh wait your not eligible because you haven’t been ported for 30 days” fml. My number was already ported over and it was the biggest screw around to get back, took about 7 days and me having to buy a new sim to get back out of it. Also the screw around with Telstra. Then I had to wait 30 days from that point.

              Don’t do it, just wait 30 days!!!!

              Ps. This was at jb

        • +33

          You get punched in the mouth

        • They'll realise you're not eligible for the gift card - and your options are to either continue without it or go through the hassle of cancelling the deal and port back.

          I tried porting back in without waiting 30 days with one of JB's deals and found out the hard way.

          • @Harold Halfprice: so did you cancel your contract with Telstra and port back to other provider?

            • @samehada: interesting

            • @samehada: Yep, then waited the 30 days and ported back. Cancellation fee was waved.

              But it ended up being a nightmare as when I went to port back to Telstra after the 30 days, my number was failing to port over. Took many phone calls and quite a few weeks to get that sorted out…

              • @Harold Halfprice: so you cancel your contract with Telstra and at the time your number has been ported to Telstra right? So you need to port it out to another provider? So why do you need to wait another 30days?

                • @samehada: Last time I changed over, the staff at JB mentioned something about Telstra not porting in numbers from a prepaid service. Has anyone ported in from Amaysim prepaid?

                  • +1

                    @Ryven: I ported last year without issues.

                  • +1

                    @Ryven: I ported from Kogan prepaid last week successfully (during the iphone Xs offer). Same rules may apply to port from Amaysim.

              • @Harold Halfprice: @ILikeBargenz I guarantee when you were porting it was right about when Telstra was having porting issues with their new systems. I, too, had issues with some of my ports back when I was balls deep in previous deals. Not sure if it’s 100% resolved now but yeah some may still fall thru the cracks.

          • @Harold Halfprice: Really? Wow… I ported my number to Vodafone and back to Telstra within three days using the JB deal. I had no issues.

        • I ported out then got on one of these deals the next day
          I think it depends on the store

          • @Hirolol: Yeah @Hirolol it depends on a number of variables. I had success with my own mobile (ported for only 10 days) where the JB employee provisioned access through their Partner access to Siebel (rather than calling up their dedicated call center for provisioning these plans). I think it depends on who serves you, and whether or not they care enough to check how long you've been ported out.

          • @Hirolol:

            I ported out then got on one of these deals the next day
            I think it depends on the store

            100%. There is nothing actually preventing the deal going through.

            As with my case, I technically successfully ported to the plan. But then the JB employee realised it had been less than 30 days and said sorry we can't give you the gift card. You can either cancel or continue without it.

    • -1

      They do it right away in the store. I got confirmation email from telstra straight away.
      After that the staff will give you telstra sim card.

      My phone ready to use before i leave the store (Auburn)

    • With Click Frenzy around the corner, you will probably see deals as good as this pop up again when you’re closed to your 1 month wait.

    • How have you found AmaySim to be after Telstra? I was thinking for temporarily going over to them from Telstra.
      (sorry this was replying to dogzilla's comment)

  • +13

    waiting for $500 gift card deal to be offered again …

    • +3

      Or the month by month plan with $200 GC. :)

    • There's a $500 gift card offer with a handset over $1000 on a 24 month plan. Seems it can only be used towards the phone purchase, though.

    • +1

      JB had a $700 GC offer a month ago

      • Um… where was I for this?! Lol

  • +1

    Contact Telstra directly if you're only after the plan and don't require the gift card. I'm currently on $50/month 100gb data with no contract.

    • Can you provide more information on the plan. Seems good!

      • I’d go for that deal too

      • -1

        The plan is their large sim only plan $80/month 100gb. I spoke to their live chat team to upgrade with a discount. Was previously on a $59/month 60gb sim only. The discount is only for 12 months however plan to renegotiate around 10 months in.

    • this would be handy for me right now? care to share details on how you got it?

  • +1

    Come on Google, announce the Pixel 4a already

  • +2

    Hasn’t this deal been running for ages? More or less matching the JB deal?

  • A word to the wise - don't dilly dally on these deals because they come and they go.. the gift card value will have overnight before they even take the signs down.

    • +1

      I think a lot of people are using softwares like wechat/whatsapp/facetime for my international calls nowadays.

      • If you still need traditional methods (for those who need to call elderly etc) you can get international calling cards. Incredibly cheap and work well.

        Between these and the various internet services there really is no need to pay extra to include international calls in your plan

  • Does anyone know if these plans apply to 5G? It doesn't say on the site, and I was looking at Telstra plans the other day. Some specifically mentioned 5G for x months, then pay extra.

    • You have have seen 5GB for x months.

      5G is dependant on the phone, not the SIM

      • The plan also needs to support it. Telstra’s $65 plan only has it as a trial and after that you pay more to have it or move up to the $80 plan. Telco’s in the US and likely here in AU are going to use 5G as a way to up sell add ons or higher end plans.

  • +2

    I feel like this deal is not that great. Excess Data usage is charged at extra $10 per 1GB, while the normal Telstra plans are shaped to 1.5mbps.

    Also, there is no free data for Apple Music and fox sports.

    That’s my 2 cents anyway.

  • Might be a stupid question but what if I want to my plan later to a Telstra plan. Do I have to pay out the contract?

    • I think the 12 month contacts have a $390 early termination fee. Check the critical information summary should have it in there along with other important information.

  • According to critical information on the page these plans do not offer unlimited data at capped speed after using monthly data :(

    • Most are pay per GB

    • +2

      How often do you go over 60GB in a month though? I literally stream HD video for hours a day every day and don't even come close to 60GB

      • I use about 200 GB a month.

        • that's insane

        • Before WFH, I was using 60gb a year!

          What are you watching?

        • how?

          I cannot get through 60Gb per year!

  • +2

    Good luck getting ported in. Signed up to JB's online offer ($45/m $100 phone credit) after a week, still not ported in. Their processing is slow as hell and ended up cancelling as it was pending for a week and expected me to wait 3 more days.

    • U still got $100 credit?

    • Mine already port in right in the store.

    • Telstra's porting & transfer system is currently broken so it's simply not working… I have two pending in the system and they're stuck until whenever it's fixed…

      • Have you spoken to anyone there? I've been waiting a week for mine and am dreading having to call their nightmare customer service line to find out what is going on…

        • Their live chat is useless due to covid19, and the person you speak to on Cust Service can only tell you it's still pending. Lol

        • I manage phone porting for my employer so I spoke to one of their internal staff and there's basically nothing they can do…also no ETA on a fix.

    • I tried porting a week ago to one of the cheap Telstra Prepaid plans found here, and haven't heard shit back from them since.
      What sort of business model is it when you don't care about on-boarding new customers?

    • Ported my wife's phone back to Telstra at JB on saturday. Ported immediately. YMMV

      • different porting in at the shop, I purchased it via online

    • I'm in the same boat. I'm a week in and still waiting. Spoke to Optus today who said they have not received a port request from Telstra.

  • Certainly not the best deal

  • Would the gift card availed here be usable on good guys commercial site?

  • What in everyone’s opinion is the best one of the JB/GG deals to grab a ln iPhone XS / 11 on 12 month max contract?

    Thanks heaps!

  • Correction: Expiry is 31st May.

  • Can we port out to other mobile provider on Telstra network e.g. Woolworths / Lyca / Aldi
    do we have to port out to another network e.g. optus / Vodaphone?

  • Is it possible to sign-up with a new number, get the bonus, then change the number in a month or so?
    EDIT … looks like this is not possible.

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