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Rocko's Modern Life Collector's Edition Box Set $3 (Was $35) from Big W


This complete collection includes all episodes from seasons 1-4

What’s a wallaby to do when he’s surrounded by annoying neighbors, freeloading pals, heaps of laundry and the weight of life in general? Why, turn to his loyal canine, Spunky, dim-witted best pal, Heffer and neurotic nay-sayer Filburt to help him confront the trials and tribulations of modern life. Created by Joe Murray, Rocko’s Modern Life originally aired in 1991 on Nickelodeon and has since become a cult favourite all around the world.

Mod edit 945am: In stock at QLD Dalby, QLD Kingaroy, NSW North Albury, NSW Shepparton, NSW Young, NSW Raymond Terrace, SA Mount Gambier, VIC Melton, VIC Bendigo. Delivery appears no longer available.

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  • +12

    I used to love this show!!!

    • Got distracted by work and only now going through checkout and no longer available :-(

  • +4

    Heh heh, oh my…

  • +2

    Bargain of the century. Cheers OP

  • +5

    I'm nauseous… I'm nauseous…

    • +1

      You forgot to wash your hands

  • +8

    that was a hoooot

  • +1

    Never seen the show, but for the price, worth a shot. Hopefully staff at my local put it aside BEFORE they disappear off the shelves.

  • thanks OP

  • the best of, does that mean they are missing episodes?

    • +1

      No. It just means every single episode is “best of” material.

    • Where does it say 'best of'?

  • +1

    Got one, thanks!! Love Rocko.

  • +2

    Still had to pay $3.90 shipping, still $6.90 still good

  • Thanks OP! Got stuck at checkout trying to pick up (stores kept running out of stock!) but got there eventually :)

  • +10

    Ahh what a classic. Always looked forward coming home from school to watch this on abc, followed by rugrats and hey Arnold

    • +2

      never ended up seeing hey arnold, i'm 35, i'm guessing you are slightly younger?

      • +2

        Yeah I remember watching hey arnold but my brother being a bit old for it (we're 31 and 34)

      • +3

        35 this year my man! Maybe i got it confused with nickelodeon as i vaguely rememeber i had austar (satellite version of foxtel back then)

  • +2

    apparently there was a netflix mini-movie last year


    • +8

      I would recommend any fan of the original steer well clear of it.

      • Yeah.
        Can pretty much say that about any old property done by Netflix or Netflix in general in my eyes

        With Bob & David was pretty good

        • I somehow still haven't seen the remake of Mewtwo Strikes Back but I have high hopes…

      • that's a shame

      • +1

        I thought they did a pretty good job.

        • I like the overall message they tried to convey, I just don't know if a one-off special for Rocko's Modern Life was the best place to make it. As a huge fan of the original series the overall humour was just way down and not satisfying for me.

  • +2

    Seems like no store in the Melbourne area has it, so not even delivery is available. Shame.

  • -2

    Alternatively, it's $5 (+ shipping) at JB Hi-Fi:

    • That's only season 1, this is season 1-4.

      • +2

        Ah sorry I put the wrong link. Looks like they have taken down the link to the Collector's edition, which was $5. I bought it last week for $4 when they had 20% off.

  • Insufficient stock

  • +1

    Thanks OP even with delivery this is a great deal :) Loved this and angry beavers as a kid

    • +1

      Same. Also catdog and aaahh!!! real monsters

      • +1

        CATDOG!!! Oh the memories!

  • -1

    This show is the most disturbing kids show I've seen. One episode starts with a chicken applying for a job at a fried chicken restaurant and then the episode focuses on a heffer choking to death through his own gluttony on the floor of a fast food restaurant. Not as cute as it sounds. Bought season one but the show has got more disturbing with age.

    • +12

      Have you seen Ren & Stimpy?

    • Not sure why the down votes.
      You didn't say it was bad.

    • -1

      I agree it was disturbing, but I could keep watching. Unlike ren and stimpy

  • +2

    Home delivery not available to my suburb? weird, probably wouldn't watch it anyway so saved $6.90 - but a childhood favourite haha. Those 90 kids love Rocco!

    • oh you would watch it and you missed out on the deal. Facts. :P

      • haha nah probably not, can't get into cartoons anymore now that I've almost hit the dirty thirty.

        • You're hubby material now, enjoy all that adult stuff !

  • +1

    Never forget when my friend got galaxy/optus and we could suddenly watch all the nick toons at once!

    Abc used to move from series to series which was good but sometimes you weren't in the mood for ahhh real monsters (even though it took forever to actually get shown, stupid, wrong, TV guide)

    Where was I? Oh the 90s. Take me back please

    • +2

      One thing having options gas destroyed is unity.

      Being able to meet up and discuss what "was on TV last night" was genuinely fun.

      And believe it or not, TV has learned, and has started showing some OK stuff again.

      Now? "I watch Netflix" and therefore cant contribute to the conversation.

      • I do agree, but I have enjoyed weekly releases of shows like The Last Dance (Netflix) which have allowed that conversation to somewhat happen again. But overall the flexibility of being able to catch-up when you want is awesome - there are a lot of shows which I'd rather watch 10 episodes over a 1-2 week period than 12 weeks.

  • Was just putting in my details for pick up and someone got it argh

    • yeah, we're too late :(

  • Play DVD… Wash your hands… Play DVD… Wash your hands

  • +1

    Took too long to decide, now there's no stock near me..

  • +1

    Thanks OP I got one in Watergardens VIC. One of my favourite shows ever stoked.

    Still in stock in Bendigo VIC if anyone's interested in trying

  • Home delivery is not available for this product.

  • +1

    Anyone else hold themselves from re-watching childhood tv so as to not to overwrite the memory you've had of the show.

  • +1


  • Probably a good thing I missed out, old NickToons were edited heavily on dvd, fans restored them, a lot of the uncut episodes have appeared on Amazon Prime in HD

    • Another series that was butchered for dvd was daria

    • Rockos Modern Life on Amazon Prime? I can't find it :(

  • +1


    • +1

      better than both the bologna and salami combined

  • Spewing!

    Grew up with these toons. They sure as hell don't make em like they used to 😂

  • +3

    Anyone else see this title and starting thinking of the song?

    Rocko's Modern Life
    (Rocko's Modern Life) repeat

    Which I just found out was apparently sung by B52 of lovehshack fame.

  • +1

    Awesome , thanks OP, was able to click collect and just picked up, this was an awesome show

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