50% off a Wide Selection of Ray-Ban - Starting from $87.50 ($112.50 for Polarized) Delivered @ Myer


Half price Ray Ban is on again at Myer, similar to the previous deal, but this time starting from $87.50.

Also half price kids Ray Ban starting from $45

$50-$100 range

$100-$200 range

Other designer brands such as Armani and Valentino that are also 50% off

Credit to Pricehipster for the find

Don't forget to combine with discounted gift cards if you have accessed otw, ~4.2-4.5% from you favourite cashback provider, thanks bargain ben for the reminder :)

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    Don't forget to use your gift vouchers and don't forget cashback via ShopBack or CashRewards! :)

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    Unfortunately, we pay premium for nothing,

    Former industry exec:

    “There is no competition in the industry, not anymore,” he told me. “Luxottica bought everyone. They set whatever prices they please.”

    The company’s owned and licensed brands include Armani, Brooks Brothers, Burberry, Chanel, Coach, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Oakley, Oliver Peoples, Persol, Polo Ralph Lauren, Ray-Ban, Tiffany, Valentino, Vogue, and Versace, etc.

    Also, this is worth a watch for whoever wants to buy glasses/sunglasses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7H-_8UkmFU

    In 2019, LensCrafters founder E. Dean Butler spoke to the Los Angeles Times, admitting that Luxottica's dominance of the eyewear industry had resulted in price markups of nearly 1,000%

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      Name checks out

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      Its 50% off normal pricing and cheaper than anywhere else so it's a deal. The price of the item is based on what people are willing to pay for it, not what it's actually worth. If you don't want to buy it, buy a cheap pair from a pharmacy, no one's stopping you.

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        I feel like this is the same debate as cage-eggs. Companies (or just one mega-company) doing something perfectly legal that maybe they shouldn't. People can still take issue with it.

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      The state of the eyewear industry is terrible. I just buy fake glasses now, you can get the exact same quality stuff for way less. $700 for prescription Clubmasters – nope. $120 for the exact same thing, done.

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        What are fake glasses?

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          Sorry, I meant replicas. Same quality, better price.

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            @no not me: doubt it - like saying "replica" Rolex = genuine Rolex.

            Whilst price is definitely better, quality ain't (and that's after buying a few "replica" items - everything from watches, sunglasses, clothes, shoes, etc in my time)

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              @who i am: Not really. Do you honestly think that the level of work put into a pair of mass produced Ray Bans is significantly better than your run of the mill no-brand $60 pair of glasses? Rolexes aren't mass produced, they're hand assembled and even still, theres a diminishing level of returns on a pricey Rolex vs. a decent Seiko. Nobody is claiming that replica watches are the same as the real thing anyway. But you're fooling yourself if you think Ray Ban offer anything exceptional in terms of quality or craftsmanship. And no, I'm not talking about that the glasses people offer you on the streets of Bali or Vietnam. Here's a decent comparison https://imgur.com/a/9ccOn, more concerning is the fact that these things come boxed with all the pamphlets, barcodes, stickers, etc. that you'd see in a retail store. I'd wager a guess that a lot of the glasses sold on eBay and the like are not real.


            @no not me: PM me where I get them pls

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        This is terrible advice… never buy FAKE sunglasses.. there is a good chance they wont meet Australian standards. Buy cheap, unbranded, servo sunnies by all means, buy Cancer Council sunnies because they have to still comply, but never fakes and never from market stalls.

        Fake sunglasses pose a danger. Sunglasses need to meet strict safety standards, fakes often don’t and fail to block UV light from reaching our eyes. In fact because the lenses are tinted they stop your squint reflex so can actually allow more UV light into the back of the eyes and as a result. Fake sunglasses can cause more damage to the eyes than not wearing any sunglasses at all.

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          I second this advice. While some may be tinted, the issue is that they might only reduce/reflect light within the visible light spectrum to which your eye reacts to let more/less light in. If UV or other non-visible light frequencies are not reduced/reflected, they can damage your retinas as above.


          Specifically look for lenses that comply with the code AS1067. Most don't.

          I think OP meant he buys the 'copy' frames and puts prescription lenses in them. Which, the frames aren't patented, it's just a design, the fashion industry is fast, so in my eyes, he's all good as long as the logo is omitted.

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          I go to Bali numerous times a year, its concerning how many people buy into fake sunnies and wear them because they are cheap and look the part.

          I had corrective laser surgery, so I will only buy LEGIT sunglasses.


        Personally, I've bought a couple non polarised sunglasses and switched out the lens for polarized for less than $20.


          How did you match the lens shape?


            @Faulty P xel: I've only done it with some Oakley sunnies, replacement lens are pretty common. So I've saved money on the polarised vs non polarised mark up


              @Caped Baldy: Thanks. I need to find some good polarized glasses for boat/fishing/beach/water sports type use, the kind that don't allow light (or don't allow much) in the sides/top/bottom. I looked in BCF but their prices are crazy. Need to put more research in but not sure where, LOL.

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        How do you know the $50 unbranded pair of sunglasses off the street / online store is the same quality as a reputed one ? Wearing cheap sunglasses (just coloured plastic with no UV protection) can do you more harm than not wearing anything.

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          All sunnies sold in Australia are tested to the same standard before sale, even the disposable pair you walk past in Chemist Warehouse.

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      Not sure about that, I have a couple of pairs of Ray Bans and you can see the quality. The ones I have (wayfarer) are well made, good material, proper hinges.

      Far above the usual nonsense in many brands. So you pay a premium but you do get something.


        I get what you're saying and you can definitely tell the difference with the hinges not coming loose and lenses not scratching. But is it worth the 5x markup compared to similar styles at places like Cotton On? I personally don't think so and would rather replace them every 2 years.

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        Disagree. The Wayfarers and Clubmaster I own are of average build quality. Acetate is acetate, regardless of whether it's a name brand, or a $20 pair off the rack at the petrol station. They'll protect your eyes just as well, and both are likely made in China. The hinges are maybe better in Ray Bans, but not $200-300 better. What you're paying for is styling and a chromed logo.

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          "Acetate is acetate" ROFL

          Tell that to the Adelaidians who's water ain't water ….

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          You lost me when you argued that Ray-Bans are little better than $20 pair off the rack at a petrol station.

          For a start you have no idea of the quality of the lenses on those and whether they are safe. Plus they are universally flimsy. They don't even look expensive, they look cheap, feel cheap and are cheap.

          Now if you said a brand like Oakley you would have a point but they cost the same.

          Ray-Bans say they are hand made in Italy, that is worth something. Plus they have the quality. Plus most of them can be fitted with prescription lenses as they are a proper optical quality design,

          You are actually getting something for the money.

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            For a start you have no idea of the quality of the lenses on those and whether they are safe.

            ALL sunglasses sold in Australia are tested to The Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1067.1:2016 Eye and face protection - sunglasses and fashion spectacles, regardless of whether they're truck stop sunnies or the disposable ones sold by Cancer Council for charity. This notion that brand name sunnies are 'safer' is nonsense.

            Plus they are universally flimsy.

            I'd argue the cheapie sunnies sold in Bunnings and truck stops are more hardy than a designer brand.

            They don't even look expensive, they look cheap, feel cheap and are cheap.

            So that's what this is all about. Ray Ban has iconic designs, but if you break it down, they're just sunnies. There's no secret sauce to the plastic, no meaningful R&D, and unlike some brands like Persol which are genuinely handmade in Italy, there aren't even major labour costs. Those fat margins go directly to Luxottica, who effectively only compete with themselves.

            Ray-Bans say they are hand made in Italy, that is worth something. Plus they have the quality.

            They're made in China and Italy, and in the latter case, are assembled in Italy from imported prefab components. That's worth exactly how much you think a few seconds of Italian assembly adds to the value.

            Plus most of them can be fitted with prescription lenses as they are a proper optical quality design

            You can get aftermarket lenses fitted to virtually any pair of frames. Some will custom fit to any pair of mailed-in frames regardless of manufacturer. Others merely need model code, and no, they don't only work with Ray Bans.


            @SamR: "Ray-Bans say they are hand made in Italy, that is worth something"

            Is it? I see people making that making this claim quite often but Italy doesn't really have a great reputation for manufacturing. Designing sure, they have a gift for exquisite design, but most of the good looking things that come out of Italy are crap in quality. Ducati, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo etc all are considered poor cousins in the reliability/quality dept.

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      so what to buy?


      Cool , looking into the stock at least its public on multiple stock exchanges :)


      Thanks, that was really informative. Brands do whatever they can you make you think wearing their label improves your self worth and identity. It's horrible. Get back to basics and see what's really important.

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      Wait till you buy a pair of Maui Jim's …


        The MJ lenses are great for sure, never really discounted but find them pretty heavy (and massive).
        I got some nice polarised PERSOL, also recommended.
        Would still like to get another pair of new wayfarars, a mate decided to keep mine.
        Edit; still $212 for the RB2132 349975, they were $265 from Sunglass hut, so not that cheap.


      That quote is about prescription lenses, cause Essilor/Luxottica is a 1000 foot gorilla that sucks the industry dry. Pretty much has testicles in every optometrist.

      Although, this price for a pair of Sunnies isn't terrible. If they are acetate handmade.

      Don't believe the 'made in Italy' thing though, the government made provisions so that anything put together in Italy could be 'made in Italy'.


        TESTICLES???? ha ha ha ha ha ha….

        Also- Made In Italy is 10000% legit with Luxottica products.


          Luxottica has several factories in China, that isn't true at all. The only 10,000% legit is the high end brand name items, which sometimes are made in Japan and China also, making it 9,999% legit.

          And that was supposed to be Tenticles haha wtf auto correct!


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            @checkingthisout: I know exactly where all of the products are made my friend.

            Luxottica NEVER claims Made In Italy for items not made in Italy. They do make frames and sunglasses in China, but they are never marketed or labelled in ANY WAY 'Made In Italy'

            So please don't spread misinformation. Thanks

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              @mooney: How do you know this, are you a factory worker for Luxottica?

              "According to Italian law, there are no limits on how much of a product must be made in country to earn the mark.1 So, large companies manufacture everything in China, then ship it to Italy for the final assembly. In essence, the Italians place the final screws in each hinge or grind the lenses and install them, and by Italian law, that’s enough.2"

              This is common knowledge and Italian law for some time.

              Here's an article from 2007 https://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/23/opinion/23thomas.html

              There are various levels of 'made in italy', '100% made in Italy', 'product of Italy' usually means 100%, 'made in Italy' does not.

              Here's a product '100% product of Italy', '100% prodotto italiano' as per the labels.


              If you can provide me the '100% product of Italy' label for every Luxottica product?


      I haven't heard much of how health insurance basically enabling this with the "free" $200 glasses every year discussed much. Is this kind of insurance rebate only an Australian thing?


      Sounds like Fossil and all of their watch brands…

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    AND they've got Shooters in stock, too. Can finally finish off that Hunter S. Thompson cosplay


    Is it possible to add prescription lenses to the sunnies?

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    2020 and it still sucks to navigate on a big department store's website.

    Edit: appears other brands like Oakley are on sale too


      The worst. Can't even search for large styles.


      If you want Oakley, check the Oakley site. A lot of the models are on sale there also.


    Same as sunglasses hut, whose owner as noted owns majority of these brands.
    Likely Myers is run by them also as agent.

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    I claim sunnies on my health fund and get them "free" every year.

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    What is this review. These sunglasses save this lady's marriage.

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    Maui Jim the way to go. NOT owned by Luxottica, subjectively best lenses. Unfortunately never on sale, need to get when Cashrewards et al have a deal with Sunglass Hut etc. Beware eBay rip offs


    is there a model that looks like these but have polorized lens? https://www.myer.com.au/p/rb3016-396760-sunglasses-515728000


    Can someone please tell me where to buy a decent non-brand name polarised glasses? I like to keep one handy everywhere. My car, wife's car, work bag, home, gym bag and an extra for a rainy day.

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      Buy cancer council. They have lots of styles now. They used to have really daggy styles overa decade ago but now not so much, so there's really no need for anything nore expensive.

      David Jones does 50% off every now and then, Big W do some sales too but my local is a mess. But even at full price,theres lots of really affordable ones.

      I used to wear hawkers but their quality went down and stopped polarising their entire range. I've also tried South Cali but you need to be careful which ones you pick, the bamboo ones are flimsy as.


      I've just done some searching and found Savage Sunglasses and Tonic Eyewear. They are Australian brands, and cheaper. No pricing for Tonic but they stock at Anaconda and BCF. Savage are based on the Sunshine Coast and almost all $50. Both brands go on about the technical features and quality of their goods so I'd trust them over a fashion brand. Seems the focus is on function rather than looking good on a catwalk. I also found a Melbourne based brand but they sounded more focused on looks.

      Support the Aussie brands.


        i hear ya, but most people (myself too) are really buying this for the brand/quality factor


        I own two pairs of tonics, because I fish and their lenses are far superior to my raybans in polarisation and weight. I prefer them to spotters too. I just wish tonic made fashion oriented frame shapes.


    Quick question, what are the real benefits of polarised vs non-polarised (presumably, different from UV Protect vs no UV protection)?

    The pricing between non-polarised & polarised seems a huge deal (in my view, pardon the pun)

    non-polarised RB3498 (green) for $102.50 - https://www.myer.com.au/p/ray-ban-rb3498-349996

    polarised RB3948 (black) for $196.00 - https://www.myer.com.au/p/0rb3498-sunglasses-357789430

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      Polarized filter reflective light, that's why they also block glare on screens, TV's, computers, dashboards, have rainbow effects on windows etc.

      Is it worth it? Sure if you go fishing a lot, for anything else? Prefer not to have my phone screen blocked or car windows be rainbows. It's personal preference, to me i find most sunnies block most level of glare anyway, especially AR, oleo-phobic treated lenses.

      "Because the surface is horizontal, the light is reflected horizontally. When you are wearing polarized sunglasses, the surface blocks the glare by filtering out the horizontal light waves that don't fit through the chemical laminate pattern."


    Order update


    Hi ,

    Due to limited stock, your item(s) are currently delayed. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    We're working to get this to you as soon as possible and we'll email you when your order is ready.


    I ordered three sunglasses

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    Highly recommend looking into Goodr sunnies instead. Fewer styles, but much better quality for cheaper. That said, love my Ferrari Raybans 😎


    similiar sale on at sunglasses hut.


    Does anyone know what eyesize does it come with this https://www.myer.com.au/p/rb3025-sunglasses-272417410 looking for 58 but it doesnt show

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    Shipped from China..


    Umm myer website states free delivery over $49 yet when you checkout $9.99 delivery charge pops up? WTF?

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