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Free Kathmandu Summit Club until 8 June with Purchase (Worth $10)


Was just browsing the store and found this.

From the site:

FREE Summit Club Membership from Thu 30 April to Mon 8 June 2020
Add to your shopping cart now, then resume shopping. Summit Club prices applied instantly.
Membership discounted to FREE at checkout.

It's also worth noting that there is 40% off all Kathmandu branded items for members, so if you add the membership you will also get the 40% off!

Thanks to delirium211 for confirming you must make a purchase.

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    Tried it, requires items to purchase otherwise it will charge 10$ by itself.

    • Thanks for confirming! Did you create an account to test, or just add it to cart?

  • +5

    Ahh the good ol' days of no purchase needed. Must've fixed it.

  • try and find the lowest item possible and do a click and collect

    • +1

      Don’t think click and collect is up and running yet, although stores are now open. Missed a voucher which expired yesterday…

  • Would anyone happen to know the typical expiry for the vouchers you get with the summit club?

    • My $20 welcome voucher had a 2 month expiry.

    • From memory, the $20 birthday voucher was 1 month.

  • +2

    Kathmandu logic = pay us $10 so we can market you in to buying overpriced crapmandu stuff or don't pay us $10 and you can buy at our bat sh!t crazy price.
    Mountain Designs is better/affordable.
    edit: just noticed they're doing the same Club tactic.

    • +3

      Seems like a lot of places are.

      Went to a bike store yesterday (99bikes) to buy some chain lube. Was given a price - and then when I went to pay. "Oh, you have a membership with us, right?" And when I told them I didn't they told me it's $3 more expensive or I can sign up to the membership for $5.

      That's a bullshit business model right there.

      • +1

        How was the lube?

  • Despite what people say about Kathmandu, I thought their Federate bomber from last year (?) was pretty stylish as far as down jackets go.

    This year's is still somewhat stylish… but I would never pay full price for it.

  • "Worth" $10 indeed.


    The crap this shop peddles cheap and nasty crap at outrageous (ie >60-70% average) gross margins. That's why they regularly have those 25-50% off sales.

    Generally, that level of retail margin is reserved for the likes of Accent Group who has stores like HYPE DC peddling sneakers that cost a few dollars to make. Bless Chinese, Indian and Mexican wage structures.

    I sold my shares in KMD in early February at $2.38 a piece just as:

    1. The epidemic situation in China started to ramp-up (logic: global adventure travel was sure to tank)
    2. Factories in China went into lockdown (logic: and 85% of all Kathmandu product is made in China)
    3. The CEO tried to down-play the impacts of COVID-19 with an each-way-bet (logic: Simonent is/was too bullish)

    …and just over a month later, the same shares were being traded at $0.47 a piece. Today they just managed to crack the $1 mark.

  • +2

    Fairly sure it has been free for the past few years.

  • I thought it was always free

  • +1

    I made an order and tested it. It didn't matter if I have summit club membership or not it is still the same price. I pass.

  • +1

    Best just wait for free,especially no click and collect

  • Does any one know when you would receive a $20 birthday voucher. How many days before your birthday

    • My last one in February actually came 2 days after my birthday.

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