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Free Summit Club Membership (Was $10) @ Kathmandu


Greetings everyone, spotted this over on Cashrewards which mentions that a purchase is required, but I tried it directly on the membership and it works fine :)

Been a few years since this was directly offered for free for anyone.

Add the membership to cart, apply the coupon and checkout to receive the membership.

  • Summit Club members have access to exclusive experiences, deals and rewards
  • Experiences: Join us on a trek, volunteer with us or apply for sponsorship on your next adventure.
  • Deals: All year round, get up to 20% off full-priced gear. Plus access to member-only promotions.
  • Rewards: Earn points with every purchase and get a $20 voucher for every $500 you spend.
  • Membership is valid for a lifetime from date of purchase

As always, enjoy!

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  • +1

    Thanks, guess it can't hurt to have. Do they ever email vouchers with no min spend?🙂

    • +18

      Yes. With surprising regularity. I think I’m up to 3 $20 vouchers with no minimum spend.

      • +1

        Have you spent anything their ?

        • +45

          I’ve spent $20 there on three occasions recently.

      • Do you have to select the "Yes, email me offers from Kathmandu (I am aged 16+)" box to receive these vouchers?

    • +2

      definitely a birthday voucher and an anniversary voucher of $20. stackable with whatever sales they have going (lol allllll year)

      edit: hmm, they didn't send me an anniversary voucher this year. would've been sent around the 27th last month

      • +1

        How do they know of your anniversary date?

        • +8

          What if you aren't married?

        • +6

          anniversary date of when you joined

      • Those have no minimum spend either.

      • +3

        Thanks! My birthday just happens to be in a few days 🤷‍♂️

        • hope you get the voucher. not sure if you have to sign up a certain amount of time before your birthday.

        • +2

          My birthday is today, too late.

      • +2

        I am a member but have never got birthday vouchers from them.

        • FYI it doesn't require your date of birth to register, so you probably need to add it to receive birthday gifts.

      • I have been a Summit member for years, but I never received an anniversary or birthday voucher. I get email offers to my email as well. I went in to look at the membership benefits and I couldn't see where it indicated birthday vouchers etc. Is this just something for people who sign up with this current promotion?

    • I have had 3 x $20 vouchers and never bought anything else . Minimum spend on the vouchers is $20, so you can't take something for $19.99, has to be $20 or over.

  • +1

    Worked for me.

  • … great! got one.
    I'm going to stock some autumn/winter gears there soon. Thanks OP.

  • Got one. Thnaks OP

  • +8

    Probably also worth noting if you miss out on this deal:

    Membership is $10 but free for students, over 60s and YHA members (in-store only, with valid ID)

  • Got one thanks. so do you get birthday voucher when it is your birthday ?

    • yes. $20 valid for 1 month

      • with no min spend ? Do you also get a membership card for summit club ?

        • Not sure.

        • They can look you up at the tills. Might be able to ask for a physical card in store to link to your account.

        • +2

          min. $20 spend. these are the t&c's from the last voucher i got:

          *$20 will be deducted from your total purchase price when you spend $20 or more by 08 December, 2019. No change will be given. This email must be shown to the cashier upon purchase in store, or you must enter voucher code xxxxxxxxxxx at checkout for online purchases. Voucher code valid one use per customer, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. This voucher cannot be redeemed at any Kathmandu store located airside at an airport. Excludes gift card, and gift voucher purchases.

          you used to get a card like several years ago but they don't issue you one any more (reducing plastic and all that)
          when you get the voucher, it will have your membership number on it.

          or just save it to an app like stocard

  • Thx Op works for me.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP !

  • Thx OP

  • +3

    Still working? Stuck on loading wheel!

    • +5

      i turned adblocker off and it worked

      • Great, that worked

    • me too

      • Yep works without ad blocker

  • It is free if u're student :D

  • Got some stuff from Kathmandu DFO outlet today and they have $25 off every order over $150 for summit club members. I assumed it would be $15 off since it’s $10 for new membership but NO i got full $25, now this explains why!!

  • Thanks - Chrome wouldn't load to click "place order", firefox worked fine

  • Thanks OP!

  • I don’t recall ever getting a voucher from them. Been a SC member for 5 years with the discount code FRENZY.

    Edit: yes I am already subscribed to email marketing…

    • Same with me. I joined at a shop, years ago. No vouchers, except the one when you get enough points per spend.

  • +3

    Kathmandu is a rip off!

    • +3

      At full price they definitely are. But they are not too bad if you can combine free Summit Club membership, an extra $25 of clearance items, 4.2% cash back and 5% off gift cards.

    • -2

      I usually buy some quality stuffs there. It's worth a bit more price if you compare to Myer? BigW??
      I thank I will stock a little more in case the supply chain could be broken down the track caused by the Coronavirus.

  • +1

    They send me a few vouchers annually.
    Birthday and "we missed you" type of vouchers.
    I won't normally shop there but I buy some small goods with $20 vouchers.
    $7-8 for a good drink bottle is a fair price, not $27.

  • +1

    Have been member for few yrs now, it was free back then. Have shopped with them once a year but never got any vouchers. Thinking of cancelling the membership and registering again :P

  • +2

    Nice, another free membership I'll never use. I wonder if the ATO will ever asset test me based on my free memberships I've never used and free games I've never played.

  • +1

    Thank you
    Last christmas we received a $50 gift card
    I went in store and almost vomited at the prices on things.
    Maybe if I can get 20% off and a $20 voucher I’ll be able to find something only moderately overpriced

    Or the gift card can become an ornament

  • +1

    Ship to: is blank after completing the order. Is it a digital membership or do they send a physical card?

    • +1


      • On receiving my membership number by email they also offer the option to link it to your Stocard. No need for a physical card.

  • Still working? I keep getting 'Something went wrong with your request. Please try again later.'

    • Mine worked fine.

    • I had to switch to Chrome browser for it to work

      • +1

        Yeah all good now thanks. I think something weird was going on with site for a bit, caching issues, ended up working in a private window.

  • +7

    I might add that kathmandu do OK stuff only. It might ideal for a casual or urban/outdoor explorer. In my experience with jackets, bags, boots their overall quality and longevity is questionable. A serious hiker, outdoor adventurer would likely look elsewhere.

    When their stuff is on discount (at a level they should always be at), then their products are very acceptable.

    • +1

      Agreed. I'd be looking at Cotswold for much better quality gear from well known globally respected brands.

    • Their air mattresses are really excellent. Given as a wedding gift too, really good stuff.

  • +1

    Only got an order confirmation email so far. How long does it take to receive the membership card after receiving the order confirmation email?

    • +2

      I got it a few hours later (same day).

  • Thanks OP!!!

  • Thank you

  • +1

    Cheers OP, good find. Don't know if i will use this but 500+ others think it's a good deal so why not!

  • If all likers follow through with $20.01 purchases, the company will be down 10.7K.

    If all clicks use it, they'll be 168K down…

    Per annum.

    Per "lifetime", $8.2million if the company is still going ha.

    But perhaps not if other purchases are made that wouldn't otherwise be made - new customer base.

    Curious about the impact of this post!!

  • With Kathmandu's pricing, I'm surprised it lasts this long. With this membership, hopefully they could convince me to spend there.

  • Thanks OP, got mine :)

  • Thanks! A very nice deal considering I've bought a few things from Kathmandu before. They have some great thermal gear.

  • bugger looks like its over

    • +5

      It's not, you have to:
      • Click Buy Now.
      • On the next page click Promo Code V
      • Enter the code SUMMITCLUB0320
      • Click Apply Discount
      • Finish it!

  • +1

    Thanks soooo much!

  • Thanks so much. Have been wanting to get one but the OzB in me refuses to pay for this.

  • Birthday bonus I received today was only $10 off $50. Can’t see myself using this.

  • …yeh why not. if they send a voucher or 2 should be ok…thanks doweyy ;)

  • Saw this expired today so I finally got around to it lol.
    Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP!!

  • Wasn’t working and now expired.

  • +1

    $20 welcome voucher received - cheers doweyy!

    • Same. Thx OP

    • :( …wheres mine?

    • …did you fill in your account profile etc? i just signed up…havent got around to the rest

      • +1

        I Just signed up.

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