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Western Digital AU 1TB WD BLACK SN750 NVMe SSD $268.01 Delivered with Prime @ Amazon US via AU


Read speeds up to 3 470MB/s2 500GB 1TB models for improved load times
Available in capacities ranging from 250GB to 2TB
An exclusive WD BLACK SSD dashboard with gaming mode improves game performance

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • What are the benefits of this over something that's ~$100au cheaper? Like the Crucial P1?

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      P1 is QLC NAND based. When the drive isn't filled and you don't write large files for a long period time, it is okay. As soon as the drive is filled up or you start to write large files for a while, you will see the ugly side of QLC NAND (~100MB write speed).

      Right now, it is a bad time to buy SSDs, especially mid tier NVMe SSDs. P1 is actually low end NVMe SSD.

    • This is as good as Samsung 970 EVO Plus.

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    Slowly gone from $211 (before covid issues), $238, $261, now $268.

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      It cause Amazon US via AU prices are based on the USD being converted in to AUD (factoring GST + Tax)

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        AUD got stronger since it was $261 so it should be cheaper now

        • Original US Price might have gone up or Amazon hasn't updated their Exchange Rate 🤷

    • Cheapest local price is $355 now.

  • Are these any good as a boot drive or best to leave windows installed on a sata SSD?

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      I don't know what a boot drive is, but I just bought a couple for my dashcams.

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        Your dashcams take NVMe SSDs?

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        Are you using a pc as a dash cam? Or is this going to be crammed into a microSD slot? Both I want to see.

        • I’d like to know the answer too LOL

    • Not much of a difference but NVMe drives have dropped in price that the price difference between SATA and NVMe isn't that big

    • Great as boot drives, much faster than SATA SSD.

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    According to price check: https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B07M64QXMN

    The price does look like a currency fluctuation.

  • nice one.

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    This was priced at $256 Sunday morning (10/05/2020) then jumped to $275 yesterday afternoon then back to $270 last night.
    it probably would have kept dropping in price.

    • I doubt it. It is just typical Amazon pricing. I doubt most OZBers would be getting this.

      Don't get why so many SSD deals are being posted lately though. While AUD's position has improved, it hasn't gone back to pre-Covid-19. Also, with so many cheap SSD deals posted in 2019 and earlier, do so many people really still need more 1TB SSDs?

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        I think digital Storage is the one thing people always need more of.
        Its like the modern bookshelf/CD-DVD rack but in digital form.
        Not everyone likes to delete stuff.. there really is no negative to hording data like there is to hording "STUFF" as it takes no room.
        Game installs these days are huge. I only purchased a single Corsair MX500 500GB drive for $74 delivered last year… wish i got some other deals but didn't need the space back then.

        with lots more people indoors the demand for storage has increased. Along with everything else.

        • Storage is something that's best to over-provision early. MX500 and 860 EVO were heavily discounted last year, including 1TB model. I don't see SSDs being good long term data storage and for gaming WD Black makes no sense, unless you have too much money to burn. In general, there is really no need to go NVMe for gaming, standard SATA3 SSDs are already good enough and better value for money. Even at 1TB, you cannot install that many games on the SSD. Last year, Kingston A2000 1TB was available for $150-$155.

          Furthermore, there is really no real incentive to go WD Black, Samsung 970 Evo Plus or 970 Pro now. Some PCIe gen 4 NVMe SSDs are already out, with Samsung already announced their next gen NVMe SSDs. Either wait for the inevitable clearance on the old models when the time comes or go for the newer models.

          Long term large data storage, you cannot beat HDDs. It doesn't make sense to go 4TB SSD for general public unless you are a big video content creator.

          • @netsurfer: PCIe NVMe add-in cards are my only real option if I want to install any more games. I've run out of SATA lanes so no more SSDs or mechanical drives for me :(

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        silicon foundries dont stop for covid, clean rooms take care of social separation, so they keep making them, so there are deals around but the Aussie peso is killing them.

      • Well, I am still buying these during Covid times regardless. I wasn't building a UnRaid NAS build precovid, so had no use for deals back then. Now I am putting together cache arrays, etc, so will put down the dosh to get what I need (mainly sata, not NVme).

  • its $258.36 at the moment

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    Snagged one today for $234!

    • How you get that buddy? Looking for one.

      • Went on the app early morning and saw the buy now option for $234 with in stock date as 7th June 2020. Expecting a late June delivery.

        • Sorry for the dumb question, but are you talking the Amazon app?

          • @hrisk: Yes!

          • @hrisk: It's still showing as $234.66 for me on the website. In fact I just ordered one for a friend. In stock June 7, estimated delivery date is June 24.

  • Showing as $356.99 now, hopefully get some more in stock.

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