This was posted 6 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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50% off Large Premium & Traditional Pizzas @ Domino’s Pizza


Greetings everyone, just found this coupon for 50% off Large Premium & Traditional Pizzas from 5pm to Midnight (local time) on 14/5/2020 :)

I have tried a large range of stores for pre-order, including those previously commented in other deals as excluded and they all work, so I believe this is national.

Excludes Loaded Pepperoni & Chicken Parmy. Valid 14/05/2020 after 5PM only. Minimum delivery order $22.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Doesn't apply to NY pizzas this time :(

    Also, great of Domino's to give a heads up! How many times have they thrown us a coupon code while dinner is defrosting in the fridge!

  • 50% off their pizza Toppings at our local store.

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      Mine is 90% off. Loaded is 50% off. Pizza bases are also sourced from the cardboard manufacturer that makes the boxes they come in.

  • In Sydney, my local store has Supreme or BBQ Meatlover is at $16.20. so 50% off is not a deal for me, I use another coupon which gives me any traditional pizza at $7.95 (a 15 cents saving)

    • Yeah I know, same for me; have the prices gone up?

      For ~$9-$10 I would rather spend double and get a better quality pizza, probably more pizza and not need to wake up several times in the night because I'm thirsty.

      These days every time I order Dominos I always say to myself "never again", but I've been saying that for years…and here I am.

      • Traditional pizzas when on special for $6.95 were reasonable value. At $7.95 they are just fair value. At full price I never buy them. The $5 value pizzas seem to be best value now.

  • Shame that hopper crossing store in Vic is a looser in accepting the codes for discount.

    • I tried Hoppers Crossing in my testing and it worked with this code :) You can already pre-order by selecting a later time in the promo window.

  • Guaranteed never to work at my local. None of these codes ever do…

  • The quality at my local Dominos is absolute dog sh1t but at 50% off hmm…

  • Check your commbank rewards, I've got spend $25 get $5 cashback @ dominos that can be stacked with this deal

  • Check your Westpac rewards too.. I've got the same deal as @djprima on my westpac credit card - spend $25 get $5 cashback

  • when are they gonna have 50% New Yorkers, only really decent pizzas they make

  • It only works on one pizza per order? So if you want to order 3 pizzas it needs to be 3 seperate orders?

    Err.. nm, somehow I only added one pizza of the discounted variety to my order :P

  • Works a treat @ Bexley NSW

  • 1 why is it not in the app store this deal
    2 why is the parmy not included in the deal,
    3 why is the 7.95 all day traditional pizzas (that can have it exceedingly more toppings compared to Parma) but the parma's actually also not apart of that deal.

    So what chicken balls to expensive or something.

    Anyways you only save a $1.45 at %50 off on a Dominos god father $13.20(depending on store) that's $6.60 off from the always $7.95 pizza on the app, I dunno maybe lie to your self and say extra large is $1.35 off from $3.00.

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    A great deal. Open your hearts and wallets and slip them a $5 tip when you 'collect'. The staff work hard for poor wages. Spread the joy! :o)

  • OP you did a really great job in testing stores. That was above and beyond. 🤗💐

  • what's the difference between premium and traditional?

  • You can make it Extra Large for additional $3.

  • Thanks OP +1 for the effort

    Try adding code 160059 for 2 sides, from $7, saving 95 cents.
    You can stack this with this deal code, which I've done right now, (VIC Box Hill).

    • Might not work at some stores.
  • Thanks

  • Just worked for me on a pick up order including design your own. In SA.

  • Been a long long time since I looked at dominos..Seems like they resorted to taking photos with the pizza split up to make it look bigger than what it actual is. I guess the Dominos pizzas must be tiny now for them to resort to optical illusions.

    • you are correct, they are small and the "toppings" are equivalent to crumbs, and what they call the "crust" tastes like cardboard. i remember when dominos and pizza hut actually used to be good.

      • An optical illusion you can try at home is to order thin n crispy! It makes it appear like the toppings are well-proportioned!

  • Awesome saved a nice amount on my order. Is there a way to donate to dedicated posters as I would like to give $2?

  • I was about to pay for my order on my App tonight before reminding myself to check Ozbargain for more codes…. Thank you very much!