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2 for $6 McClassics (Big Mac or Quarter Pounder) @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


Grab a mate, and enjoy our most loved burgers at an unmissable price.

Burgers include Big Mac or the Quarter Pounder.

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  • Sorry, what is McClassics?

    Serious question.

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      Just updated the post as I had to check too! Big Mac or Quarter Pounder. :)

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    Targeted? Doesn't appear for me, I've got a $4 McClassic Burger and Free Side with a McClassic Burger.

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      Thanks, I've updated the post.

    • If you can combine that, that's a damn good deal!

      • Other offer in my app is a $2 cheeseburger… excessive lunch tomorrow me thinks… :D

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        Don't think I can sadly, it's only one voucher per transaction :( Can't use the $4 burger and then the free side, but would if I could!

        • can you use one voucher and as soon as you are served, use the other one?

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            @Zinger: Not sure because the free side would rely on a McClassic burger existing on the order as a prerequisite.. I've put through multiple (2-3) vouchers in the one visit, but they have to be done on their own transaction, e.g. if I get the $4 burger, I'd have to pay for it, but if I went to scan the free side on a second order it'd require a McClassic burger to scan.

  • Might be targeted as its not showing in my app.

  • Targeted

  • I got a $1 small sundae

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    $1 small fries and a $2 cheeseburger… not going to happen!

    • I thought I had it bad with a $1 Large fries and $2 cheeseburger

  • not for all

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    Grab a mate, and enjoy our most loved burgers

    But they are so small now I can easily eat both.

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      People who say the Big Mac is the same size it ever was must be joking. I swear back in the 90s (when it used to to be wrapped and had the cardboard ring around it you had to take off) that it was closer to the size of a Whopper…

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        I think I would rather spend the extra and get 2 Whoppers for $9.45.

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        McDonald's hq denied this. Then they made a slightly bigger Grand Mac you could buy for extra. This new burger is about the size of what regular Big Macs are overseas.

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    I have a $3 McClassic in my app at the moment (and a $2 cheeseburger…hardly feels like a deal in the light of $1 hamburgers in days gone by).

    • Especially considering they give new accounts a $1 cheeseburger. And recent accounts a $2 Double Cheeseburger until 14 May. Even at $1.50 the hamburger makes a $2 cheeseburger seem hardly a deal. Could you order a slice of cheese for 60 cents or so off-kiosk anyway?

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    $1 Apple Pie for me

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    $1 apple pie and $2 cheeseburger for me 🙁

    • Same deals. My 2 for $6 mcclassics expired last night

    • $1 Sundae and $2 Cheeseburger for me :(

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    Everyone gets a different offer every single day. There is no point posting this. Just log into the app every day and see what your current offer/s are.

  • $1 large fries for me

  • Only have $1 Large fries and $2 cheeseburger in my app

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    I removed the app

    it was doing something strange

    I would randomly get a message the phone would be closing the Mac app as it had an error…

    Issue was the app was never on, probably not used for over a month sometimes

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      I thought it's an Android thing. My phone shuts down random apps I never opened whenever my RAM is low. Unlike iOS, I believe on Android an app can even be triggered open (in the foreground) by a notification.

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      I used to get the same message Baghern on a freshly installed app. The error message is something like 'mymacckers running in the background has an error. Close or leave running'. It's a very old bug.

      I work around it by force closing the app after I've used it.

  • I have Free Fries with a purchase of a McClassic Burger. Hmmm

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    $2 cheese burger only too. I think the algorithm learns you only purchase their stuff when discounted, so it's not worth while promoting their more expensive items to you, they're not going to make any money off you. I always have supermarket chips and cola with their burgers..lol

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      Hmm, maybe we could wipe the app every few weeks and re-signup when they realise we are cheap arses. I may try this after receiving my free coffee.

  • Only the quarter pounders worth it.

  • Can anyone confirm you can still get free small fries or 3 nuggets or soft serve by doing the macc.as/feedback survey? The last couple of times I have done it, I just get a message saying "Thanks for your feedback" and then nothing? Am I doing it wrong?

  • So… which McDonalds is it that has a cluster of Covid-19 cases? If you dont know (and I dont either) then you should be ignoring this for the time being.

    • Fawkner, Just north of Coburg.

  • Six emails - not one has this offer.

    To be fair I ate way too many free Big Macs a few months back.

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