Recommendations Wanted for New 50/20 Service to Replace Expiring Aussie Broadband Deal

Hi all.

My black Friday ABB deal expires in June and I don't fancy paying full price.
Who is recommended and decently priced for 50/20? I'm thinking Superloop if I can find a discount code?

Any others worth looking at?



  • Launtel has fantastic service and performance, and a discount for new sign ups.
    Not the absolute lowest price, but very worth it. Mod: Referral solicitation removed (use referral system).

  • Belong does 30/20 for $55/month. $5 extra for no contract.

    • Aussie's on first or is Who on first and ABB is actually on second. All I know is for a trouble free NBN service ABB is worth the money to us.

  • Signed up with tangerine. They have been fantastic! Reduced price first 6 months, and $25 off first month with a referral code.

  • I went ABB to Superloop, whose discount expired this month..
    Thinking Launtel next in the never ending 6 month cycle of discounts :)

    (FTTN with a max of just under 50mb, have seen no diff between ABB and Superloop)

  • Kogan NBN

  • Thanks all. Ideally I'd like to pay $60/month for 50/20 so it looks like Tangerine is my best bet for the next 6 months.
    Should I sign up on my last day with ABB or earlier?

  • I've found in my experiences that Aussie BB is the only one (admittedly I only tried 3) that delivers consistent speeds at 50/20 so just be aware of that. I tried Tangerine and Telecube and found they both had issues in evening, although this was last year/2018 so maybe they've all improved (and can be area-specific).

    I think it's worth signing over early from memory though -> They usually had some sort of timeframe for needing to port stuff over, and I had some issues with new providers refunding me even partly for a month.

    • Evening slow downs wouldn't be an issue. It's really during the day I need good connectivity. Working from home, constant Zoom video chats, kids on YouTube etc. Evenings is generally just netflix 😁

  • I went to ABB to SL to Launtel.

    All are about on par, SL and Launtel I have noticed when I play Rocket League I get these random lag spikes. Not sure if it's my internet or the RL server though

  • Recently I came across this article that talks about NBN wholesale pricing. Not surprising is the fact that ABB charges more than other providers for reliable service. But what did surprise me was the $ margin they kept. This is the table I'm referring to, you'll see 100/40 connection costs them $65, but they retail for $99. Thats a neat $34 per subscriber. The other plans have similar fat in them.

    I've decided to move away and I'm torn between launtel and tangerine. Havent been able to choose! One thing I'm worried about is getting onto a Vocus provider, havent heard nice things about them. How do I find out if any of these companies have hardware in my local POI?

    • I think that table assumes the provider does not pay for extra CVC? Or did they base it on an ABB annual report or something?

      • also ignores any associated costs with their own POI, backhaul, support staff etc etc

        Its not like the NBN wholesale price is the cost of the internet. Its just one component.

    • The cost you see in the table doesn't include the CVC that the RSPs have to pay the nbn

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