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HUAWEI WATCH GT 2e $207.17 Delivered @ AliExpress


This a new variant of Huawei GT 2. MAKE SURE TO GET THE COUPON "AU $15.70 Orders over AU $155.39" WHEN YOU ADD THE WATCH TO YOUR CART. Coupon active period is May 13, 12:00 AM PT - May 14, 11:59 PM PT

Here is a YouTube review - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgK08cYE5sk

Comparison between GT 2 and GT 2e - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbgD2YhTR1M

Looks like this is not available in Australia yet. The main difference between GT 2e and GT 2 is on GT 2e you cannot answer phone calls and there is no speaker. This model is way cheaper than the GT 2 which is $399 on JB Hi-Fi. They both are the same 46mm with 14 days battery life.

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  • +1

    As an owner of the GT2 I use the speaker for calls a lot. It's great quality too. To lose this feature doesn't make sense to me.

    • Which GT2 model you own?

      • The original GT2. I got it as a preorder. Paid much less than the current going price. About $220 from memory.

        I use the phone feature on it all the time and people think I'm using the phone it's so clear. Great feature.

    • I still use the original Huawei W1 which has a speaker but I never use it.
      In saying that I recall turning it off as it would always be priority over my car Bluetooth which I need more.
      Haven’t felt then need to use it though tbh.

  • anything actually making it from alie these days? Have a few things that are long overdue now

    • ordered something on late Jan (yeah… timed that well), and it's finally made it to Sydney for processing (on May 12)
      last prior update was "awaiting shipment in Shanghai" on April 4th

      It might arrive eventually, but I rely on it within the next 2 months

    • expect 20-45 days delay on normal shipping times. My early Feb. order just arrived.

  • Be careful as Aliexpress have now blown there buyer protection out to 90 days before you can dispute anything.
    Yep over 3 months

  • +2

    Watched the review all the way until I heard “no NFC", oh well, not gonna bother.

  • +3
    • Huh?

    • Smaller version

  • -2

    Should we still be buyer China made products, since last year after the whole Hong Kong situation I have done my best to boycott china product its hard.