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Galax GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB GDDR6 Video Card $769 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Saw this deal in the epic hour section over at shopping express (https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/view/epic-hour/)

I recently bought a few parts of shopping express and shipping took 3 days (I live in Sydney). I have had a good experience with them personally and am going to pick this up when it goes on sale.

Decent price considering recent events but you can get a 5700xt for $100 cheaper elsewhere.

Boost Clock Speed (MHz): 1770MHz
Memory (VRAM): 8GB
Memory Type: GDDR6
Length (mm): 295mm
DiplayPort (DP): 3


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  • Does anyone have any experience with this brand regarding performance against Gigabyte/MSI?

    • Hi, I've seen mixed opinions on this card. The most common problem people had was with the fans but apparently you can fix that by setting a custom curve. Here's an old deal on it that might have some useful info: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/533983
      Hope it helps

    • Just got a GALAX 1650 Super, very good - afaik there is a website that compares 2 brands, idr the name but i remember the only differences between my GALAX and a Gigabyte were very very minute (down to 0.xx differences etc).

    • Hey Mate,

      I've had my card for over 7 months now and it's awesome. I did have to set a custom fan curve as they would constantly turn on/off every 15 seconds but now it's perfect.

      Never runs hot and I have a very stable basic overclock going and it performs amazingly.

      Mine is paired with an i5 9600k and I get over 144fps in almost every online shooters and 115fps + in most campaign games when there's no raytracing!

      Notable exceptions are AC: Odyssey and Far Cry 5, they perform like doodoo and i average 75fps.

      • Are you 1080p? I'm buying this to run a 3440x1440 144hz monitor lol. I only really play CSGO right now (starting to play r6s and gta) so I should be fine hopefully. Ultra settings usually result in very diminishing returns so I might stick to medium-high settings.

        • Not OP but I have this card and play CSGO @ 2560x1440p 144Hz with most settings on high without issues (200fps+). CSGO is heavily CPU bound, so depending on what CPU you have will probably affect it more than GPU. I have an 8700k for reference.

          R6 I play everything on high and average 180fps, so with your increased resolution you should average 120-144 decently.

        • 2070 super is fantastic for ultrawide. I run mine with a 3440x1440 100hz monitor - if you drop settings down one notch from max, you'll get great frames for most AAAs.

        • I have the 2080 and this res. Runs well with g-sync on my freesync monitor. 270S and 2080 are close. Some games you have to drop down, but mostly ultra > high or less AA.

      • Kinda weird question… What does the rgb logo say on the side? Can't find a single picture of the damn card anywhere.

    • I bought this exact card in February for $699 at my local Centrecom. It runs very cool, never goes above 65 degrees on the games I play at 4k but just make sure there's enough clearance for the cooler as its pretty huge.

    • I've got a 2080 Super from Galax.

      No issues here whatsoever.

      Other brand cards may be able to get a higher OC - but the difference would be relatively small.

    • I've owned Galax cards over the years (especially when I lived in the UK).
      No problems. Rock solid, great prices.

    • Own a Galax in one of my machines. Three years, no issue so far

    • It'll most likely be very similar to Gigabyte Windforce (they both have very crappy sleeve bearing fans). There does seem to be far less complaints about Galax fans than Gigabyte fans, which means that either Galax might use a different OEM with a better lubricant/seal or they have less market penetration so there's less complaints.

      MSI use dual ball bearing fans which are more expensive but last a lot longer and are actually designed to be horizontally mounted (sleeve bearing fans should never be horizontally mounted, which is why it's so pathetic that so many GPU manufacturers use them). So basically Galax will be similar to Gigabyte but inferior to MSI.

    • Running a Galax RTX 2080 Ti atm, and before that their single slot GTX 1070 Katana.

      Both been great without any issues, but like others have suggested - Might want to set a custom fan curve.

    • I own this EXACT card, I purcahsed it from Mwave for $749 a month or two ago, it's quiet and doesnt get above 65c in games and I've had no issues with it thus far, my previous two cards were a Gigabyte Aorus, and an ASUS top range card and this honestly seems just as good as them.

    • Not performance, but I had a Galax GTX2080 fry itself. Only just got it back from warranty after 8 weeks. Replaced it with an EVGA 2080 Super and have had no issues.
      IMO the Galax default fan settings were too light - consider setting your own.

  • Good price though!

  • Good price but note this is the 2 fan version. I think i saw the 3 fan for 840.

  • Plenty of deals for this card says about its popularity - probably an attempt to clear stock with the imminent arrival of Ampere.

  • Better cards than this were $600-$650 in November through to January sales, hell, you could even get a Strix for less than this.

    The card is EoL, supply is low and currency levels are slowly coming back down: don't be a sucker, especially with the 3070 on the horizon, which is all set to be a big jump through massive increases in DLSS and RT performance.

    • Was looking for this comment. Glad someone said it. Patience is a virtue

    • Do you think it'd be better to use a $250 1650s with my planned 3600 as a placeholder until the prices drop or 3000 series cards come out?

      • I mean you can also try looking around for an RX 570, as they were going for as low as $150 before all of this hit, and NVENC aside they offer basically the same performance, at least until mesh shaders are in full swing.

        But away from that, another consideration might be a 6 or 8-core Ryzen 4000 APU, which are on the horizon. Also keep in mind that the Ryzen 4000 CPUs are due around the same time as your likely RTX 3000 card.

        • I reckon 4000 series will have marginal increases for gaming at best. Graphics on the other hand will be much more noticable.

          • @gram: Depends on what games and what frame rates you're targeting.

            This is the series that fully pushes past Intel due to latency and cache improvements, but conversely we don't know where leaps in ML/AI may take multi-threaded performance in time, and that may start popping up in 11th gen Intel (December at earliest) and Zen 4 (Q3 2021).

            The other immediate benefit you should see is 8-core chips moving into current 6-core price points due to a combination of price pressure and process efficiency. Games are already pushing past 6-cores in terms of performance scaling, and next-gen console will be running 8, so it's important to see that as a baseline.

            Sit tight for September, and look to B550, RTX 3000 and something like a 4700X.

  • Was close to getting a 5700xt at around $680 but makes me wonder now shoudl i go for this instead, or wait for Ampere?

    • Ampere for gaming is ~3-4 months away (unknown date). If you don't "need" to upgrade, waiting won't hurt. I'd take this over a 5700xt if you plan to keep it since it has more forward looking features, but if you plan to upgrade relatively soon into next gen it probably won't matter heaps.

    • If you don't need to upgrade now, then you're better off waiting for Ampere.

  • All time low has been $647 for the Aorus 2070 Super which clocks at 1905MHz

  • Sigh I regret not buying the Strix 2070 super for $699 at Pc case gear a few months ago

  • No USB-C. This is useful for the USB-C monitors like the ThinkVision M14.

  • galax PainsChamp

  • Waiting for Ampere and big Navi before I replace my gtx 1080. If the rumors are half true they are going to be a massive leap in performance. Old stock will have to be aggressively priced. Also gives more time for the Aussie $ to hopefully climb

    • Good luck but you most likely will be disappointed with the pricing for these new Ampere cards. I'd say they won't be cheap.

  • ive had a 1070ti galax card for about a year and a half, besides some coil whine its been good. Never had to deal with rma or anything so can't comment on that experience. They seem pretty reputable.

  • Nvidia just held a keynote. Check out the worlds largest GPU.

  • Decent price considering recent events but you can get a 5700xt for $100 cheaper elsewhere.

    Wont get RTX voice or DLSS 2.0 with that.

  • when does next product refresh come through? aug in stock supply uusally?

  • Must… wait.. for …. ampere

  • How much faster will a RTX 3060 for less $ be?
    Or how much faster with a RX 6600 XT be

    Bit risky buying a high end card at the moment.

  • I had a Galax GTX1070 EX from MSY that failed on the 13th or 14th month of ownership. It was a shame considering I never gamed on it plus got it on sale for just under $550. I had it connected to a Samsung 34in curved monitor via DP (main) & an LG 29in Ultrawide via HDMI (barely used). So the card wasn't under any strain to speak of. It was a painful experience getting a refund as I argued it was a major fault, after almost 2 months waiting for it to get tested in China & apparently returned, I demanded my refund as the card never arrived in a reasonable time. This was just before the great RONA lockdown of 2020.

    Currently on the lookout for a card that's similar spec, application & hopefully price wise, if not cheaper.

    • Thats a bummer, I have the same 1070 Ex and have smashed the life out of it over the past few years. Still rock solid and fans are quiet.

      I got it second hand 2.5 yrs ago, so god only knows how old it is. There's just natural variation in electronics.

  • This or PS5?

  • -1 vote

    Ah if it had 1 year of game pass included, no make it 3 years then this cards a buy, other then that it's paperweight, if I recall the series X is a 2080, not to bad.

  • Is Galax previously using the name Galaxy, are they one of the same brand?

  • Man I need a new card for Unreal 4/Substance Painter work. Hopefully the 3000 series will launch before Cyberpunk so I can upgrade in time for that.

  • I keep telling myself I don't need this. My 980 works. I want to play with RTX but man the prices are so horrid right now.

  • Did anyone buy? Or we all holding out still?

  • That was OOS quick holy

  • Just bought, wonder how long before they sell 30 units…

  • lol 1% surcharged cause i used paypal, what a joke

  • No limit on purchases, sold out in 2minutes. Expecting some resellers to have purchased bulk..