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Huawei Watch GT - Black $114.84 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Huawei Watch GT Smart Watch in arguably the best colour for the cheapest price, shipped free from Amazon AU. Enjoy!

*Price now $125.30 for some reason.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks OP for updating the new price with this post. I will stop updating my previous post (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/536228)

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      the price of Orange changed again from your post…

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        Damn it, it rose $3 from the time OP posted, was $111

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      So sassy

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      It was cheaper than your deal, and a few people appear to have bought one, as the price has changed at least twice. Figure that's worth its own post. Good day, sir.

      • Yes, it has gone cheaper and cheaper, and it has changed more than twice, but only from time to time.

        I think i updated the prices of my post for more than a few times. Its good that you post/update it again, as i had it in my cart when it was $115, when i see your post at $111, I wanted to get it but now it is now $136.76, urgh.

        I wonder whether it goes up when there are more people visiting the product in a time. It kept at $115 but when this post is up, the prices jumped. I wonder if thats the case.

  • I sort of like the orange

    Anyone know if I can add custom faces using ios or OS X?

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      The orange and the black are two different models.

      • Orange is the new black

    • Says you can down the bottom:
      'From Manufacturer'
      Customize Your Watch Face
      Lots of specially designed watch faces for you to select and customize. You can choose from traditional or modern digital watch faces and find one that suits your style.

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      Don't bother with WearOS on iOS. Just not worth it.

      • I thought this watch has it's own OS and own apps not the WearOS.

        • correct this one not WearOS

          • @ChiMot: My bad. Still can't imagine it working great considering the limitations iOS places on background processes.

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    Thanks OP. Got one.

  • Hows the app support?

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    Still waiting for GPay to come to the international versions.

    • Pretty sure it doesn't have NFC in the first place

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        koni can wait for ever…..

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    Thanks OP. I managed to grab one when it was still $111.15.