This was posted 1 year 8 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[XB1, PC] Free: 200 Super Wheelspins @ Forza Horizon 4


Redeemed in-game.

200 Free of the in-game 'Super Wheelspins' which give you 3 items per spin. Items include Cars, Credits, Car Horns and Avatar Items.


Credit to HUKD

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    I really hate the gambling aspect of current games. Loot boxes and crap like this are disgraceful. Still though, good deal.

    • +21

      Funnily enough you can’t buy wheel spins with real money (at least when I last played it).

      • +2

        You could using tokens in one of the earlier games (was either two or three) but they removed that system after release so that they could only be earned in-game.

        • yeah i remember in the original forza horizon on the 360 had tokens

  • Nb, redeemed in game. Not via the link

  • Heck yes

  • +1

    I’d appreciate this more if my garage wasn’t full.

  • +14

    Opened 100 so far, I am losing my mind.

  • +3

    Its giving me really shit prizes.. they are always better then this..

    • It's better than nothing I suppose.

  • +2

    Stupid question but how do redeem these in game?

    • +6

      Pause and go to message center, there will be a message in the rewards tab saying you have been gifted 200 super wheelspins. Then just hit A and they are yours.

  • Thank you! Nothing better than spinning the wheel without paying anything!

  • +8

    My kids just lost their shit over this! So many new cars! So many credits!

    • +13

      Haha, never too early to start conditioning the kids with slot machine mechanics!

  • +6

    If you didn't realise you had epilepsy before today, you should know soon enough.

    • +1

      Lol I'm 50 in and I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight

  • Thought the game was free lol

  • How do i redeem this? Open the game and something will wait for me?

    • +1

      Press start, go into Horizon Life, check message centre, and go across to gifts.

      • figured out but thx its in gift section

  • Gonna try it on my PC, hooefully good

  • Are the rewards cross platform? - as in, if I "spin the wheel" on my PC, are the rewards applied to XB1 and PC copies of the game?

    • +1

      yes it crosses between platforms I always move between my xbox and PC and have all the same stuff

  • +4

    Was super keen until I needed a 74gb update. :|

    • I just noticed this too. :/

  • +7

    Ooh! I can't wait to get 396 new 'emotes'!

    • +6

      You can't get doubles of the maybe 20-30 emotes in the game. Once you get them all they don't show up anymore. Same goes for clothes.

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

    I wonder how long it will take for me to redeem the 200 spins… My A button will be broken by the end of this

  • I stopped playing after I bought every house… now I'm going back in for Wheelspins and hopefully a lot of cars.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Took forever to redeem though. Not complaining though got nearly 20 million in cash and multiple cars.

  • +3

    Time to add to my collection of 900 unopened wheelspins.

  • Great. I was just thinking I need a few hundred new pairs of pants and a few hats 😒

  • Thank you OP, went from 700K to 20M and tonnes of cars

  • Do these expire? I literally bought an XBone a few weeks ago, and have put about 30 minutes into this game so far. I guess it would be a great incentive to get into it.

    • Normally free wheelspins don't expire. But I'm not sure about these ones.

  • Thanks OP! Won some shiny new cars too. Was some spinning and spamming the enter key. XD

  • I only got 20?

    • check your message centre, and it's in the super spins (the one where you spin 3 things at once)

  • +1

    I just logged in. I didn’t get anything. I have the latest update and I’m online. Is this over?

    • +1

      Same here. Got 20 but I thought that was from VIP.

  • +1

    Took a while but just did my 200 spins. A lot of duds (even got the fashion accessory achievement) and puny prizes (total 30-40k credits across the three) but some nice cars, and a few big credits (250k/300k/400k/500k).

    • I gained like 30m credits lol

      • After selling duplicate cars I only gained about 10m. :(

  • +1

    Does it work with xbox pass? my Horizon Life tab is greyed out

    • Did for me. Depends how progressed in the game you are.

  • got :( only 20 free spins

  • +2

    Seems like it's over as of about 3am AEST and I wasn't lucky enough to get it in time either 😫

    From Twitter…

    Forza Horizon
    Replying to
    Mistakes happen and we made one. For those who redeemed the Super Wheelspins, enjoy.

    • Nah, I tried at about 1:15am AEST and it was already over.

  • +2

    Mannn.. clothes and accessories, what do u need them for in a car game..

    • The same reason we need fashion in real life (we don't)

  • Netted about 30 million from it selling duplicate cars and the cash, happened to chance on it before bed last night. No idea how many fashion items lol

  • +2

    Lesson learnt :( I spotted this after returning home late, but promised myself that I would remember first thing in the morning. “First thing” didn’t happen and when I did remember, it was too late.

    If you see a bargain, grab it otherwise you risk missing out.

    • Logged in when I saw this thread yesterday, game updated to latest version, right in the middle of the '200 spin hype' and I didn't get any message. Did a couple of events to see if it would trigger the message with no luck. Exited the game, logged back in to see if it would trigger, again, no luck. Seems like there was a bit of a luck of the draw involved in the message as well. Lots of people on Twitter during the 'accident' saying they didn't get the message either.

  • I tried logging in many times last night, it kept crashing. I got in this morning and I only had 200. Damn it.

    • 20 not 200

  • Well if games didn't have achievements I'd agree gambling is bad hay what's the difference their both bad.

  • +2

    I saw this at 12am….updated the 7gb fell asleep and only managed to run it at 3am…it was too late.

    I hate xbox large updates sometimes it seems like it tries to limit the people on the server.

    200 super spins….. thats 600 gifts sigh what a nice freebies mistake.

    Note: i owned the game and not from the free ultimate game pass.

    Well early bird gets the worm😂 congrats to those who manages to get them.

  • Been a long time since I logged in, had like 100 spins just from VIP gifts, so it was like playing pokies for an hour.

  • +3

    Rude not 24hr for dads who can’t play till house is asleep, saw b4 work & gone b4 1st chance to claim same day ☹️

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