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Kogan 3200 Lumens HD Projector $229 + Delivery @ Dick Smith by Kogan


$399.99 for the exact same projector via Kogan's web page, but on Dick Smith's site is showing for $229.
Looks to be a generic model which Kogan have put their label on, have found reviews by searching for CL760

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  • Looks like this one:

    But is it good?

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    should be cheaper on ali if willing to wait

    kogan warranty meant fk all anyway

  • Anyone know where to buy a cheap inflatable Screen for outside use

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      Bed sheet

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    Keep in mind that this is "720p HD", not "1080p HD"

    Even YouTube is now classifying 720p as SD….

    • 1080p is FHD

    • That's still better than many cheap LED projectors. This one seems to have resolution 1280 x 800 (which accommodates 720p).

      The thing is, this model looks huge like DLP (non-LED) projectors: 2.2kg (!), 326.37 x 227.58 x 108mm. That's as if you stacked 5-7 15" laptops.

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    Not really cheaper since the FHD 1080p version is only $299 from the kogan website.

    • Any idea what this is rebadging? Looks like the better deal…

      • No idea but the model number is KAF800PRRA I think. Google doesn't bring up much.

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          Yeah I think that model number is a Kogan one. Site says it's pretty loud - would want to get some idea of whether 48dBA is max fan noise or constant.

          Definitely in the market for a new projector though. My one is like a turbine. I have another one which is whisper quiet and it's so much nicer (but less bright and low res - alas).

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            @krunchymoses: I'm also looking for one as well. I've got the Kogan one on pre-order as I ordered it a couple of weeks ago… but now I'm leaning towards the AUN AKey 6… just shipping times will be a long time as it's coming from overseas and with the current climate situation too.

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            @krunchymoses: Found it - almost certain it's this model here.. even tho this one is up to 300" whereas Kogan site lists as only up to 150".


   <—- this review, the fan noise is loud as hell.

            It'a also known as the ELEPHAS Q9 -

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              @Mingles: You are an ozbargain treasure. Yeah, that ain't quiet operation.I keep buying projectors that I end up hating so I am hesitant to add to the pile.

              Definitely giving this a miss. Thanks mate.

            • @Mingles: did you find any cheaper link for this?

              • @bazingaa: No, but sites like Gearbest, Banggood and AliExpress all sell it around the same price.

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      Also, differences from the 1080p include 150" vs 120", 5000 lumens vs 3200 lumens, resolution, looks better in general. Although it's presale, the FHD projector is better value.

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        'quiet operation'

        46 dBA

        Would want to know how people go with the fan racket before jumping in. These can be super loud.

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        lumens ≠ ansi lumens. buyer beware

    • How is that 46 dBA-loud deal making this deal here less of a bargain?

      That's merely your opinion.

      • It sure is my opinion! I have two projectors mounted in my house and I find that one of them is quite loud. I would like to replace it on that basis. It is of my opinion that it's detrimental to the quality of the sound!

        But yeah 46dBA seems quite loud. And the site says it's quiet. People might like to know this before clicking on the link (it may help form their opinion on the deal).

        • 46dB is defs louder than I'd like.

          I was refering to Beowulf's post and a neg.

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            @pizzaguy: Ah sorry mate, I jumped on you there.

            Yeah I mean negging this deal really isn't necessary. It is a deal in its own right, and instead of being a jerk about it just suggest maybe this link should be added to the OP as well. Much more friendly!

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    Best use: landfill

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    You’d be better off buying a used name brand projector.

    Just make sure the hours of use are low-ish and it’s be way better than this. Plus you’d be able to get spare bulbs too.

    • Do you mean the other type of projectors, DLP? The one that actually have bright, hot bulbs inside, and they last few thousands hours? This one is LED, it doesn't really have a bulb, and it's LED light source lasts tens of thousands hours.

      Or when it comes to LED projectos one has to keep milage and spare "bulbs"/LEDs in mind too?

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    This is 3200 Lumens. Not ANSI Lumens. It will only work in a dark room.

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      And best when no one is in the room.

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      The internal LED is rated at 3200 lumens by the LED manufacturer in ideal conditions.

      The projector itself is of course a tiny fraction of that coming out the lens, so claim is deceptive and misleading conduct.
      This is not the projector you are looking for.

  • i first thought this one mini projector, anyone know best mini projector bright enough for presentation

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