Free Shipping @ Dymocks


Got this flyer through a book

"COVID-19 has affected us all including the operation of our warehouse, which has delayed your order. We deeply apologise for this disruption and thank you for your patience.

As a token for our gratitude, we'll cover the cost of shipping on your next order. Just use the code STAYSAFE at checkout*

*Free shipping offer available from May 1st 2020 to July 31st 2020."

Seems like a generic code although this seems to indicate only 1 order

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    Free Shipping from Dymocks

    Books cost around 30% more though…


      strongly agree
      can anyone recommend me cheap bookstore? thanks

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        Booko is a useful tool to find out the cheapest place to get whatever book you are after.

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        Depends on what you're after. Just want the latest release paperbacks and trashy romance novels at the cheapest price? Check out your local Kmart or Big W - Mrs. C likes the latter because she finds they usually have a wider selection to choose from. Want specialist advice, a nice environment to browse in-store, or the ability to order in hard-to-find books? If that's the case, then Dymock's may not be such a bad choice after all. Sure, their markup is higher but you're paying for a lot more than just the dead-tree publication in your hand. (And, if you totally disagree with what I've just said, which is perfectly fine and entirely your prerogative, you're clearly not in Dymock's target market.)


          +1 for the specialist advice, environment and ordering, especially at the Dymocks Building store and Kinokuniya TGV. I miss browsing and reading in a warm, bright Borders when it was dark and chilly outside but everyone doing that instead of actually buying their books probably played a part in their demise here so I get the markups.

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        My go-to store is BookDepository, which is always free delivery. Only downside is it can take about a week to arrive.

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          Only downside is it can take about a week to arrive.

          More like 3 weeks at the moment…


        I use as I find them easier to work with than booko for some reason.
        I've also started finding that QBD is one of, if not the cheapest book store at the moment, even in comparison with online stores such as Book Depository.
        I don't know how they're doing it, but they're doing it well, and I've been really happy to support them in it.


      Yep. The one book I want is $24 at Target, $39.99 at Dymocks. Not in store at any of my local targets but I'd rather spent an extra $21 to get to the $45 free shipping threshold.

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    13 May

    Current dispatch status: Delays of up to 8 weeks are being experienced across all orders.



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      Delays of up to 8 weeks are being experienced

      I can't believe people are up-voting this…

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      Australia post is swamped with online deliveries. Probably partially why there is a delay….Unless they get their stock from a handful of publishers which are having problems trying to land stuff into the country…

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        Australia post is swamped with online deliveries.

        Isn't deliveries pretty much what they are supposed to do ???


          They're processing more deliveries that at Christmas time though - they literally don't have the facilities


            @saskialyon: Pretty sure there's lots of things they can do to speed things up without building more facilities. It's not rocket science.


              @jv: Off topic - this seems to be the only comment from @jv that doesn’t have a bold word in it. I’ve always wondered what’s the story behind it anyhow. :)

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      I disagree; reading a book on an iPhone would be a horrible experience, probably put one off reading altogether.
      Physical books do not need to be expensive; they can be easily shared amongst other people, thereby reducing the overall cost.
      Not all books are heavy, and they are certainly not 'static' (whatever that is meant to indicate in this reference).

      There are a lot of people of all generations that prefer physical books; I wouldn't be too hasty to predict the demise just yet.

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        reading a book on an iPhone would be a horrible experience, probably put one off reading altogether.


        kindles aren't much better.

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          I don't have a Kindle, but I find reading on my Kobo to be more comfortable on the eyes than reading on a computer screen or a phone.

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        There are articles which seem to indicate digital copies sales have actually plateaud.

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    Their shipping times are crazy long, like 1 months waiting. I ordered a book on 19 April, and I just received the shipping notification that says it’ll be arriving next week! This isnt a rare book either, this is a Bluey colouring book!!

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    I'm genuinely curious to know if there's even a single book from Dymocks that can't be found cheaper elsewhere.

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    I buy a lot of books and Dymocks is always the most expensive, often by 20-30% more. Even the small independent book stores are cheaper


    Dymocks still exist? Wow thought they went years ago.


    I cancelled an order I had with Dymocks today. Ordered on 8th April and still had not been dispatched.