Click Frenzy Mayhem 2020: Tuesday May 19 2020

Click Frenzy Mayhem 2020 officially begins 7pm (AEDT) Tuesday, May 19 2020


As always expect deals to be posted earlier than 7pm; some are already out. It runs for 53 hours this year (until midnight Thursday).

Follow all the deals, discussion and view participating stores via the OzBargain Click Frenzy 2020 Sales & Promotions page. The Click Frenzy sales page can also be accessed from the 'Pages' menu at the top of the website for easy access.

Please add 'Click Frenzy' tag to your deal post and remember to click subscribe on your favourite stores to get an email and/or web notification if any deal is posted for them.

Frenzy Bucks

Promo text:

It’s back! Be one of the first 500 members to spend $200 or more on Click Frenzy deals and you could score yourself a $50 Click Frenzy VISA card! Learn More. Terms & Conditions


Win a MacBook Air, iPhone 11 & AirPods Prize Pack from Click Frenzy via Facebook

'Go Nuts'

The 'Go Nuts' 99% off deals are also being run as usual. You can see comments on last year's Click Frenzy Mayhem. They aren't for everyone, quite a few OzBargainer's got free products, but a quite a few also missed out and it can be time consuming! If you are interested in participating ensure you subscribe on the Click Frenzy website now. It's also a good idea to Login/Update your account, or signup if you don't already have one.

Promo text/details for this year (same as last year):

100s of Brands, 1000s of Deals, up to 90% off, for 53 Hours! Mayhem is back!

99% off 'Go Nuts' Deals.
Bigger and better than ever, our ‘Go Nuts’ deals are back, with plenty of products set to be sold for 99% off their RRP! This year, the process to secure a 99% off bargain will be slightly different to ensure a more level playing field. Learn about the new process Terms and conditions

Follow us on Instagram for hints and clues for the 99% off deals from Click Frenzy HQ during the event.

Here's a taste of just two of the Go Nuts deals in store for this event!

iph11 Macbook Air

Go Nuts Details/Updates:
Times in AEST

19/5 8pm-9pm GHD Mini Styler (RRP $280) $3 Q - Rejection email likely sent. Time unknown.
9pm-10pm Google Nest Hub (RRP $339) $3 Q - Rejection email sent 20/5 814pm
10-11pm: Samsung 65" 4K UHD TV (RRP $1695) $17 Q - Rejection email sent 20/5 8:34pm
11pm-12am: Apple Watch Series 3 (RRP $319) $3 Q - Rejection email sent 20/5 9:08pm
20/5 8am-9am: Microsoft Surface Go 128GB (RRP $839) $8 Q - Rejection email sent 20/5 9:16pm
11am-12pm: Anastasia Beverly Hills Makeup Kit (RRP $150) $1 Q - Rejection email likely sent. Time unknown.
2pm-3pm: LEGO Roller Coaster Set (RRP $499) $5 Answer - Volkswagen - Rejection email sent 21/5 9:54pm
5pm-6pm: UE Boom 3 Bluetooth Speaker (RRP $149) $1 Q - Rejection email likely sent. Time unknown.
7-8pm Playstation 4 (RRP $409) $4 Q - Rejection email sent 21/5 10:57pm
8-9pm Sodastream Source Element (RRP $149) $1 Q - Rejection email sent 21/5 11:02pm
9-10pm Razer E Prime Air Electric Scooter (RRP $699) $7 Q Rejection email sent 21/5 11:11pm
10-11pm iPhone 11 64GB (RRP $1,199) $12 Q Rejection email sent 21/5 11:23pm
21/5 9-10am Nespresso Lattissima Touch Coffee Machine (RRP $399) $4 Answer - MCG Rejection email sent 21/5 11:40pm
12pm-1pm Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera (RRP $649) $6 Q
3pm-4pm Apple Airpods & Wireless Case (RRP $319) $2 Q
6pm-7pm Drunk Elephant Midi Committee Kit (RRP $73) $1 Q
8pm-9pm KitchenAid Stand Mixer (RRP $629) $6 Q
9pm-10pm Amazon Kindle eReader (RRP $199) $2 Q
10pm-11pm Apple MacBook Air 13" Laptop (RRP $1,699) $17 Q
11pm-12am Nintendo Switch Lite (RRP $329) $3 (Final Item of CF) Q
Finish 😴

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    • Same…. didn’t know if I was reading into it too much

    • Jesus. We know they read ozbargain from previous years, so what's the bet they change the correct answer to 20. It certainly wasn't the answer they originally had, but would be like them to pretend like they fooled everyone. Good on you if you win.

  • Great,got the question, aswered 14, not time to sleep and leave my phone with maximum ringtone volume for when i get my sms about me winning a macbook pro! Stay positive!

    • I thought it was a MacBook Air?

      • i dont care as long as i get it for $13 hehe

  • Thats it folks, cheers to the winners.

  • +1

    Well theres a giant flaw in this whole popup system. I changed my laptop to the seconds to 20 secs early… and on my laptop I got the popup 20 secs early… GG if your time isnt synced, youve got yourself an advantge

    • +2

      Unless it is based on server time stamps then you’ve got nothing.

      • pfft please; I waited till till the time ticked over; but it gave me time to type the answer and hover over submit

      • It submits your current (machine) timestamp into their DB…. So looks like its inherntly flawed

        • But if at 10:30 you changed your computer time to 11:17, got the deal and submitted your answer, wouldn't your computer submit its time (e.g. 11:17:05) to Click Frenzy? You gain no advantage from changing your time because everything is local. If things WERE server-sided, you'd be screwed too, because the time has clearly been tampered with.

          • @dogsryummy: That's correct, but the server should not be accepting answers unless it's past the start time.

    • +3

      Yeah but if you submitted the answer, your laptop will report its incorrect time to Click Frenzy, which in your case is still some time after 11:17.

      • +1

        they check for hacks/fraudulent activity apparently

        • Says all of us on OzBargains

  • Including the banner and the side burner on the big BBQs I went with 18.

  • surely theres more?

  • +3

    i went with 12 as they said under the bbq and outdoors category which doesnt include the banner

  • +14

    I bet you are all glad that is over. See you in November everyone 👍

  • GGWP all

    i went with 12.. was opening the category just in case if they changed the pictures and didn't get the banner this time!

    • Oh no 😬.

    • Banner still comes up for me.

    • I guess, it should be taken as "in the category" rather than "in category page"

      but who knows

  • +3

    Unsuccessful for iPhone 11 :(

    • -1

      Same :'(

      • what was your answer

        • -1

          I had $40000

          • @juduckiee: I had $20,000 (rushed and didn't think) and didn't get an email at all.

    • I know that feel :(

    • Answered 40000, got a rejection email. Answer was 50000.

    • I submitted 20,000 and no email yet. Hmmm..

    • Ah well, your new Samsung will have to do then!

  • bittersweet moment because I randomly counted the number of BBQs like 2 days ago…but everyone knew the question already 😅

  • I hope they don't notify us of the outcome of today's deals this late tomorrow, not leaving much time to purchase ><

  • +2

    Just got rejection for coffee machine. I knew the place, took me a few seconds and STILL didn't win…

    • Same - I had the wrong answer though

    • Me too, any idea how many they are actually giving out?

      • If I were to guess 15-20 units

  • technically, if they send out sms for yesterday's deals after midnight nobody can even claim it. still waiting on soda stream response

  • +1

    Just got my rejection email for the sodastream :(

    • Is a rejection email where you got the correct answer but didn't win the prize? I've not got any email at all from CF so assuming I also got all the questions wrong :-)

      • No idea, they didn't mention whether I was wrong or not, just unsuccessful.

  • Anyone got an SMS for the MacBook OR Switch yet?

  • Was it just one prize they were doing for the pop-up or a few?

  • Did anyone actually get an SMS for anything? If so, how long after?

  • +1

    Never got the rejection email for the iPhone. Schrodinger's Winner over here.

  • +6

    Seems like a a few Karens has complained on Click Frenzy’s FB of OzBargain

    • +2

      Even without these… they never stood a chance anyway. So what’s the point in whinging.

    • +5

      Their anger is misdirected. They should be angry with click frenzy for exposing the data like that. I'm sure lots of people realised that you could simply change your local time and the question would pop up (enough that the people on Facebook never stood a chance regardless).

      It's not like you have to be a software developer to figure that one out! If anything, people with knowledge wouldn't even consider that they would have messed up that badly.

      In the end, ozbargain just evened the playing field a bit and made it a proper click frenzy by widening the number of people that learned the questions in advance.

      • Unlike last year where some guy accessed the site metadata (or whatever it was) and selectively leaked the questions on twitter.

      • Really? Is that how simple it was? Then I'm sure tons of people on OzBargain knew about it but probably said nothing - prior to the post about backend code.

    • They need their Ozbargain license revoked, bet ya they wouldn't complain if they benefited from it

  • +3

    Rejection emails for the scooter and coffee machine.

  • +7

    TBH those Karen's on facebook are the ones who screenshot the question, upload it to the Facebook post/Insta thread, asking for help with the question. If you don't answer in the first 30 seconds you never stood a chance anyway.

  • +1

    Just got the rejection for the iPhone

  • +1

    Email just went out saying that by end of today, all of those who have been successful will have received a text message.

  • +1

    Any emails for the Nespresso yet?

    • +2

      Yeah received a rejection 11.40pm last night. I'm still waiting on some rejections from yesterday though, so it appears the rejection email time frames are completely random. Just wait to see if you get a text message.

      • +1

        Yep, just curious what we are up to so far?

      • +1

        My rejection came through at 11:33pm…looks like it’s not a consistent time for the same products.

  • +2

    I wonder how many items of each Go Nuts deal were available? Were they there just the carrot to hype up the Click Frenzy event for participating stores (got to admit some were good prices but the stores could promote themselves). It feels like one of these promotions at shopping centres where you register your details in a "free" competition to win a prize, dressed up as a ridiculous cheap deal and require participants to waste an entire day anticipating the next pop-up and finding answers.

    • I mean apart from the popups glitching I had a bit of fun during the times I participated so not all a waste :)

      • -1

        IMHO this actually breaches consumer law

        "Bait advertising
        Bait advertising takes place when an advertisement promotes certain (usually ‘sale’) prices on products that are not available or available only in very limited quantities. It is not misleading if the business is upfront in a highly visible, clear and specific manner about the particular product ‘on sale’ being in short supply or on sale for a limited time."

        • +1

          Agree. Click Frenzy should be transparent about the quantities they have up for grab.

  • Does anyone know what product they are up to with the emails?

  • Has anyone received an SMS for the Macbook yet?

  • Anyone got a SMS for the iPhone?

  • +1

    Did anyone got anything at all from these nuts deals??

    • Someone a few pages before won the TV!

  • +2

    Something tells me they've decided to 'pull all the deals' given its 5pm which means youve only got 7 hours to potentially check your emails and buy something…. thats a little unfair

  • +1

    No emails since tv and hub, no texts. Confirmation one way or the other would be nice but no longer expected seeing as there were so many issues with site crash, missing pop ups/emails.

  • On their Power Retail website they have posted a big pat on the back for themselves. I'm sure they don't care about the screw ups as any publicity is good publicity I suppose and they've got paid already by the companies who participated.

    • Yeah I think they companies have to pay before the event.

      • Yep they do. It's advertising space.

  • Does anyone reckon there is any chance that Clickfrenzy will send out any more emails for winners or have they finished going through the winners

  • Ready for the floodgates to open and everything to be sent at once lol.

    • Has any contacted them on fb or insta to check? I didn’t get a reply

      • Yeah click frenzy will never respond. I reckon there is a good chance that there will be no emails for the Macbook and Nintendo switch. I reckon if that if they were being real with the Macbook there would be only one to give away anyway

        • +1

          I just want my kitchenaid

        • I remember an earlier year when they cancelled all prizes for everyone that won more than one prize. That was some time after the prizes had been claimed and paid for, so no chance for anyone else to win them. As far as I know, they never released those unclaimed prizes and just put it on their bottom line. Or gave them to employees, who knows. I think they will do the same this year.

          My impression is that they are simply very dodgy. I also tried to contact them several times one year for an issue, but I never managed to get a reply. I don't know anyone that has successfully contacted them.

          • @fruxo: You can leave a comment on the parent company site that I left a link for above. Someone else had.

      • I did too, doubt i'll get a response

  • +1

    If you win, do you get an email as well or just an SMS?

    • It seems that winners get SMS only, those unsuccessful get emails only (or nothing at all for those who aren't getting emails).

  • I was so confident I won the airpods :(

  • I believe they will wait as late as possible to send the unsuccessful emails to allow the successful people to claim their prizes through the click frenzy store. Last night a bunch of emails went out at 11pm, so I expect the same tonight.

    • So they've already sent the SMS or are going to send them later tonight?

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