eBay Dispute Process Not Following Timeline

I bought a piece of business equipment on Ebay, paid in advance and showed up to meet owner and pickup equipment. It was not up to scratch but the person was a bit intimidating so I drove home and asked for a Return. That means to cancel the sale, get refund and return item. ($800) based on Not As Described (condition) You have to wait 3 days after asking for return to ask Ebay to step in. But he beat me to it and filed a claim against me writing a thousand or more words full of bs and blah blah. I was not given the right of reply. Ebay says they would make their decision within 48 hours. But that was last Thursday. Still nothing. Has anyone experienced this? And there is an appeals process right? Has anyone done that?

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  • Contact Ebay and ask

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    You inspected and took the item away and are claiming 'not as described'?

    I know which side eBay's likely to land on.

    • Weirdly even eBay's local pickup rules say you can SNAD or even say you didn't get the item!

      • and this is why its cash for all pickup items :)

        • But Are you allowed to say cash only, I have never sold on ebay before, only bought. I recently put up my first sale ad and it asked for me to accept paypal as well which freaked me out after all the bad things i have heard of paypal on these forums

          • @lonewolf: You have to accept 'paypal' but honestly if its pickup, just say cash on pickup only in the listing and remind them of that once they win/buy.

            Pickups are cash, its simple as that. No one has time for paypals 3% fee crap on pickups.

  • You must be the unluckiest person around hellopam2019 - reading your previous posts about all the misadventures you've been involved in.

    Can't see eBay refunding you. You should have inspected your purchase at pickup time and if satisfied then paid for it.

    • I took a chance to get flybuy points and cashrewrds cashback 2% I did ask for pay on pickup but he didnt respond. Item in person does not look like picture, but since I already paid I didnt fancy an argument to his face and preferred to do it straightaway online (attempted return) He is claiming it does look like picture and has attempted to talk and talk his way out of it, writing so many words, even at length about a second item he showed me which I didnt buy, nothing to do with this.

      • Regardless you would of lost the cashback if you refunded the item, That is why cashbacks take so long to approve they allow time for returns and refunds to be processed so they do not have to pay cashback on incomplete sales/purchases

      • I took a chance to get flybuy points

        If you bought this after May 6 (I think), you wouldn't have earnt flybuys points on it.

  • What is the SNAD? Wrong colour? Buttons not working?

    Please link the listing.

  • If you picked up the item both ebay and the seller will argue you had an opportunity to inspect it.
    So tough cookies. You dudded yourself.
    Next time do the right thing by yourself.

    Pay on pick up and only if you are satisfied with the goods
    There is no other way

  • You have picked up the item.


    • If the seller has no prove that OP picked up, then I would claim "Item not received". Not fair and I would never do that.

  • hellopam2019: Maybe you could provide us with a screenshot of this 1000 word essay he wrote and a photo of the item in question that shows signs of it being used? It's a bit hard to offer an objective opinion otherwise…

    • Yup.

      This whole threads reads like - I made a boo boo but it's not my fault. Pat me on the back.

      What can we possibly say when
      1. we don't know what the item is
      2. we can't see the listing
      3. we can't see the alleged poor condition item
      4. we don't know what the other person wrote

  • Why are people even entertaining this post with the distinct lack of information supplied and obvious bias.

  • LOL

  • i lost, i may file an appeal when I get more info to give them

  • Ebay removed my negative feedback

  • not even getting cashback because its not in purchase history

    • You agreed to buy it based on the photos and description in the listing
    • You accepted the item upon physical inspection and took it home
      As far as the seller and eBay is concerned, the sale is as complete as it can get.

    From the sellers point of view, he's sold you the item and you took it away. Now he's risking:
    - Negative feedback
    - loss of selling fees
    - loss of time spent organising picking
    - loss of time organising a return
    - Item could have been damaged while in your possession

    I'd be annoyed as well

  • This is one of those time I really wish the seller would appear to give his side of the events.

  • Sometimes sellers post pictures of the item they bought a long time ago and its not what it looks like now.. Looks good in the pictures but not in reality. I have been duped and wasted my time going to get something ( all the while their ad saying it was in "great" condition )
    Always request recent pictures. Unfortunately Pickup and Paypal do not go together.

  • Further proof why sellers not been able to leave a negative on eBay is terrible.

  • Grow some balls man. Why would you take the item even after inspecting it if you weren't happy with it. From the sellers perspective, you're trying to scam him.

  • Damn. I was hoping this thread will be like the xbox one.

  • I am glad you are not buying my item. First of all I don't even see what the item actually is, second you have inspected the item and still decided to pick it up and take it home and then you file a item not as described.

    Having been a eBay Merchant I am glad they didn't side with the seller which is unusual.

    Imagine you have bought an item that you only need to use once and then you have used it and don't need it anymore then claim item not as described. What is it that can protect the seller then?

    Also if its an item from a private seller and not a business I don't think you can ever expect to get your money back for anything once you have inspected the item and taken delivery. If you want those rights then I suggest you should go buy from a business brand new.

  • Hellopam, well done, you went fishing and some people took the bait.
    Otherwise if this really is true i honestly am out of sympathy after seeing your previous postings, asking for a refund on missed training sessions due to sickness being one.

    • I never asked for a refund, just a reshedule. As for the Ebay transaction, be aware that Ebay will side with seller scammers and you cant even warn others about it. As for the item, I am considering options, such as selling at a small loss, so I can put this behind me. However, unlike this seller, I will be sure my buyer is happy with item

  • By that I mean that my main complaint was the items cleanliness, I will give it a good clean, which is a big job

  • What was the item?

  • another one? go for a jog or something

  • Thread closed as requested by OP.