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Mount Franklin Still Spring Water 20x 500ml $4.95 Delivered (Subscribe & Save) @ Amazon AU


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Note maximum 4 per order

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  • +17

    Is it just me or does making a 500ml bottled water just feel like a waste ?

    • +1

      How about the ones that come in the pop top mini size, 250ml.

    • It’s you

    • Honestly, this would be around 10kg, right? How much would auspost charge to deliver this? How is amazon making money here?

      • They probably aren’t making money on this but they make up for it elsewhere.

        Also this is a Coca Cola Amatil product and they often run promotions for retailers like rebates and free stock based on the amount they sell.

  • Beat me to it. This price per bottle is cheaper than buying a pallet of aqua2go from officeworks.

  • Thanks OP - grabbed 4

  • +10

    Waste of plastic

    • +1

      Genuine question: if you recycle them, does that 100% offset the waste of plastic?

      • +9

        The issue becomes the energy used to recycle the plastic, i.e. how much coal is burnt to recycle plastic.

        • Heaps, the melting and extrusion prices to recycle is pretty high overhead, not ideal but at least it doesn't all go straight into the ground.

          • +2

            @eggaz: Just better not to waste to start with in my opinion if you can avoid it.
            Probably a lot of costs associated as mentioned above.
            I've been getting brita filters, even those are a bit of a waste. We are lucky enough to be able to drink the tap water in this country.
            If i owned a place would install a reverse osmosis system ;).

        • Recycled plastic has very little use, due to contaminates mostly I understand.

    • Yeah the plastic isn't the waste here (although have fun drinking plastic micro particles).

      Each cubic metre of water weighs a ton.

      Shipping water compared to piping it is incredibly wasteful.

  • +12

    I don't understand why people keep buying bottled water without considering the damage to environment. Sales of bottled water should be banned

    • +4

      Agree, almost all of us in the country have perfectly safe tap water and or access to a filter if you want filtered water, plastic or metal bottles are reasonable prices too.

    • -3

      I buy bottled water because I am too lazy to wash bottles lol. I add a bag of cold brew te in each bottle and when I finish it I just dump it. Ezpz, no washing required.

    • +3

      I will stop buying bottled water when tap water stops tasting like fluoride or diluted swimming pool water.

      • +2

        There are these Puratap and similar systems that work a wonder for bad tastw water

    • -4

      Think of the damage to the environment everything you use does, from toilet paper in the morning to the big screen tv you watch at night, and relax.

    • +7

      Lol that is for 6 bottles. This is for 20 bottles mate…

  • I get charged $5.99 delivery with subscribe and save

  • Bought 2 sets, thanks OP!

  • +1
    • +10

      Thanks bought 20 billion

    • +1

      I'll feel more guilty If I had to load 4 of these into my trolley, then back into my boot, then back again to the kitchen.

  • +6

    Always come to gawk at the environmentalists complain about bottled water. Preaching the use of water bottles and tap water is laughable - it's not like people don't know about tap water. They're willing to pay for the convenience, as with hundreds of other things in life that we could do better for the environment, like separating recycling, using re-usable bags, walking more places.

    Ozbargain isn't the place to pontificate.

    • +1

      Unlike hundreds of other things, the alternative (tap water) is free and available everywhere.

      I agree that Ozb isn't a place for montification, it's a place for bargains.

      Paying for water if you have acceptable water available for free, is not the Ozb way. Is not having to wash a bottle less effort than ordering, waiting and taking out extra trash?

      I am curious for those with poor local water, if these deals work out cheaper than just buying a filter of sorts in the long run….

  • Got charged 7.99 for delivery

  • +1

    It shows $5.50 each but at checkout it's $7.75. Quality of 4 comes up to $31 instead of $22.

    • Same here. I can't figure it out.

  • +1

    Thanks op, managed to order. Great for when we are out and about (usually we just fill out bottles but these are at times handy)

    • +1

      Me too. I don't use them all the time, just have some in the garage for certain times.

  • Deal is over. Let’s all hug our tree now and be happy again

  • Thanks OP, got 2!

  • I tried earlier and missed out.

    But it is back on now! - just bought!

    • Thanks, have removed expiry

  • With a bulk buy like this do you still get a refund of 10c per bottle when you recycle in some states and territories? That would equate to a $2 cashback per slab!

    (btw. a recycling scheme should be EVERYWHERE Coca-Cola producs are sold - they should ensure their single-use plastic is recycled and used again!!)

    • some bulk packs do not have barcode on individual bottles hence "no 10 cents refund"

      • That's a shame - they are still plastic bottles that should be recycled!!

  • Order X 4 :D

  • Arrived today. awesome

  • Available again

  • OzBargainers don't forget to return all the empty bottles to a recycling collection point for your 10-cent refund then this deal is only $2.95!

  • Aww I missed out

    • Available again

      • no S&S tho?

        edit: S&S appeared after refreshing

  • -1

    aldi sells 24x 600ml bottles for 5.95, tastes alright too, just water

  • Back in stock! Thank you OP :)

  • Showing as $6.98 for S&S

  • We have some of the cleanest and nicest tasting tap water in the world, if you are worried then just get a filter.

    • +1

      It's not about that, when travelling, it's easiest to have disposable bottles. Of course environmental issue. Also the bottle looks professional

  • +1

    People buy plastic water bottle for the convenience, and part of that is not needing to be manually cleaning water bottles with a bottle brush (if you aren't doing this, you may be unaware of a slimy bacterial film developing in your bottle, dishwashers aren't great at removing this closer to the bottom).

    But if you would like to reduce your wastage, then re-fill these water bottles for about 4 days with filtered tap water, and then throw them out and open a new one. In my experience 4 days is about the time these can stay clean without too much bacterial growth (you know, the bacteria that comes from your mouth).

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