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It’s easy to cook any meal in your pressure cooker, whether it’s breakfast, dessert, or bone broth, with just the one pot. No more baby-sitting the oven or skillet, and no more long wait times before your meal is ready. The pressure cooker is the fastest cooking method there is thanks to the airtight seal that raises the boiling point of water, so even foods that normally take a long time (like stews and BBQ) will be significantly speedier.

What other kind of food can you make in an electric pressure cooker? “The Power Pressure Cooker XL Cookbook: 200 Delicious Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes for Fast, Healthy, and Amazingly Tasty Meals” includes recipes like:

Banana French toast
Stuffed turkey breast
Beef taco pie
Baby back pork ribs
Shrimp fried rice
Scalloped potatoes
Paleo buffalo wings
Vegan vegetable pot pies
Banana bread

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