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Seagate DJI Fly Drive, 2TB $78.87 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Portable 2TB drive for drone footage -Hey i bet it acts like other portable hdd
Back up, consolidate and organize 60+ hours of footage on location
Integrated UHS-II microSD card slot for quick drag and drop to drive and laptop
USB-C to USB-C cable for fast file transfers to latest-generation computers - tucks securely beneath drive bumper. Bumper helps protect data while traveling

Previous deal was a clearance in officeworks for $95

Considering other options for 2tb portables are $99. this can be a good alternative

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    Just for those wondering, I've looked it up - the microSD card slot is kinda useless on location (ie. you CANNOT insert a card and the HDD copies the files across automagically, that is you will still need a PC!). To me that's a huge design flaw

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      It's not a design flaw if it was never designed to do that. In order to do what you're suggesting it would need either an internal battery or external power supply and an embedded OS of some sorts. Whilst there are backup drives that do this you will not find any at this price point.


      Damn, that would seem to be the point of the device.


      You'd be after the LaCie one


        There is also an Asus device called Travelair something, I'm not going to link it though because I've got one and it's awful. This post is merely to warn others if you see one of these to avoid it as I've never got mine to successfully complete a transfer from card to HDD, it is also as slow as a wet week (using SanDisk Extreme cards, so the cards are not the problem).

        I would prefer using something like this DJI unit (if it hadn't already expired :() maybe hooked up to a raspberry pi running off a Powerbank, connected to my phone to ssh into the pi to do file copies myself.

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          I nearly bought the Asus a little while ago but changed my mind based on some poor reviews. Fortunately I picked up one of these DJI units before the price went up.

          I like your idea about running a Raspberry pi off a powerbank. I do this inline with mains power to provide a poor man's UPS. However, I don't like your chances of powering the pi and an external hard drive at the same time.

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            • Card
            • Card reader
            • Computer

            (Previous 3 all necessary anyway.)


            • TeraCopy (free program - with file verification after copy turned on)



              @Faulty P xel: I think you might have missed the brief ;-)

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                @aldroid: Well not if you follow the thread. First someone above said you need a computer to copy files from the memory card to the drive anyway. Next someone mentioned large video file transfers don't always complete. Now we have talk of a phone, or Raspberry Pi. Which has to be powered. All to do what 3 keystrokes: CTRL A, CTRL C, CTRL V with TeraCopy installed which using the Pi or a phone still doesn't solve (unless there's some 'file transfer verficiation app' to add to the mix, but no-one mentioned that).

                So both the product itself and solutions above only equal or complicate the same process as a PC/phone. i.e. You have to either lug extra stuff around to power it, and/or build stuff to equal 3 keystrokes. (Four actually. I think you have to click yes or hit enter after CTRL V.)

                Anyway, may as well super-glue a memory card reader to your drive of choice, or buy several memory cards with that money, use any hard drive or online file storage you like, with the computer most people already own + TeraCopy, with the added benefit of not accidentally deleting a file you thought copied over but failed. ;-)


                  @Faulty P xel: I was thinking more along the lines of.
                  1. Turn mobile hotspot on
                  2. Power on Pi (connected to powerbank)
                  3. Have rsync script autorun when USB device connected.
                  4. Send email at completion with summary report.

                  No keystrokes required.


                    @aldroid: Yes the more I look into it, the more this sort of exercise would be purely for the challenge of making it work :)

                    I usually take my Surface Pro (OG, but still basically works fine) whenever travelling anyway, and I've got sufficient memory cards that I'm never desperate to erase one "in the field" so I always back them up at night using the Surface which makes it a lot easier to confirm that everything is backed up and even viewable. I just know that I would be a bit nervous erasing cards in the field that had allegedly backed up to a device (or bodged up system in this case :)), especially given past experience with this POS Asus device.

                    As you were! :)


            @aldroid: With a sufficiently robust powerbank it should work - just use separate ones for the pi and the drive.

            A drive is probably only going to use about 10W if its already spinning (it is the spinup that chews a lot more power)


              @jason andrade: OK, but the drive would need to be connected to the pi, so how to get required power to the drive? Y cable perhaps? I have a Romoss 20k power bank with multiple outputs. I will have to give this a try.

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    2TB Seagate HDD with card-reader built in (PC still required for data transfers) with USB 3.1 and USB C, plus a decent rubber Case.

    I'm tempted.

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    Promised myself I'd never buy a Seagate drive again after having so many fail.. but this is very tempting

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    Thanks! Bought one to store gopro footage


    $99.75 now

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    tucks securely beneath drive bumper

    Well that design was not how I envisioned storing the cable hahaha


    Bought it. Would be kicking myself if I missed out at that price. The MicroSD port is very handy and nice protective case


    $105.06 now….

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    Using 2 atm, as card is handy loading music files etc especially with laptops having less and less I/O


    TA - I've got one (before the price increase).

    USB-C will come really handy with my Surface Go.


    Cant believe I missed this, I was here earlier but had to go cut some fresh blue fin tuna and the deal is gone.


    Thanks, got one. USB C convinced me


    Any recommendations what external portable HD people use for their PS4? 1TB isn't much I've realised. Do I need any special HD or any is fine?


    Copied a 500 MB file from C drive to this drive.
    Speed is only 30Mb/second.
    Seems slow?

    Recall some fast USB 3 sticks copies over at 100Mb/s

    The drive is connected to laptop USB C port.

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