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50% off on All Pet Collars, Leashes, Toys, & Accessories @ Harriet & Hudson (e.g. Round & Soft Elk Leash $51.50)


Was looking for a Hunter Elk round leash for my dog and came across these guys having a sale.

Not the cheapest leashes around, but they are a quality made product.

For example,
Round & Soft Elk Leash $51.50

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Harriet & Hudson

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  • Yep. I can see this being a hit with ozbargainers. Not. Way over inflated prices (even with the 50% off)

    • Thanks for the feedback. I think 50% off on high quality, hand made genuine leather products is worth it. This is in another league to the crap PetBarn etc sell, but I also spend 4hours+ a day with my dog exercising/training.

      • Glad you appreciated the feedback. Just what do these high quality hand made genuine leather products do that the so call crap PetBarns don't? And congratulations on spending 4+ hours with your dog training/exercising. Others with the crap PetBarn products do the same or even more.

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    lol $189 for a heavy leather leash. Why would this be comfortable for my dog?


  • 1 review on Google, site otherwise might as well not exist. Seems like they just on-sell the products from Germany, here's the same product from the US: https://www.hunterpetstore.com/collections/leather-dog-leash...

    So the price is probably correct. But I have a Pug and 'soft' doesn't cut it with his stupid fur, he needs like a Merino wool collar lol