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Fujitsu Split Systems 15% off + $150-$200 Cashback via Redemption (2.5kw $568.25 + Delivery) @ Appliance Central eBay


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      Split system is probably the most efficient system in heating/cooling. The usual complain about split systems is that it looks ugly, but nothing beats it in term of efficiency

      • what you mean looks ugly?

        what looks good for air con?

        • For a lot of people, split systems make the house look ugly compared to ducted system. I have no problem with split systems as i have 4 at home.

          • @od810: Splits are fine, just depends on how you mount them. Ducted is of course much nicer inside. I went from a single split to ducted and it's fantastic personally. It's also quieter when cooling and heating the house.

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    The Mitsubishi heavy industries annual cashback seems delayed this year. Waiting for that one :(

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    Anyone found deals on a box air-conditioner? Got a really old one that needs replacing

    • I had a window mounted air conditioner die too last summer and haven't replaced it yet. They aren't that much cheaper per unit but you save hundered on installation costs compared to split systems.

      • They are also very ugly (IMO), and a lot more noisy.

        If I had the option and could afford it, I would definitely replace the broken wall/window mount unit with a split system and brick up the hole or replace the glass in the window.

        You'll soon forget about the cost long after you enjoy the quality of a split system over a noisy window mount A/C.

  • is the giftcard like a bankcard with numbers you input to buy stuff online or to your paypal account as source of payment?
    or how you cash out the giftcard money?

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      If it's like the Fujitsu gift card I got last time, it's a prepaid Visa Card - spend it anywhere. I just bought 1.x tanks of petrol just to clear it quickly and not worry about what the balance was, etc.

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    Thanks OP. Have you or anyone else got any idea what the difference is between the unit you bought;

    ASTG24KMTC 7.1kW/8.0kW

    and the ASTG24KMCA 7.1kw Reverse aircon below which is $30 cheaper?

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      Different current draw and different eer and cop values.

      The kmca is more efficient for cooling whilst the kmct is more efficient for heating.

      Someone more knowledgeable about air conditioning might notice other differences

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      The ASTG24KMCA is the older model, and the are a few minor differences as noted below.

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      Thanks mskram and nadan. Pulled the trigger on the KMTC.

      Bring on winter…

  • Has anyone been able to successfully claim the cashback, given that the tax invoice and proof of payment would show different amounts, and could also be dated differently?

    • Contacted them - they said to use the details from the tax invoice when lodging the claim, not the proof of payment.

      • What about the payment receipt?

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          I haven't sent through my claim yet, but it seems as part of the claiming process you need to provide both the tax invoice and receipt. However, on step 2, it asks for purchase date and price. Use the details from the tax invoice for these.

  • Anyone know of a decent installer North West Melbourne? Made so many phone calls, but it's like pulling teeth trying to get a quote, key alone someone to come out on site.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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