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15% off 70 Selected Sellers @ eBay


Another 15% off selected sellers for you to spend more.

Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00 (AEST) on the 15th of May and ends at 23:59 (AEST) on 24th of May 2020 ("Offer Period").
Conditions. The offer entitles you to 15% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items at Selected Sellers, up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 5 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).
"Selected Sellers” means the participating sellers listed at the end of these terms and conditions, as amended from time to time.

Selected Sellers means:

Aquaholics Online Aquarium Supplies
Bargene E-store
Bestart Office Supplies
Betts Shoes
Chalet Essentials
GFL Marketplaces
Glue Store
Helly Hansen Official Store AU
Knives Online
Lavazza Coffee Australia
Luxury Bedding Melbourne
Metro Hobbies
Moon Dog Craft Brewing
Nespresso Australia
Nicole's Toys and Gifts
Ninja Buy Australia
Pleasure Warehouse
SalonWarehouse HairdressingSupplies
Segway Ninebot Official Store
Skate Shoe Shop Oz Clearance Store
Spendless Shoes
The Trailer Solutions
The West Winds Premium Australian Gin
Toy&hobby warehouse
Triumph Lingerie Australia
Vinomofo Australia
WORX Power Tools Australia
Zeina Perfume World
Zinus Australia Outlet
Zzz Atelier Outlet

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  • +1

    any of these sell Airfryers?

  • +29

    Heh. Was waiting for this this morning after i noticed something in my watchlist get jacked by 15% last night.

    • +2

      i was watching a mouse for $55 on the lenovo store but it got jacked to $129 before the discount!

  • +5

    LG UltraGear 27GL850 27" 144Hz QHD 1ms HDR10 G-Sync Nano IPS Gaming Monitor

    I purchased this for $705 just before lockdown, but this is still a reasonable price

    It's a very good gaming monitor with quick response times and an almost 100% SRGB colour gamut

    The cons are average contrast ratio (black level), and some backlight edge bleed (nature of majority of LCD panels)

    • +5

      Bought it for the $705 before lockdown as well. Great monitor. Still tweaking settings but so much better than the old monitor.

      Its hard looking at these prices though. Saw my 2070 Super for $980 or something on this sale and I paid $720 - Really not an environment to build a PC

      • It's still cheaper elsewhere.
        it can be had for $748 delivered atm from IT stores online

        • Would you be able to point me to a store thats stocking it at this price? I've been searching for a 2070 super and have checked a fair few aussie retailers/ebay/amazon.

      • With ampere coming in a few months buying anything now would be a waste

        • +4

          How would Ampere impact the purchase of a new monitor?

          • +4

            @swimmingtoad: I was replying to Fergy when he was talking about the 2070 Super not the monitor. The monitor is a great deal

    • Anyone used one of these with an Xbox One X? I got a ViewSonic Equivalent recently and can’t get it running 1440p/120hz. Would like to know if the LG will do it.

      I know the monitor does it because I set my PC to that, and I know the Xbox does it as I’ve read comments about it working with certain monitors, tried diff cables, ports, settings and couldn’t get it going, so just wanted to see if someone’s achieved it. And yes I know 120hz on Xbox is near pointless right now, my concern is more so the Series X will have the same issue communicating with the monitors

      • Xbox doesn't have the option to output 1440p, I believe it's 720p, 1080p or 4K. Also the output is limited to 60Hz. A QHD 144Hz monitor is just wasted with an Xbox. Also 1440p is an awkward resolution to deal with, it's 1:1.5 pixels at 1080p which does not upscale well. 720p is 1:2 pixels which upscales well but is a lower resolution. Running at 4K is a waste since the need to downscale from 4:3 pixels which is again not a good ratio so expect imperfect picture quality

        • +1

          Xbox does have the option to output at 1440p/120hz now, it was added in a update in the past year or so. I've actually got it running fine at 1440p and it looks great on the Viewsonic compared to my old Zowie monitor. I can get it running 1080p/120hz also, but when going to 120hz on 1440p it forces the monitor back down to 1080p. I know others have got different monitors working with 1440p/120hz, hence my question here.

          And whilst I realise there is barely no point running 1440p/120hz right now with the One X, as mentioned my concern more so surrounds the fact that the Dashboard is likely to be very similar with settings etc, so even with the Series X running a lot of games at 120hz my ViewSonic, or potentially purchasing the LG, will have the same issue.

          • @MBix: Interesting, never knew this. PS4 definitely didn't have this option.
            I wonder why it different monitors can output [email protected] while other can't, that's really weird.

            • @FireRunner: Yep that's where I'm at right now haha, seems to be somewhere the Xbox and the monitor don't communicate well with one another even though both are capable. Probably just going to need to wait until the Series X shows up and hope for the best however!

      • There's some issue with 1440p 144hz monitors and the XB1X. I have an LG 32GK650F and it also can't do 120Hz, only 1440p and 60Hz. On PC it works at 1440p 120Hz and 144Hz over HDMI but if you enable freesync on HDMI it limits the refresh rate to 100Hz. I'm thinking it has something to do with that. The XB1X checks the freesync compatible refresh rate and in this case it's 100Hz therefore it can't offer it (even if you disable freesync). Displayport works perfectly with 1440p 144Hz and Freesync but that's limited to PC only unfortunately.

    • +3

      Man I wish I could go back to smaller monitors (I have a 32"), would love a higher refresh rate monitor to game on but it's hard going back to those peasant days of 27".

      Been thinking about either getting a [newer] 32" and having my current one vertically on an arm beside it or going back to 27" and having current 32" on the side. Will probably never do either. Love the big screen too much.

      • I am wanting an IPS 43" - I have a 34" ultrawide and it looks so small on my huge desk.

        • For Gaming at 1440p? Or browsing?
          It would take some serious GPU power for gaming.

        • I've got two 24" monitors but was thinking of replacing them with a 34" ultrawide - is it possible to play a game and confine it to one half of the screen in borderless mode, so you can have the other half free for web browsing etc? Or do you have to play it in a window or fullscreen?

          • +1

            @organamisms: Depends if it does picture in picture. You could do windowed mode, but your preference is entirely dependent on the monitor.

          • @organamisms: Displayfusion is an option can you use to achieve this
            I went a different route, software name eludes me atm, where I have shortcuts to go from 1 x27 & 2 x24 to surround.

      • +1

        I don't know how you do it! I just upgraded to 27" over 24" and I'm struggling feeling I'm sitting too close on my desk

        • It helps if you have a large desk :). I could have two 32" side by side and I would still have some room left over

          • @Kozhutki: How big is your desk!? Mine is only 75cm deep, enough room to fit two 32” side by side but I already feel like I’m sitting close enough to the 27” I’d probably go cross eyed haha.

            • @MBix: 73cm H x 180cm W x 90cm D

              Can't remember how much it cost but it was under $200 and it's been pretty great so far. I have way too much room though haha.

      • +1

        I'm in the same boat. Using an older Dell 30" but want to go to a higher refresh rate monitor, and love the 16:10 ratio.

        It basically means downsizing to a 27" gaming monitor or upsizing to an ultrawide. There are very few decent gaming monitors around the 32" or 30" mark.

        • There are very few decent gaming monitors around the 32" or 30" mark.

          Some do exist, they are just really expensive right now, upwards of or even over A$2k.

        • Using an older Dell 30" but want to go to a higher refresh rate monitor, and love the 16:10 ratio.

          I am in the same boat. :(

      • which one are you using? I have a 27 4k IPS one and want to add a 32" 4k as the main monitor.

        • I have an X34 (1440p), it's the older version that overclocked to 100hz (from 60hz). The new version is 100hz standard and can overclock to 120hz.

          Unfortunately I must have had a dodgy unit because after maybe 18 months I was no longer able to overclock it to 100hz, it would just black screen, tried new cables etc to no avail.

    • -1

      Are you sure it's only almost 100% sRGB? Because that would be quite terrible for IPS. Even my crappy VA MSI MAG27CQ has actual 105% sRGB (advertised 115% but you know, advertising). It's Adobe RGB or DCP-I3 that is more important.

    • I am deciding between this and the Asus VG27AQ, which is cheaper. Depending on which review, it is mostly a tie.

    • +1

      This monitor is a wide gamut monitor, so it's actually something like 98% DCI-P3 (quite a bit more than 100% SRGB). That's both a good and a bad thing because it lets you take advantage of wide gamut content but standard SRGB content will look over saturated (and in an unbalanced way). You can correct it with a colourmeter (or a generic DCI-P3 profile) but the application needs to be colour managed or have 3D LUT support.

      Alternatively, you can just use the SRGB mode but I've found its colour temperature to be more blue than I prefer (might be just QC variability but I've heard others have the same issue).

      Anyway, I'd still recommend the monitor just it has some caveats if you don't own a colourmeter.

    • +1

      I'm waiting for the 3080ti and a 32-34inch , IPS, adaptive sync, 144hz monitor to come out :), 27 inch 4k's are just too small imo.

      ATM, i'm running this monitor wit ha 1080ti and its just getting about 120 fps on CODMW @1440p.

    • JB sell this screen for $798 and if you ask they can knock it down to $760 (friend recently bought one). I would do that all day over an ebay purchase in case of warranty.

      • +3

        That's a different monitor at JB. The LG 27GL83A is a lower model. Doesnt include wide colour gamut/USB ports for firmware updates or the nano coating for colour

    • Acer UM.CX0SA.P03

      Seems like it would be better value to me, if you can find anywhere it's not sold out.

  • +20

    Is Jack around.

    • +7

      jack is alive and kicking

    • +3

      He just arrived!

    • I wonder if they think they are being ironic with the "phreeze" discount code.

    • +3

      Obviously… eBay is his home

    • +7

      1TB MX500 by included sellers?
      $244 - 15% = $207

      Other sellers?

      Great that eBay is running a 3% discount!

      • +1

        Still not good enough as the old deals. I have seen 1TBs selling for $146. I am waiting for similar deals, need to buy a couple this time

        • Samsung 860 QVO SSD 1TB $159 , Samsung 860 QVO and Crucial MX500 are about same.

          • +1

            @jimojr: Not quite accurate.

            I believe the EVO is more akin to the MX500.
            And the QVO you've linked competes with the BX500.

          • @jimojr: Lol no they aren't…

    • Yup, I'm just trying to get a decent priced SSD/

    • Don't worry, Jack will be back!

    • I really need to see Jack off for once.

  • +2

    any good bargains tho

    • +5

      Doesn't look like it, at least for monitors. Its cheaper everywhere else even with the discounts lol.

      • its like those up to 50% off sales type advertisement, where nothing is really that cheap

    • +1

      If you’re in the market for some 1980s Aussie hotness, BoutiqueRetailer has a mullet for $18.50 before discount.

  • +1

    Thanks, some companies didn't actually jack and the prices are reasonable.

    • +12

      Finding an item in stock that has been selling out globally is completely different to a store increasing its prices purely because they're going to be part of a "sale"

  • +2

    Is it just me or is there a real shortage of computer monitors around? Everywhere I looked in shops and online there are only crap and extremely over priced items left. The value ones all have ETA end of May or early June.

    • +1

      not just you, stock and prices are both terrible everywhere at the moment.

    • +5

      There is real shortage of office equipment because of working from home.

      • +1

        I've heard of it being mentioned on the news - Harvey Norman enjoying stellar sales. But I haven't actually been to the shops for quite a while. Totally shocked - thought ppl are only stockpiling toilet papers and pasta!

        • Turns out they're stockpiling RTX 2080 Tis too!

  • jacks back.
    but i bought a 1tb nvme drive (crucial p1) and 5700xt cheaper than elsewhere

    • Which 5700xt did you get?

      • MSI MechOC. it was the only 5700xt that came up in my search

        • +1

          ahh okay. yeah, ebay search doesn't show all.

  • Is that a search feature? Our prayers have been answered!

    • +5

      Yeah but it doesn't search every store properly from what I've seen.

      I had searches using it which returned items that were actually 30-50% more expensive than the cheapest one.

      • Have you tried changing the filter to show Lowest price instead of Featured items?

        • Yeah. It doesn't show everything (that is part of the sale) in searches. Not even close.

  • +3

    hello Jack long time no c

    • +12

      hello jack-ness my old friend…
      I've come to bargain with you again…
      Because a discount softly creeping…
      Left its price increases while i was sleeping…

  • Is there a way to search all the sellers? I'm looking to buy a NAS HDD but not sure which stores may sell them.

  • Cheers for the deal. Lurking for a while to upgrade my whole PC set up to 1440p/4k. Bit the bullet and got the GL850.

    • Amazing monitor

  • +1

    Thanks dealbot, got the DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo for $1614 as i missed the Johnny Appleseed deal :)

    • What does Air 2 improve on the original?

      • Not sure as i have the Mavic mini so just upgrading

    • Where did you get it from? I couldn't find it. Pls share the link if it is still available.

  • Tempted by the LG UN7300 as a PC Monitor, but there are no reviews on it. The UM7300 reviewed well last year.

    $722.50 picked up is a great price.

  • +21

    I was looking at a 4TB Barracuda yesterday on Futu, it was $194. Today, it's $229 aka $194 after discount. Only positive of these deals constantly getting posted and up-voted is I know who to never buy from in the future :)

    • Yes I agree. I used to buy a lot from Futu before they started price jacking.

  • +25

    Jacking everywhere!
    Bose 700 is sold at $671. Its RRP is $600…
    Amazon price is $449.

    I think it deserves a Neg..

    • +6


      Was $589.00. Jacked up to $671.95 just 2 days ago.

      • +1

        ninja.pricejack would be a more fitting name.

    • It’s hit and miss. Bad sellers give good sellers a bad rep. Because some didn’t price jack and you get legit discounts.

      • +2

        It dupes way too many undiscerning mug punters when it gets posted as a blanket bargain like this though, I'm surprised it's still encouraged and allowed on here tbh. If there are genuine deals to be found, let them be posted individually or have that store can posted as a whole. On weight of numbers from what I can see though there's actually more scams here than bargains.

        • +1

          Yeah I agree. This practice should be illegal. I'm also surprised the ACCC isn't jumping in on this.

          It's no different to physical stores putting $100 as RRP then a sale down to $70 when it never sold at $100 in the first place.

          • @cnut: No one is reporting. You can report and they will take action.

  • +6

    Jacked up deals is no deal - Neg

  • -2

    Ooh. VinoMofo! Times to get me some wines.

  • +14

    Geez what's the point of eBay again?

    - a local junkyard for AliExpress stuff (get them cheaper there if you can wait). The irony is most junks on eBay are dropshipped from China!
    - jacked up prices for inauthentic coupon events like this
    - Plus? Laughable when most are either free shipping or still chargeable because it's not Plus items
    - Bids? Be prepared to pay for more because of FOMO
    - Seller? Free for Power Sellers or limited for n00bs, not even for Plus members but you get priority support!

    • +5

      And items all mashed in a group, can't easily compare prices, without 100 back-and-forth & drop down clicks. Pen & paper needed.

      One Example: search for 2tb portable, and get a heap of this
      Western Digital WD Elements 1TB 2TB 3TB 4TB USB Portable External Hard Drive HDD

      From: $105 to $220

      • +1

        Name checks out! I f-ing hate that crap! You just search for one particular item and go to sort from cheapest and you get stuff that you don't even want in the results. For eg: Search for a 64gb micro sd card and get results with prices as little as $1 because a bunch of sellers decide to have micro to sd card converters or stupid cases bundled in with their card sales. Sorting through the mess is getting worse and worse.
        Additionally I have found that when I find a deal, upon purchasing things in these ebay store sales that I get tax invoices from the store for the full amount. Does this mean the store is receiving the full amount and Ebay are paying the 15% off part? If so you would think that it would be in Ebay's best interest to stop price jacking. Seems unlikely but why else would I get receipts for the full price before the discount? It's happened so many times on multiple different sales on Ebay so there must be a reason behind it. Good for people claiming stuff on tax I guess lol.

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