[PC] Epic - Sid Meier's Civilization VI Platinum Upgrade - $44.99 (after coupon) - Epic Store


Obviously this goes with this week's freebie from Epic. Price is after the $15 off coupon has been applied. Original deal: $15 off Coupon (Min $22.99 Spend) @ Epic Games

I am posting this separately because (a) it is not a freebie and (b) this offer expires later than the freebie, namely at the end of the Mega Sale.

The Platinum Edition will give you:

Six Civilization & Scenario DLC packs as well as the Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions.


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    Given the base game is free, I wonder if this Platinum upgrade is a great value at $45 or should we wait for another (better) sale?

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    Good work @Lysander, and great work in general. Hope you leave yourself enough time to play though after finding deals for us :)

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    For those who already own the steam version base game, its cheaper ($41.98) for the platinum pass on steam.

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    Epic games has my vote. Going to start buying games from them over steam when possible.

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      Could i ask why? Epic is still lacking a lot of launcher and community features that steam already has.

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        Those features are not of value to everyone.

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        I mean, I didn't get into Steam for their community features…I got into Steam because of their dirt cheap games.


        Yeah you’re making a good point. Epic is missing the trading cards from steam and it’ll never be able to launch CSGO or have any of the boxes and keys to buy and sell CS items.

      • +7 votes

        I also prefer Epic over Steam these days. It was easy for me as I don't have Steam friends, don't care about trading cards (who does?) and I now have a lot more PC games thanks to Epic's weekly freebies, but mostly because I used to be a game developer and I greatly appreciate Epic giving developers a lot more revenue than Steam does. I believe this was the main reason Epic decided to create their own store because Valve keeps 30% of revenue for most games for providing the platform, similar to publishing deal. Thanks to Epic's competition and their generous revenue model, Valve has now changed their revenue model and developers are getting more money for their hard work.

        I know Ubisoft and EA etc have their own PC launchers for their own published games. I find it surprising they didn't open up more to other games, but Steam had a pretty solid hold on the PC platform. With the success of Fortnite (made $2.4B last year alone), Epic didn't want to give a large portion of their revenue to Valve, it was cheaper to make their own launcher and PC games platform. Opening the platform up to others allows them to recoup some of the development and running costs but more importantly, Epic used their clout to help address the publishing status quo in the digital era. I know they've supported smaller developers through Unreal Engine for many many years with a very friendly revenue split using their Engine as well.

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      Old article but I believe it still applies: https://www.engadget.com/2019-04-25-steam-epic-games-store-r...

      And why I will support Epic games over Steam (even if Steam is a better experience).

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      This is what I called capitalism, the more the competition the more the merrier for us :)

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        It's not competition if one store pays for the games to only be on their store.

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          Of course it is. They are competing on price with a loss leader. Other businesses do it all the time!

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          Steam seems to have exclusives too but they are hush about it.


          Can only be bought on Steam according to ITAD.


            @Lysander: Yes but it's not made by Valve. They don't force companies to only be on their store.
            Epic make companies sign something specifically when they take the money that says they have to be on their store for a X-years period.
            That's the key difference.
            A lot of these games then show up on steam a year later. It's absolute nonsense


              @CriticalImpact: I am not sure what the relevance is that it is not made by Valve.
              How do you know that the game is not sold anywhere else as a result of an exclusivity agreement?
              How do you explain that the game is only sold on Steam directly? Normally, a developer wants to maximise exposure and hence profit.
              Epic does not not MAKE them sign anything. They sign quite happily and voluntarily as they get paid for that - a normal business transactions.
              Have a read of the T&Cs for devs on the Steam website - you will find many clauses forcing devs to do something. For example, if a dev decides to give away a game on Humble Bundle for a day, the dev must also give the game away on Steam whether or not he planned or wanted to do that.
              What do you call that?
              Seriously, read the document - you will change your tack pretty quickly.

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                @Lysander: Because there has been 0 evidence of Valve asking third party companies for exclusivity?
                How do I explain it's only sold on steam? Because it's not, you can buy keys for it on G2A and hrkgame.com. When a developer on steam generates keys and sells them elsewhere they get 100% of the money.
                Yes, I'll give you that Epic doesn't force any companies to sign anything but the sheer amount of money has convinced companies to basically back flip on kickstarter promises that they'd be on steam as well and basically screwed over people. The money they received was conditional on them being exclusive. I don't see how that's a good thing. Basically throwing Fortnite money around in an attempt to prop up their shoddy store.
                And no, I've never seen a game appear on steam for free because it's free on another store.
                Like how do you explain that the new Tony Hawk is a epic exclusive only? If you think that competition is a good thing shouldn't it be on the maximum amount of stores possible?

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                  @CriticalImpact: You do need to explain what I said about games appearing also free on Steam if it is free on HB (exsmple) first.
                  Steam forces the devs to do this. It is in the contract and terms and conditions and if a dev does not sign it it is goodbye to Steam.
                  Read the document.
                  That is designed to not make another store more competitive than Steam.
                  That is the same thing, if not worse, as what Epic does.
                  Plus there are many other reasons why Steam is not as good as its fans would like it to be portrayed.
                  Finally, from a business perspective, tell me how you can challenge a 90% monopoly?
                  One possibility is state regulation and laws, the other is what Epic does. Failing that we and the devs would be stuck with a giant Steam forever. Steam already moved a bit on dev sharing (although not enough) already and as time goes on they will move more.
                  Working in IP and having tead the T&Cs of many companies you won't be able to convince me that Steam is nice and innocent, especially towards devs but also its customers.
                  That is not to say others are necessarily better but Steam certainly does not deserve any halo.

                  You can buy keys for Tony on many stores - they are Epic keys. Only Steam does not have them. That shows you that Epic does not stifle competition but only goes after the greedy monopolist.

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                    @Lysander: You're the one making the claim, I can't find any reference what so at all that is a common practice. I can't see anything in their distribution agreement that would require companies to make a game free on steam if they make it free elsewhere. I've had plenty of giveaways on humble, indiegogo, gog, etc and steam has still been full price. If this was the case I have no doubt it would have actually been reported about. Do you have a link to some proof?
                    You challenge a 90% monopoly by actually making a service that does something better. Provide better features, provide something that actually makes me want to download the client rather than being forced to because of some exclusivity BS. I use GOG Galaxy as an example, it's DRM free and actually lets you link it to other clients and collate your games. They get my money because they actually innovate instead of just ramming money at the problem and assuming it'll make a dent in valves cheque book.

                    I'm talking about the new Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2. It's both not out and not in key stores. So I don't know what you are talking about in that regards.

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                      @CriticalImpact: You forget there are plenty of people like me who couldn't care less about the features. I just want to play the games and hence I am not prepared to put up with a monopolist.
                      Google why refunds were introduced by Steam - theybkept refusing until they were taken to court and so ordered. Is that what a consumer friendly company does?
                      I find you the clause.
                      It would not be reported because people don't read the things and people and media are very biased towards Steam.

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                      @CriticalImpact: OK.
                      Now I am at a PC it is easier to answer.
                      Your approach towards tackling a monopoly is well-intended but has proven not to work, especially at that level.
                      It has been tried many, many times before and is based on the premise the monopolist sits still, does not counter any efforts, and people are actually behaving in a smart way which they are not.
                      That is the reason why all around the world regulators break up monopolies - you way does not work.
                      Even your own example, proves that - consider how long GOG has been around and how its market share developed despite being the better service - objectively - as it has no DRM. That shows you things like you envisage do not work.
                      Plus, Steam does not sit still.
                      I have just checked and Steam sneakily changed things around - the old partner and SD agreements are not there anymore - it seems that despite telling me everything is fine about the free game clause their lawyers told them to take it off or at least hide the documentation now. I will still try to find you an old copy I am allowed to disclose to you.
                      But you can believe me on that - if it was not true and I still said it in an open forum like this one I can assure you Steam's lawyers would be on me like a leech. I have also mentioned this several times on Reddit and so have a few other users, several months ago. And just to be clear: if HB gives a game for free today, it won't be free on Steam right away but it must be made free there within a certain amount of time - latest example: Aegis Defenders (previous examples: Age of Wonders III etc.) - have you never wondered why free on HB first, and then shortly after on Steam?
                      Plus Steam has changed its agreements now to force developers to put their game on Steam within 30 days if they publish it elsewhere first, otherwise you cannot put in on Steam.
                      Now, do you think this is consumer friendly? Is it designed to benefit devs and publishers or Steam alone? Clearly, it is designed at Epic although in my professional opinion Steam will be hard pressed to enforce such clause, especially in Europe, and would be mad to do so with the big publishers as it would ensure they will never use Steam again.

                      Here is one of the many articles about it:


                      And here is another one listing quite nicely why Steam is not the good guy and in fact never has been:


                      The article also shows how easily deceived people are why again comes back to why your idealistic challenge to a monopoly can never work.

                      With Tony Hawk it will be like with Bee Simulator: it will come out on Epic, will be hosted by the Epic platform, and stores like HB, Fanatical etc. will sell keys for the game from release.
                      The only store missing out will be Steam as there won't be Steam keys. I am sure though Steam could sell Epic keys if they agreed to the distribution fees set by Epic and wanted to but for obvious reasons Steam won't do that of course.
                      Just because Steam cannot sell the game, does NOT mean there is no competition. If Epic and 10 other stores sell keys that is plenty of competition, in fact a lot more competition than people accept in other areas in Australia (e.g. supermarkets, 3 stores in Tasmania, 4 on the mainland; electronics+electrics+white goods 2-3 physical stores and about 5 if online is included).
                      Competition is not dependent on Steam being able to participate.

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      The steam version of this Platinum edition has been cheaper than this multiple times and you also gain access to steams workshop for easy fun modding so I don't see why this has won your vote.


    mine shows A$59.99


      The price is after the $15 coupon is applied, which should be applied automatically if you still have one.


    $15USD after discount on Epic Indian. Can only switch regions if you haven't region locked it earlier by making a previous purchase


    Platinum upgrade through a Russian account is RUB1333 less RUB650 coupon, roughly AUD14.66
    See here for more details on Russian account including VPN: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/538782

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    One caveat is that you won't have access to the steam workshop for easy modding though, if that's your sort of thing.

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    platinum edition isn't the complete edition. new frontier pass dlc is coming

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