As a Single Person, What Are Your Must-Haves in a House?

As in number of bedrooms, bathrooms…etc. And where are you be willing to compromise?



  • Like structurally or appliances/things?

    • Structurally…as in number of bedrooms, bathrooms…etc

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        Well I’m a hoarder so 2 bed but 1 everything else.

        • Faux-ensuite or are you happy to walk down the corridor to take a shower?

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            @DisabledUser102420: Oh an en-suite is the least of my priorities 😂

            Especially if I lived alone. No one would be in the house when walking down the corridor.

            • @jjjaar: Unless you have friends over.

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                @try2bhelpful: I mean, for the odd occasion that friends would be over at the same time I’d need to shower, I could just get dressed in the bathroom instead of running down the hallway nude. That scenario would be incredibly unlikely for me though.

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                  @jjjaar: I think I like the later option with the bathroom having two doors. We have that setup at our place.

                  • @try2bhelpful: What about when you have guests over and they are using the loo, can you hear them from your bed? That would bother me :/

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                      @DisabledUser102420: If you have one door or two doors it wouldn’t make a lot of noise difference. Although, in our case, we have a second loo downstairs. Might be worth a thought to have a second loo near the living spaces for people visiting. They won’t find the “embarrassing” things in your bathroom.

                      • @try2bhelpful: How about this design for an ensuite? Yay or nay?

                • @jjjaar: I'm sure the scenario could be arranged

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            @DisabledUser102420: Must have:
            1 bedroom
            1 kitchen
            1 bathroom
            1 toilet
            2 windows
            1 door
            1 car park
            Built in wardrobe

            Can compromise:
            Study room
            Lounge room
            Rumpus room
            Indoor theatre
            Swimming pool
            Tennis court
            Extra bathroom
            Extra bedroom
            Sun room
            Storage shed
            Water feature
            Tree house
            Walk in wardrobe
            Extra car park
            Wine cellar
            Boat ramp

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              @Bryanalves: builder gets back to him to say it wasn't clear whether helipad was mandatory or compromise so they built one in.

      • If you said things then there would only be one correct answer. This

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    OzBargain Weekly Random Discussion - 22 May 2020

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    50 cats down to 49 cats

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    Lucky sock

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      username checks out

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    Sex appeal

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    Lots of tissues and onlyfans subscription

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    AC, dishwasher and NBN.

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      No bedrooms?

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        no need , studio is fine

      • My couch is very, very comfortable.

    • You use a dishwasher when living alone? I'm yet to use the one here.

      • I did, now not alone and still use it.

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        I never saw the value of a dishwasher until I saw a near new one on gumtree for $100 just before I moved (they were renovating their kitchen). It gets used perhaps once a week and as a result uses less water than if I was washing by hand every night. Being pretty modern, it also does a fantastic job washing glasses.

      • No need, I buy paper plates a Woolies, use real plates if someone is coming to dinner. Save water, detergent and cost of heating water, I do this for the environment because at 70 I'm getting lazy.

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          You don't even need the paper plate if you eat the baked beans straight from the tin.

      • a drying rack after you handwash it?

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    Single person?

    Lol, I could live in a one bedroom car.

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      For the next 40 years 20 years or whatever long you have left to live?
      Let's just say your low-cut top brought in some money so you don't need to sleep in your car…

      • Yatch.

        Not those shitty rope pulling sail yatchs.

        Yatch yatch.

        … and yes, I'll be nude at all times and taking a deuce on the poop deck.

        • One man's fantasy is another man's worst nightmare…

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          Correction : second worst nightmare.

          Someone forwarded this to me and I now have a new worst nightmare 😱

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    2 car garage at a minimum. The more the better.

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      How many 2 car garages do you want?

      Why not just build a one garage for many cars?

    • I'll settle for 1 garage and a carport, at least a driveway!

    • I hear you. I've got a double garage which I had lengthened and widened from standard it's still not enough!

      For my next house, I want a large shed as well so that I can get a decent workshop with a car hoist happening.

    • +1
      Enclosed 2 car garage, sink, toilet and bed

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    If I could have anything? I'd probably say it would be easier for me having 1 master room (with bathroom), 1 normal bedroom, 1 normal bathroom 1 small room, 1 lounge, 1 kitchen, 1 garage.

    Compromising a bit I'd prefer 1 master bedroom, 1 smaller room for guests/renting out, 1 guest bathroom, 1 lounge/kitchen mixed area and a car space.

    Knowing how much money I have and where I live, I could probably afford one day, 1 small tent.

    • Would you be happy with something like this ?

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        looks good if you could turn the carport into a shed with another carport infront if pace allows.

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        Happy is a difficult question, if you let me live in your attic in this place I'd probably be happy XD. But it looks good, I'm not the biggest fan of bathroom next to loungeroom incase people can hear you pee, or people might hear the plumbing. Plus you'll always have to remember which doors to lock if you ever get another person in (or family).

        As a single person though I feel its more then enough for need, I kind of feel like I'd never use the dining area though, so it feels like a bit of wasted space for me but it might just be bargain extra space for some. I really like the study nook though! I like that there doesn't look to be much garden/greenery as a single person I don't want to spend my time mowing/cleaning constantly.

        Last comment, it looks like its fine, but the bedroom walls are on the east or west, so as the sun comes up it will probably heat the 1 bedroom, then the other through the day, so not sure what summer is like, but as long as there isn't a window on the east and west because waking up to the sun in your eyes is the worse (re kitchen in the afternoon).

        Overall though looks great.

      • What is the attic store? Is it more like an attic it like a room?

        Is there like a pull down ladder? Is it tall enough for you to walk up there?

        Is the floor just full of insulation?

        • Yes, it has a pull down ladder and there's storage space up there.

          I've linked to the floorplan to show what I meant by faux ensuite. I don't own the property.

      • The bedrooms are on the wrong side of the house. You want the living areas to get the north sun or you'll spend a fortune on heating in winter. Obviously more of a consideration the colder the climate of where this house is…

        • This is an existing house that she likes and is taking inspiration from it to design her own. Her backyard is north-facing and her kitchen will open on a verandah at the back like so. The verandah will be tiled instead of a deck so it's all one level.

      • It’s a pretty nice set up.

        Given previous experiences with carports and on street parking, I’d want a gate between the carport and street.

        • But then you would have to close the window in the bathroom.Not ideal.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser102420: Closing the window wouldn’t be ideal but I didn’t think that would be needed (I Interpreted the pic as the left side was a laneway/street)…

            At any rate some kind of secure parking is a must for me. My car has been damaged multiple times and broken into when I lived in places without secure parking. The only exception was when my next door neighbour had a pit bull who kept escaping the yard…

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    Fortress of solitude, location, big lockup garage must have.

    • Define location?

      • Good location

        Close to work, friends, family, parks and nice area generally.

        In a area that has living people and life. Its different for everyone.

        • +1

          Would you be willing to pay more for a property which is walking distance( about 2.5 blocks) to a train station?

          • @DisabledUser102420: I did calculations its cheaper to live closer once you factor in cost of transport. Ie petrol, tolls, servicing, rego, insurance.

            Depends on location but want to avoid "poor tax" mentioned above.

            I own two cars but I cycle/drive to work. Now with C19, I want to avoid public transportation.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser102420: Yes, I'd pay more to be close to the station. If you don't have a driver's license then you'll be forever on public transport. It's a level of convenience like having a garage connected to your house for someone who doesn't drive.

            • +1

              @Whensday: We are a short stroll to the CBD in Melbourne and boxed by four tram lines. We also have the off street parking garage contained within the original warehouse structure so straight from the garage to the living room via an internal door. Great to avoid getting wet. When we first decided to buy the location was a, definite, decider. It is always an advantage if you can walk to work.

      • Above my nightclub like in "Lucifer"

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    If I was single I'd probably live in a studio apartment close to the city.

  • +3

    Subterranean access - being a villain is so much harder when you have to work at ground level

    • +1

      If that's the case, this underground apartment should suit you.

  • -1

    A square house and knock down all the walls

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    1 bed/1 bath/1 car/1 kitchen/1 lounge and a big walk-in wardrobe, yes I'm a bloke.

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    I would want more than one bathroom. Do you really want any visitors using yours? Make sure the visitor's bathroom is at the furthest end of the house (i.e. away from the lounge or kitchen)

    At least 3 'bedrooms'. They don't need to have beds in them but 1 for your main sleeping quarters. 1 for a study/storage. 1 for another bedroom in case a platonic friend/relation comes to visit.

    I would want a separate dining and lounge room. Preferably a large lounge to house a 65+ inch TV.

    Lock up garage for 2 cars.

    • +2

      Could you afford that kind of mortgage if you were single?

      • I personally could.

        But tell us more about the person who wants this place. What is their age, income, savings, expectations, expenses, how long do they plan to live there, what area will they be living in (city, suburb, rural)?

      • -1

        It's certainly achievable for a single person if you put the effort in to get an education and decent job, plus are frugal with your money.

    • 2 car garage is a must have for a single person?

      • +3

        Car and bike. I have two car garage for car and motorbike. And tools. And camping crap. And… and….

      • +1

        I've got an oversized 2 car garage and it's not big enough for me. I've got my car and motorcycle in my garage, plus beer fridge, garden equipment, tools, work benches, etc and it's cramped. Then my ute is out on the street. Heaven help if the Mrs wants to store anything in it when she eventually moves in….

    • Large wall with a short throw projector.

  • +12

    I would suggest a more relevant question is what are the must have nots.

    1. Not a big lawn to mow
    2. Not alot of carpet to vacuum
    3. Not a swimming pool to run and keep clean
    4. Not a lot of windows or blinds to open and close each day
    5. Not a heaps steep driveway or lots of stairs (makes it harder to carry things by yourself).
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    When I bought in 2018 my minumum requirements were:
    2 bedrooms - minimum 14sqm each - my young adult kids stay over 1-2 nights a week and I also wanted the option for them to stay longer if they choose.
    1.5 bathrooms
    2 car spaces or 1 car space and ample off street parking.
    Somewhere to set up a workshop / storage area
    minimal maintenance

    other needs
    easy & safe access for my kids to come over.
    easy access to work
    easy access to GFs place
    close to a supermarket
    close to restaurants, cafes & pubs

    Ended up with 3 bedrooms + study, 2 bathrooms, 2 car spaces, 16sqm of storage & 20sqm of courtyard. It's too big but it ticks all the boxes.

  • +3

    I would have said air fryer….being a bachelor, besides the fridge, that's the most used implement in the house and wouldn't be without it

    • Also came here to add air fryer before realising OP wanted structural suggestions. And an industrial roll of aluminium foil to minimise airfryer washing!

  • I'm in a 3x2.
    Ensuite is great.
    1 bedroom is office. The other is my workout room.

  • +3

    All of the powerpoints to be doubles, in the kitchen to be trebles.

  • +1

    Hot tub

  • Are you trying to build a man cave?

  • +1

    Home cinema

  • +2

    Location is more important: 30 mins from a beach, 60 mins from a national park.

    Stucturally, lets be real. A studio will suffice for anyone.

  • fast internet

  • +1

    Thinking back 20 years ago, a studio was fine. Kitchenette was needed to make pasta, rice etc.

    Cheaper rent was a priority.

    If I was single now, location would be priority. Close to cafes, train station.

    A balcony or a small terrace garden for drinks, dinner and dry washing.

    Anything more, Would push up rent and if I'm by myself, would prefer to spend money on travel.

  • -1

    Running Water and some new fan-dangled thing called ELECTRICITY.

  • 2 by 1 in a flash apartment complex with dishwasher and other amenities included in the building
    Eg: pool, gym games room etc

    Heck I’d do it now married if we didnt have a good deal where we are

  • +3

    I got my kitchen benches made 10cm higher.
    No more sore back doing the dishes.
    But high benches are so much easier to work with. Unless your short…

  • why do u need more than 1 bathroom as single person :-/

    ok back to the question;
    if you are expecting visitors or want to keep separate area for home office / work then may be 2 bedrooms; else a studio apartment would be okay?

    If it were me and if i was single i’d try to keep everything simple and easy to maintain / clean as possible. Because end of the day no one else to help out with the chores…

    • 2nd bathroom = pet's bedroom

      • one expensive bedroom that is…

  • +1

    As someone who lives alone and doesn't have many people over (like 1-3 people at one time every 2 months);
    2 bed, 1 bath, 1 garage open plan living area townhouse is fine for my needs. If you entertain a lot and have guests stay over, I would have an ensuite for the main bedroom.

  • long past willingness to compromise much, and don't really need to, if I was single again would have minimum

    4 bedrooms, large ensuite + main bathroom. (only need 2 spare bedrooms for visitors but the 4th is great for storage)
    chefs kitchen and pantry
    Reverse Cycle A/C
    3 car garage (only 1 car and motorbike but I need work areas)
    master bedroom a minimum of 25sqm preferably 30+ with walk-in robe
    Cat 6 cabling and network outlets throughout
    curtains not vertical blinds
    extra wide doors and no narrow hallways (I hate trying to jam furniture into poorly designed houses.
    good insulation and sound proofing (I am very light sleeper and easily disturbed).

    areas I would compromise
    probably would have salt water pool and games room (but willing to compromise here).
    don't need large living room or dining room
    home cinema nice to have

  • +2

    I had a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, single lock up garage and it was perfect.

    I lived in a 1 bedroom for a while (no garage) - makes things a bit too hard, even for a single person… in a 2 bedroom, if you bring home a large box - at least you have somewhere to unpack it, keep a vacuum, maybe have a desk and a computer etc… also, I would sometimes need to fix little things and in the 1 bedroom that’s going to be your lounge room, but 2 bedroom and you can do it in the spare room and if it’s not done in 1 sitting that’s ok.

    As a single person I would also say must haves:
    - big TV
    - XBOX ONE X or PS4
    - Drone or small indoor RC helicopter
    - bicycle
    - bean bags or couch

    • Just curious to know why you would consider a drone to be a must have?

      Is it for your particular hobby or do you feel others are missing out?

      From a person without a drone that is tempted to get one in the future :)

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