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Free Course - Ms Excel/Excel 2020 - The Complete Introduction to Excel @ Udemy


Looks like the first time this course is posted here.

Rated 4.1 (1,340 ratings), 53,085 students.

What you'll learn?

  • How to properly use excel
  • How to build easy apps with excel

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    Excelent Deal

  • +2

    But will it teach you how to avoid ballooning your .xlsx file to +50MB from using cascading vLookups and un-trimmed datasets?

    • Xlookup to cut down on vlookup.
      Power query to reduce 50meg files.
      Next step is probably pandas with python.

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        But I like lions with tigers

  • Trying that now. Many thanks!

  • Thank you Sir….😉

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    With all this free training, we should have a bumper field for the Ms Excel/Excel 2020 pageant…

    • +1

      Hahahahahahahhaha! Surely you'll get a few up votes for this fine comment!!!

  • Ms and Mr Excel.

    • no ring

  • What's actually a well-taught comprehensive Excel course on Udemy though for basic users? (happy to pay 10-15 bucks on sale)

  • No love for LibreOffice Calc?

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    It's a shame the OP didn't actually look at any of the reviews first! :-| Combined French/English course. I'll pass.

    "unfortunately the excel version he was using was in French. This is no use when you are trying to follow what is being selected….

    Update: most of the later modules use an English version.

    Unfortunately the host, although, clearly knowledgable in the subject, makes quite a few mistakes before doing it the correct way, and thus making it confusing for the viewer."

    Using a french excel to present an English course is awful. Then he skips past basic things that would be useful and talks for longer on things that are irrelevant. useless.

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