[PC] Steam - Thief $4.04 AUD (was $26.95 AUD)/Tower of Time $7.50 AUD (was $29.99 AUD) - Steam


Great prices for these highly rated games.
Tower of Time is rated at 85% positive and Thief is rated at 72% (which in my opinion is way too low and only because the game is not a direct successor to the old Thief games but focuses probably a bit more on action and combat.)

Tower of Time Final Edition: https://store.steampowered.com/app/617480/Tower_of_Time/


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    if thats the new thief game. its garbage and they shouldn't even give it away.


      Why do you think it's garbage? Because it is different than old/original thief games?

      • +1 vote

        The fact he can't even open the link before trashing it means it's not worth the time to listen to him.

        • +2 votes

          I am getting really a bit puzzled over the last few years - so many people complain about the tiniest little things and expect perfection from video games - the controls are not tight enough, the game is not difficult enough, the game is too difficult, the graphics are not good enough, the game does not offer endless replayability and so on.
          Sure, games have issues and things could be better but I never ever felt like trashing a game just because it is not perfect or meet my personal expectations. Maybe I am not fussy enough or too accepting but I have to admit the unreasonably high expectations and entitlements of many people these days do annoy me (another example are the games in bundles - for some reason people expect 10 AAA games for the $18 AUD a month to HB when one game alone already makes up more than enough for the $18).
          Sorry. Rant over.
          Have a great day.


    I'm new with steam I thought initially steam is an online streaming game platform but I still need to download giga of data… well….it's just a game store?

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      It is a game store but also a gaming platform - Steam hosts the games and yes, you need to do download the games to your PC to play them.
      It is NOT like Stadia or Geforce Now (I think that is what it's called now) where the game runs on a remote PC and is streamed to your device.

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