Google 18W USB-C Power Adapter with USB-C to USB-C 1m Cable $39 (Was $59) @ JB Hi-Fi


Price has dropped at JB Hi-Fi

It is available for @ $59 Google store - Cables details are available at Google page

Charge in a flash.
This adaptor delivers a fast charge to your Pixel, to keep you going strong.

Portable power.
The lightweight, compact design makes it easy to pack away and take with you on the go.

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    $10 same power - just black from kmart

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    Geez, didn't realize original chargers were so expensive. How on Earth are they normally $59?

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    Weird fact: the charger bundled with my Pixel 3a is the worst one I have for charging my Pixel 3a.

    It constantly thinks it's being plugged in and unplugged. When it started happening it would be OK if you flipped the plug around but now it doesn't work either way.

    The bundled cable seems fine when plugged into my computer and my old Samsung charger (10W) with a GoPro USB-A - USB-C cable works fine, as does my Tronsmart car charger.

    I should probably go return the charger. It went bad during the lockdown so I was putting it off, but I could now…


    Would something like this Belkin charger for $30.09c be a good alternative?
    I know it's not Google branded and doesn't include a cable, but it is higher wattage at 27W, is Google Pixel "compatible", supports fast charge for iPhone, and also includes device protection insurance.

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    For those who may not aware
    This charger can also fast charge iPhone since iphone 8 (i.e iphone 8 series, X series, Xs series, 11 series)
    Given that they are supporting fast charging by PD (9V 2A)

    Just go and get a PD Type-C to Lightning cable from eBay or Aliexpress


    I will go for mine tomorrow. As interest fact, my pixel 3 battery wasn't working well because I used some other charger, after being told to charge the phone a couple times with the original charger, phone is working great again. We have a fast charger of a galaxy S9, the regular charger that came with a galaxy tab s6 lite and some other generic ones, and the Google one is the one that charges faster. Also the cable had a decent life span, over a year working without issues however the last 2 months the cable peeled next to the connectors. It is quite expensive to get the charger or the cable for 59, even 39 aud, but both for 39 is a good price. And c'mon apple lovers JB hi-fi has a lightning cable for 49 aud and won't charge anything other that an iPhone

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      That is because Google picked USB-PD (like Apple), whereas most Android makers have been using QC2/QC3 and other FC technologies. Google strongly support USB-PD, as such, they feel QC2/QC3 are actually against the standard. Hence you see Benson reviewing USB-C/USB-A/C cables and chargers.

      The el cheapo KMart Anko $10 charger (which I don't recommend by the way) supports QC2/QC3/USB-PD. Branded makers don't play nice. Third party makers try their best to support everyone (though they do cut corners on the components).

      Samsung moved to USB-PD/PPS now for S20 (which is technically better than Google and Apple's USB-PD/PDO implementation). However, the Samsung 45W PPS charger is more expensive. The annoying part about Google is that their USB-C/USB-C cable included is USB 2.0 only. Apple's 1m original version a couple of years back was USB 3.0. The newer versions of the USB-C to lightning is cost cutting USB 2.0 version (so no, Apple didn't just drop the price a couple of years ago on that 1m cable, they removed USB 3.0 support - saving pins and wires). Unclear whether Apple made the same dodgy move to the 2m version (which costs a lot more - hopefully, that's still USB 3.0).


        What's wrong with the Kmart charger?

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          Reliability and component quality is a big question mark. It uses a newer chip which supports both USB-PD and QC (though officially, the charger itself only shows USB-PD support so you cannot officially go back if it doesn't support QC). Thing is, with that chip, which does quite a few things, it is easy to get away with inferior design.

          It's relative. My recommendation is to stick with original charger, cable combination if you have flagship phones ($500+). However, if it is a cheap phone, then I guess you can get cheaper chargers. The Anko I bought is to power my RPi 4 (which is a cheap device). I just ran my USB meter through it and was surprised it has a slightly newer chip which supports PD as well.

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          Just a very quick test. Only original cables used in testing. Disclaimer: This is NOT a proper test as only oldish phones were tested.

          Phone Original Charger Anko (KMart) Note
          iPhone SE1 Apple 5V/2.4A mode QC1 5V mode *Warning message to unlock phone the first time
          Galaxy S10e Samsung AFC (9V) QC2 (9V)
          Google Nexus 5X USD-PD (9V) USB-PD (9V)

          On the Anko charger, the first time I used it on an old iPhone SE, the iPhone requested that I unlock the phone to use the accessory. Without unlocking the phone, the charger was stuck at 5V/0.5A slow charging mode. Subsequent re-tests seem okay (no warning message). I don't want to use my newer iPhone which is still under warranty so the fast charge mode isn't tested for iPhone. I also don't want to test my newer Android phone either. Anko charger does not support Samsung AFC mode (so it would fallback to QC2). It doesn't have the Apple 5V/2.4A coding either.

          If possible, stick with originals. It seems okay for Android phones. For Apple devices, if you must, proceed with caution. Be prepared to get that warning message from time to time.

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    I need something bigger than 1m cable. I have this exact one, but it doesn't reach my bed while charging. it just makes it up to the bedside table and thats it


    Sorry for my ignorance but is this compatible with s9?

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      Yes as it uses USB-C to charge.


      Compatible - well, kind of. You can charge, but only in 5V mode.

      S9 uses QC2/QC3/Samsung-AFC. This is USB-PD only. Google and Apple are USB-PD only. That's why you see Benson reviews. Apple and Google will never add QC2/QC3/Samsung-AFC charging support to their chargers.

      I don't recommend you get this for Samsung phones. Even though S20 does move to USB-PD, Samsung elected to go for USB-PD/3.0 PPS. You can still use USB-PD/PDO (which this Google charger and Apple chargers use), but you won't get the fastest charging.

      For S9, it's a pity this one - $25 sold out.

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