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    Newbie here. Does Vypr have any benefits over Nord if price is ignored?

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      I have used Vypr for years, along with other VPNs.

      I usually get a cheap deal on a long term subscription, so it allows me to compare quite a few of them.

      Vypr vs NordVPN the first thing you will probably notice is higher speeds with Vypr.

      They also have physical access and control over all their hardware, instead of "renting" bandwidth from servers operated by other companies.

      Also, the company is headquartered in Sweden (if I remember correctly) which has very liberal copyright laws.

      Ps. I often use it to stream live video from servers in less popular European countries, and it does the job very well (where a lot of other VPNs can struggle unless you're connecting to the US, UK, or some other big internet hub).

      Getting a steady live video stream instead of "bursts" that you sometimes get from other VPNs is important here, otherwise you'll get constant buffering.

      If it really is only $15 for 2 years, then I think it's a steal.


        Thanks :) might give Vypr a try


        Also, the company is headquartered in Sweden (if I remember correctly) which has very liberal copyright laws.

        No they do not. They're also part of the 14 eyes

        But control of their own hardware is important if you're using a VPN for security.


        It owned by Texans but the fiscal company is based in Switzerland (not Sweden) for the privacy that jurisdiction affords them.


          Sounds right.

          I remember it was in a relatively good jurisdiction, I just couldn't remember which one (and I was too lazy to look it up lol).


    How does this compare to windscribe pro?


    How do you get your cashback to your AU bank account from an American website?


      Paid to your PayPal account or they also offer cash back as Visa Prepaid card, Amazon.com Gift Card or American Express Rewards Card.


    Thanks OP, I just signed up for 1 yr.

    Assuming TopCashBack works, they’re offering $45 cash back on subscriptions of 1 year or 2 years.

    At $45 for a 1 year VyprVPN premium sub, the cash back makes it free.


    How long does the cashback take?


      The $45 cash back showed as pending when I checked my TopCashBack account about an hour after using their link to sign up for the 1 year VyprVPN subscription.

      Not sure how it will take them to confirm it, but I’d guess it will be at least 30 days because VyprVPN says they allow full refunds for the first 30 days after signing up.


    Does Hotstar works with this VPN?


      TBH I'm not sure, I did a quick test on one server, on my phone, and it didn't work.

      If you want, when I have more time, I could run it on a few other servers and maybe a PC, and see what happens.